Various ‎– High In Chicago EP

Scythe Squadron ‎– SCYTHE 3.03
Vinyl, 12", EP

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A A.P.* High In Chicago
Written-By, Producer – A.P.*
B1 Paul Cortex Can You Handle It
Written-By, Producer – Paul Cortex
B2 The Germ Control Box 23
Written-By, Producer – The Germ


  • Artwork By [Designed By] –, Neurotok
  • Mastered ByLawrie*


There were only 303 copies pressed.

Distributed by Toolbox Music.


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December 3, 2017
edited 8 months ago

Alright, I'm going to commit virtual blasphemy here, though to be clear, I do like this record a great deal (and no, I am not interested in selling my copy). But even just looking at Scythe as a label, I wouldn't put this in the top three of the catalog, as many people seem to do. Allow me to explain.

AP's "High in Chicago" is sort of an unusual outing from AP (at least to my ears and brain). By that, I mean a lot of AP's acid tracks have a menacing sound, including acid work with harsh, rough sonic edges; but this tune has a much lighter atmosphere, as the acid is bright and bouncy rather than evil and demented. So in that respect, the tune caught my ear right away. Of course, the "structure" of the acid work bears similarities to other AP tracks, in that he sort of finds a sweet acid groove and then just lashes the hell out of it. Regardless, the point is, it's a cool tune with a heavy kick and some luscious, vibrant acid ... but even saying that, I don't quite rate it as a five-star track. I'll give it a solid 4/5, but no higher.

"Can You Handle It" is eviler than a Balrog on a bad-hair day, with enough twisted synths and gnarled acid to jump-start a corpse Frankenstein-style. Admittedly, this track has grown on me over time, as I wasn't overly excited by it when I first got the record, but the positively deranged filth has gradually won me over. In a way, this tune is sort of like the demented cousin of DAVE's (Secret Hero, technically) "1999 Flakey Gigs," as both tracks are heavy, hard, and aggressive, but "Can You Handle It" is probably even a shade more insane. Bonus points for the "A Few Good Men" sample. Still, I imagine this track would terrify even some hardened techno veterans, so use it sparingly and with health warnings in advance. 4/5, but only for mental patients.

Lastly, we get "Control Box 23" from fellow American The Germ. Sort of a throwback to some tunes I remember from the early-to-mid '90s, this is a very wild, adventurous track, with unexpected tone shifts and a structure I would describe as idiosyncratic (though certainly enjoyable for being unique in that way). But by that same token, I feel like this track would have a hard time fitting into various acid techno mixes precisely because its tone is very hard to pin down. Is it fast, energetic acid techno? Yeah, sort of. But it's also melancholic in a couple sections, and then grinding and quasi-evil at a couple other points. I guess I'm saying it's kind of all over the map. And to me, that makes it a bit more of a "novelty" track, rather than a wicked floor-burner (on the one hand) or pensive, atmospheric acid techno (on the other). To be clear, the production qualities are all well and good, as the tune sounds crisp and the acid work is tasty in multiple spots. But I tend to create sub-genres of acid techno in my head for the purpose of tune-selection when mixing sets, and a track like this becomes problematic in that regard, interesting as it may be. So as a pure acid techno listener, I'll say 3.5/5; but as a DJ, I'll say 3/5.

So ultimately, I like this release, and there are interesting elements in all three tunes. But when you compare this to a record like "Punk Attitude," "Stop the System," or even "You Must Comply" or "Inside the Government," I just don't think it stacks up as impressively.


January 15, 2016
The Germ's Control Box 23 is a classic powerful electric dreamy smasher with wicked intense 303's.

The other 2 tracks sound weak compared to this behemoth IMO but are excellent really

Another hard to find limited acid scythe not worth the high price at all if only for Control Box 23 and I won't buy it just for that track

It would be great if they released some vinyls that featured 3 or 4 Scythe Classics on just 1 vinyl. Control Box and quite a few others should be on that :)

Great artwork with TB-303 sardine tin and 3 fishy flags as well !


May 8, 2015
i've… one, but many rave battles since today… a good one track!


February 18, 2012
edited over 4 years ago

much wanted scythe, my fuckin nemesis with this label cant get hold of it anywhere...with their 303ness and fresh outlook upon things...

head straight for the A side on this 1 for the hypno plodding chicagoness and hit the B side for Pauls wicked unhandling of the truth

303 copies pressed hmmmmmmmmmmmmm where is mine? having just completed my full collection in exception to this on scythe this is much wanted for me feel free to contact me if u have 1 for sale...

best scythe by far and a seminal acid techno record end of >>>


December 28, 2011
Acid Tech-Trance at its best. Impressive,as i have not heard about this kind of stuff in current days.

Melodic,Banging and Violent! Perfect combination!


May 25, 2008

Acid techno is back to it's roots.
Proper 303 action in three different styles.

Ap is the main hero here for me with his strong 303 sound.
I really like the break in this track.
Strong hard track that nicely builds to explode after the break.

Then we have Paul Cortex with his firs ever track on vinyl.
Very old school track which reminds me old Bionic Orange records crossed with Cluster.

And the last track from The Germ brings us total old schood sound.
The kick is very raw and hard.Beautiful very melodic track.

All i can say is congratulations.
More like this please.