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Happy World Meg Tolin
Ministry Of Truth (2) Bound To Fall
The Drills (2) Skate Tuff
The Drills (2) This Is.....
Angry White Boys Heavy Metal Sucks
Entropy (15) Untitled
Entropy (15) Adam Ate The Worm
Entropy (15) Chopper Intro
Entropy (15) March Intro
Catharsis (20) Untitled
Hates No Talk In The 80's
Hates Last Hymn
Hates Do The Cheryl Chessman Live
Hates Houston
Born Without A Face Scumfeeder
Born Without A Face Not A Love Song
Born Without A Face Another American Success Story
Toejam Untitled
Random Killing The Wait
Useless Pieces Of Shit Untitled
Useless Pieces Of Shit Untitled
Useless Pieces Of Shit Untitled
Useless Pieces Of Shit Untitled
Useless Pieces Of Shit Untitled
Arcatia Boys Choir* Lets See Your Guts
Arcatia Boys Choir* Kill The Five
Arcatia Boys Choir* Young Warriors
Arcatia Boys Choir* (Live) Hinkly Had A Vision
Psycho (10) Master Race
Psycho (10) Paper
Psycho (10) Contempt
Psycho (10) How Much Longer
Teenage Depression Anarchy's For Assholes
Teenage Depression Reagan's Festapo
Teenage Depression False Jesi Pt. 1
Teenage Depression Frat Party
Teenage Depression Speed Punks Suck
U.S. Distress One On One
U.S. Distress 1 Nation Under God
U.S. Distress Think You Got It Bad
U.S. Distress Blame It On The Kids
U.S. Distress Felch Bucket
Sacred Denial Untitled
Sacred Denial Pissed At The World
Self Inflicted Wounds Untitled
White Pigs Untitled
State Of Confusion Untitled

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June 21, 2017
referencing Hideous Freaks Search For Happiness, Cass, Comp, Whi, BCT-12
After researching the Useless Pieces of Shit tracks, I was able to get a hold of Slug the original guitar player and he sent me the U.P.S. 1985 Tour Demo that has these 5 songs on it.

21. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Hinckley's Brain
22. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Obnoxious Teenage Drunk Olympics
23. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Euthanasia Part 1
24. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Robotman
25. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Fuck Shit Up

The only difference is Euthanasia is misspelled "Euthinasia" and on this comp it cuts off after 18 seconds, on the demo it goes into an instrumental after the 18 second mark.