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THC+DIY Records ‎– 006


A1 A.S.S.I. Geld Regiert Die Welt
A2 A.S.S.I. Kill The Silence
A3 V.A.V 12 Songs
A4 Primordial Sounds The 1 Min.37 Song
A5 Primordial Sounds 30 Songs In 1 Min
A6 Primordial Sounds Chocomelk Sessions
A7 Menso Noise Colico Cover
A8 Pissdeads Follow The Great Giant Rabbit Full Of Hate
A9 Noize Torture Here+Now
A10 Noize Torture S/Pain
A11 Psychotic Sufferance Machinery Of Torture
A12 Psychotic Sufferance They Upholding Draconian Laws
A13 Vettige Kanarie Scheisse
A14 Mankurt Greedy Pigs
A15 Mankurt Alltagstrott
A16 Mankurt Hippie Song
A17 Rattenpisse Suche Fur Nichts
A18 Rattenpisse Kalt
A19 MHTO Everyone Loves MHTO
A20 Stockfeeder Abcess
A21 Stockfeeder Choke On Vomit
A22 Stockfeeder Resin Attack
A23 Stockfeeder Sacrificial Lamb
B1 Sauerkraut (2) Grindcheck
B2 Sauerkraut (2) Sleva Na Rozum
B3 Sauerkraut (2) Massgrave Of Emotions
B4 Sauerkraut (2) Contaminated
B5 Wurschtkommando Gewalt
B6 Wurschtkommando Regenschiam
B7 Wurschtkommando Zu Hause Ist Es Sicher
B8 Wurschtkommando Sterben Gehen
B9 Wurschtkommando Darmkrebs
B10 Wurschtkommando Hofts Ma
B11 Wurschtkommando Tinitus
B12 Gorgonized Dorks Social Displace
B13 Rektal Omsorg 10 Songs
B14 Z.U.A Nazisau
B15 Z.U.A Fascist Pig
B16 Z.U.A Religion=Shit
B17 Z.U.A Chill Out
B18 Z.U.A Hegemoney
B19 Disleksick Into Distortion
B20 Violent Headache Sin Salida
B21 Violent Headache 666
B22 Violent Headache Odessa
B23 Pos (8) Disea-SMS
B24 Pos (8) Elections
B25 Pos (8) Stripes
B26 Gagapurification Untitled
B27 Amnogomusikimalo The Violence Beginning
B28 Sakatat Sinirlar Bizi Ayirmaz
B29 T.Q.B. Untitled


-Limited to 111 copies on yellow pro-dubbed tapes, wrapped in a handsewed textile bag and sealed with a safety pin.
-Bags vary in colour and are all made from recycled bedclothes.
-Contains a four page A4 booklet and a screenprinted patch.