Various ‎– Ham Slappin' Hits!

Slap A Ham Records ‎– #53
Cassette, Compilation, Numbered


A1 Infest Machismo
A2 Neanderthal (2) Brain Tourniquet
A3 Neanderthal (2) Mind Eraser
A4 Stikky Transients
A5 Fu Manchu Kept Between Trees
A6 No Comment (3) A Mother's Crime
A7 Neanderthal (2) Built For Brutality
A8 Hellnation Suppression
A9 Assück Wall Of Shame
A10 Infest Infest
A11 Charred Remains The Arena
A12 Capitalist Casualties Writing Proficiency
A13 Crossed Out Crown Of Thorns
A14 Capitalist Casualties Violence Junkie
A15 No Comment (3) Dead Stare For Life
A16 No Comment (3) Past Tense
A17 No Comment (3) Sarcastics
A18 No Comment (3) Distant
A20 Dischange Resist The State Control
A21 Man Is The Bastard Autopsy Of Authority
A22 Crossed Out Ulcer
A23 Crossed Out Homegrown
A24 Melvins Love Canal
A25 Crossed Out Practiced Hatred
A26 Spazz Gertie
A27 Lack Of Interest Social Inequality
A28 Slave State (2) Lethiferous
A29 Capitalist Casualties Drug Culture
A30 Rupture Corrupter
A31 Iabhorher Splint
A32 Capitalist Casualties A Terrible Trait
A33 Man Is The Bastard Stocks
A34 C.F.D.L. Tofu Song
A35 EyeHateGod Southern Discomfort
A36 Plutocracy Dankstahz
A37 Despise You ... When You Fail
A38 Despise You Caring Less
A39 Suppression Overdose
A40 Suppression Zodiac
A41 Suppression Choice Kill
A42 Suppression 7-4-94
A43 Suppression Labeled As Subhuman (Genocide)
A44 Discordance Axis Alzheimer
A45 Discordance Axis Flow My Tears The Policeman Said
A46 Plutocracy Chickens
A47 Enemy Soil Partisan Loyalty
B1 Phobia (6) Infant Suffering
B2 Noothgrush Dianoga
B3 Spazz Hard Boiled
B4 Spazz 4 Times A Day
B5 Benümb Untitled
B6 Gob (2) Soft Bodied
B7 Capitalist Casualties Shut The Fuck Up
B8 Capitalist Casualties Dope And War
B9 Hellnation Too Punk, Too Drunk
B10 Melt-Banana Wedge
B11 Lack Of Interest My Life
B12 No Less Ruff And Tumble
B13 Final Conflict (2) Promise Keeper
B14 Lack Of Interest Frustration
B15 324 Modify
B16 Avulsion Bootleg Holywater
B17 Fuck On The Beach She's Not Humanbeing
B18 Fuck On The Beach Who Do You Wait For?
B19 Godstomper Hoarder
B20 Gasp (2) Floors Building Legs
B21 Phobia (6) Stink Head
B22 Burned Up Bled Dry Wash Your Own Hands
B23 Burning Witch Sacred Predictions
B24 Doctor Bombay* A Nice Day
B25 Fuck On The Beach Whose Partner Are You?
B26 Fuck On The Beach Call Back Again
B27 Fuck On The Beach Suddenly Insert
B28 Pissed Happy Children Seizure At The Circus
Bonus Tracks
B29 Spazz Funky Ass Lil' Platter
B30 Slight Slappers Very Best Of Slight Slappers


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July 27, 2012
edited over 5 years ago
I recently got a copy of this and the tape itself is a C-90 with hand-written information (release number, etc.) on little stickers on both sides. Does anyone else's look this way? Just wondering if mine is a boot or not.