Various ‎– Hit The Decks Volume Two - The Battle Of The DJ's - The Ultimate Hardcore Megamix

Quality Television ‎– QTVCD008, Music Factory ‎– none
Hit The Decks – Volume Two
CD, Compilation, Mixed

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Track A1. Megabass Megamix 20:32
1.01 Virtual Reality The Enemy Within
1.02 Industrial Tribal Trance
1.03 M-D-Emm Get Down
1.04 The End Rebel Song
1.05 Cappella Take Me Away
1.06 The Badman Come With Me
1.07 In Beat Do You Believe
1.08 M-D-Emm Move Your Feet
1.09 Altern 8 Infiltrate 202
1.10 Digital Boy 1-2-3-Acid!
1.11 The Word Don't Stop The Music
1.12 Flag Hypnotised
1.13 Longsy D Things Just Don't Make Sense
1.14 The Art Of Noise Instruments Of Darkness
1.15 Messiah There Is No Law
1.16 After Dark Cardiac
1.17 Demonic Pause The Ultimates
1.18 Kicks Like A Mule The Bouncer
1.19 Technocolour Feat Sharon Haines Close Your Eyes
Vocals – Sharon Haines
1.20 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era Far Out
1.21 Praga Khan Feat Jade 4 U* Injected With A Poison
Vocals – Jade 4 U*
1.22 Atomiser 2* Liberty & Freedom
1.23 Acen Close Your Eyes
1.24 Carlos Peron Power Trancefer
Track A2. Nightfall At The Edge Of Chaos (Bonus Mix) 4:12
2.01 Two Little Boys Headstrong
2.02 Cappella Take Me Away
2.03 Industrial Tribal Trance
2.04 Kicks Like A Mule The Bouncer
2.05 DJ Professor Rock Me Steady
2.06 Technocolour Close Your Eyes
2.07 The House Crew We Are Hardcore
Track AA3. Two Little Boys Megamix 21:36
3.01 Longsy D Things Just Don't Make Sense
3.02 Raimunda Navarro James Brown Has Sex
3.03 The Word Don't Stop The Music
3.04 Antico What I Gotta Do
3.05 Zappella* No Way Out
3.06 Industrial Tribal Trance
3.07 The End Rebel Song?
3.08 Jargon Adrenalin
3.09 Digital Boy 1-2-3-Acid!
3.10 B-Zarre Don't Loose Your Mind
3.11 Static Conversion Move Damnit
3.12 After Dark Come With Me Tonight
3.13 Left Locator Germinate
3.14 Flag Eruption
3.15 M-D-Emm Move Your Feet
3.16 Messiah There Is No Law
3.17 Praga Khan Feat Jade 4 U* Injected With Poison
Vocals – Jade 4 U*
3.18 Digital Boy 1-2-3-Acid! (Reprise)
3.19 Parametric Where Is God?
Track AA4. T For Timestretch (Bonus Mix) 3:18
4.01 Atomizer 2* Liberty & Freedom
4.02 Misteria Who Killed JFK?
4.03 Techno City Vamos Techno
4.04 The House Crew We Are Hardcore
4.05 Anticappella Everyday



On the CD cover and on the inner sleeve the artist on #4.04 is listed as Vamos Techno, and the title of the song as Techno City.
Track 4.05 is missing on the back of the CD case, and on the back of the inner sleeve.
This compilation (P) 1992 Music Factory Records Ltd.
(C) 1992 Quality Television.
Made in UK.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode (Text): 5 023021 000250 >
  • Barcode (Scanned): 5023021000250
  • Matrix / Runout: QTVCD 008 232



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October 19, 2010

This, the second volume of the legendary Hit The Decks series, is brilliantly balanced between UK breakbeat rave and European four-to-the-floor techno. As with the first Hit The Decks cd, Megabass and Two Little Boys provide the mixing and they prove to be more than up to the task.

I remember listening to this cd years ago and naively thinking the mixes were done on a pair of 1210's but of course they are totally digitally mixed. This realization did not make me think any less of the mixes, however. In fact, you have to marvel at the skill the mixers put into such tight, expertly executed edits of the tracks.

Megabass start the cd off with their mix, and it begins in EPIC fashion. Industrial sounds and atmospheric background noise surround you and a vocoder voice utters the immoral lines…

"The year is 1992. Hardcore has become the most energetic form of dance music. Who controls the present, controls the past. Who controls the past, controls the future"

It's spine-tinging to listen to once it hits in with Industrial's anthem "Tribal Trance". Truly this is the authentic sound of oldschool rave, so you can forget all those cash-in compilations that sat alongside Now 31 in Tescos.

The mix continues with a smooth polish and excellent tunes, some absolute classics and others you'll want to search for on vinyl because they're just THAT good.

The Two Little Boys mix starts off very well, quickly chopping between UK and European styles easily. Their expertise in clever editing is where they excel over Megabass, most notable in the incredible way they take the riff from Praga Khan's Injected With A Poison and cut it up to emulate the riff from 2 Unlimited's Get Ready For This. Their style never gets tired or stale, and it is no surprise that Amadeus Mozart went on to help form the legendary Hard House label Tidy Trax.

A simply legendary CD, which not only helped confirm my undying love for oldschool rave but also introduced me to many, many tracks I may never have discovered otherwise.

This is NOT "nu-rave".