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December 30, 2005
edited over 12 years ago

Incredibly funny CD!!
Track 1 is a sort of folk ethnic israeli trance.. a kind of mixture of early trance vibes with hard vibes and red-nex alike banjo stuff :) had a good smile listening to that track.
Track 2 I would never belive was made by Power Source.. it is a sort of italo-dance trance tune.. the kind of synth and keyb that gigi d'agostino uses aha! It has a nice vocalist too.. this could really be a radio hit! with some kind of israeli rappish stuff a-la 2 unlimited.. a good smile here too.
Track 3 surprisigly very different from the first one and the same producers show their ability to make an interesting ambientish track with a drum n bass touch. Almost absent vocals if not for 5 seconds. Interesting tune.
Track 4 again on the route of euro dance.. a nice melodic voice and some progressive stuff on the background, nicely produced; could be a much improved versio of a scooter tune a nice israeli folkish instrument was also played but don't ask me the name :) Nice one.
Track 5 Power Source again, starts with a female girl moaning.. then starts to be again a dance-ish track. Better the other version, this one is long and nothing special.
Overall a funny cd, not for trancers but rather for dance fanatics.