Various ‎– Here Comes Sickness

Megatherium Tapes ‎– 008
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Malignant Tumor* Intro (Symphonies For Pathologist)
A2 Denak En Pro Del Enriwuecimento
A3 Denak Sin Argumentos
A4 Denak Vajaciones
A5 Denak No Title - Live
A6 Denak Consuming Endoderme Pus (Agathocles Cover) - Live
A7 Denak No Title - Live
A8 Denak No Title - Live
A9 Malignant Tumor* Chemical And Bacterial Analysis Of Cadaver
A10 Malignant Tumor* Putrefaction Decomposition... (In The Coffin)
A11 Malignant Tumor* Parasitical Cystc
A12 Grossmember Buffon
A13 Grossmember Sexual Terror
A14 Grossmember Poser Mat
A15 Grossmember Onion
A16 Grossmember Big Shit
A17 Filthy Charity Choose Your Way
A18 Filthy Charity Warshit
A19 Coprofagia Ayer. Hoy Manana? Siempre?
A20 Coprofagia Quema Banderas
A21 Coprofagia Coprofagia
A22 Coprofagia Soy In Ignorante
A23 Final Exit No Title
A24 Final Exit No Title
A25 Final Exit No Title
B1 Psychoneurosis Hard Work
B2 Psychoneurosis It's You
B3 Psychoneurosis Asylum For...
B4 Psychoneurosis High Society
B5 Psychoneurosis Your Life
B6 Simbiose Lavagen Cerebral
B7 Simbiose O Seu Lugar
B8 Simbiose Matar Por Prazer
B9 Simbiose Parem Cam A Violencia
B10 Adnauseam Focus On Reality
B11 Roting Flesh* Flebotrombosis
B12 Roting Flesh* Blody Carnage
B13 Roting Flesh* Bizarre Anti Putrefaction Embarming
B14 M.P.A.* Log Carmanah
B15 M.P.A.* Hesherhenge
B16 M.P.A.* Are You Taking A Survey
B17 M.P.A.* Grass Hut
B18 M.P.A.* Bite The Wall
B19 M.P.A.* Police Story (Partisans Cover)
B20 Rage Against The Jägerschnitzel Im Kloo (Kofferversion)
B21 Rage Against The Jägerschnitzel Krustenfresser
B22 Filthy Charity Outro (Instrumental)



Tracks are listed over the sides.