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February 8, 2017

When browsing discogs I have just re-discovered this compilation and immediatly remembered how I got my hands on it: It was my story back in the '90s when I was ordering records from Lost & Found from time to time. Their bait for customers to crack a certain money limit was the promise of free shipping (or a record of their choice). I have always chosen free shipping, but always received one of their unsellable records from their bullshit rooster instead. WTFK!?!

You could say a lot of bad things about them, especially things like: "Fuck Lost & Found!" And I bet you have heard at least some of the rumors back then. My advice: Better estimate a scam, if you deal with them. The good news is that mailorder and label seem to have been put to rest a long time ago, except for some sellings at ebay I believe. That being said and except for a few misses (like Minor Threat, Uniform Choice, the X-Claim bands, Turning Point, Gorilla Biscuits, Chain Of Strenght, Bold, ...) in 1994 this was among the best compilations to sum up the last 10 years of straight edge hardcore from the USA. Don't underestimate its influence on the european and especially the german folks! You know, every 2nd L&F customer did own it. ;-)

Let's check this record out band for band:

Brightside: Common L&F politics: Putting together the best from the US (without asking them, I'd bet) and blend it with some of their own crap. To be honest you will just hear their best bands on this record. The track is nice, although I can't say a lot about this band, except I remember them having a cool purple hoodie out with the angry face from the cover of their first album.

WarZone: A classic controversial 80s NYHC band, a brand that fits xXx bands, I guess. Although "As one" is their mandatory classic, the other one is debateable. Probably "Always, A Friend For Life" or "Don't Forget The Struggle..." would have been the better picks. ("As One" is the polished version from their first album, not the previous recording of the highly influential "Together" 7" compilation, the second release ever made by Revelation Records!)

Stalag 13: Hardcore band from Oxnard with one of my favorite songs from their 12" back in 1984 that suprisingly has not been released by Mystic Records. "Sometime" would have been the other one.

Government Issue: Good song from their first album, I would have chosen a song from my favorite records "Make An Effort" and "Joyride", though, songs like "Teenager In A Box", "Blending In", "Time To Escape" and "Understand" or "Fun And Games" from their sophomore release. D.C. Oldschool Hardcore at its best.

Unbroken: One of the hottest bands of the beginning of the first wave of Newschool Hardcore with one of my favorite tracks from their first album, next to "Shallow" maybe. I assume this compilation had been put together before their second album "Life. Love. Regret." has been released the same year, which is arguably the best album from this certain era. Check out "Blanket", "D4", "Final Expression" or "Razor".

Youth Of Today: There is hardly one Hardcore band with a similar amount of classic cuts. Unfortunately the penny-pinching guys at L&F have taken live versions (for sure without remarking that directly in the tracklisting). "Put It Aside" ranks among the best from their second album, although I prefer the sheer brutal power of their first album with songs like "Stabbed In The Back" or "Make A Change". "Better Than You" originally is a Gorilla Biscuits songs from the above mentioned "Together" compilation.

Urban Waste: From their one and only 7" EP from 1982. The usual choice would have been "Public Opinion" next to "Police Brutality", but this ia a great song as well, a favorite of mine like "Wasted Life". Typical first wave NYHC: Lumberjacks with a sewing machine guitar, flawless and brutal.

Artificial Peace: I don't know this track, probably another never-paid-for-L&F-exclusive track? Anyway, this is a quality recording of early, cool and simple D.C. Hardcore. The intro has been ripped off of Van Halen's "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love".

Judge: Don't feed the singer! Probably my favorite Gorillacore band! The band name alone written in bold letters tells you exactly what was going on at that time! ;-) One of their most memorably song next to "Where It Went", although I believe they haven't released a single boring song. You need both: Their EP and their album!

Deathwish: An unreleased X-Claim band with their strongest track. Except for this track it is probably the greatest miss of this compilation to leave out the obligatory 1983 Boston Bands. Bands like Jerry's Kids, D.Y.S. and SS Decontrol have made records that I believe to belong to the best ever made in hardcore history.

Abused: First wave out of NYHC, not unlike Urban Waste, you know the deal. They have just made one EP with a lost of cool tracks. Check out "Drug Free Youth", "Loud and Clear" and "War Games", just to name a few. Speaking of early NYHC: Where are "Antidote"? You can't beat "Life Is One" or "Something Must Be Done".

Bruisers: One of the few american Oi! bands who's name even I had heard before! Well, checking out the music... I guess we'll leave it at that. Next one, please!

Side By Side: Their single release is Revelation Records #5 from 1988! These are songs from the other influential Revelation compilation "The Way It Is" released in 1988 incl. "Dead Serious" of course. My picks would have been "Backfire", "You're Only Young Once", "Living A Lie" or "Backfire" probably.

F.U.'s: This is another X-Claim band with a powerful track. A favorite of mine next to "Peer Police", "Outcast", "Unite Or Lose" or "Rock The Nation".

Ryker's: Another L&F band with a strong Newschool sound. Playing tough guys in the ghettos of Kassel, a small german town in the center of the universe. As embarrasing as back then when they were still living at moms house... but I love stuff like this. A german punk band called "Affenmesserkampf", one of the many Dackelblut-OmaHans-EA80-alike bands, have put out a funny song called "Ryker's Don't Like Us". Check it out, if you speak the language.

In Your Face: US band with good songs from their fine late '80s EP.

Alone In A Crowd: From their only record, released in 1989. This has got to be my favorite NYHC release from that era. It contains songs like "When Tigers Fight" and "Who You Know".

Ignite: I would decribe their sound as melodic straight edge hardcore. For some reason they have never been a favorite of mine. One the one hand their style of music had been played out in the mid '90s and on the other they have unfortunatly been on the wrong label.

Citizens Arrest: Like Rorschach, a band who's sound is right in between the Oldschool and the emerging Newschool and never tries to sound anything else than obnoxious and disgusting. No doubt, your mama wouldn't like them. I love both of their records, the unpolished EP and the thick metallic production of their underestimated album. "Serve And Protect" is a fine pick, my other one from the EP would have been "A Light In The Darkness" or maybe "Suffer Now" from the album.

Right Direction: A band from the Netherlands with a cover of the WarZone classic incl. the wellknown singalong chorus. I haven't heard any of their other stuff.
Wide Awake: Late '80s band from Connecticut with a good track, my other favorite of them is "Last Straw".

Crivits: Another european L&F victim. Worth checking out, though.
Integrity: If you have heard of any bad Integrity tracks please bawl them into my ear. These are from their first EP.

Sick Of It All: Cool raw early track from the "The Way It Is" Revelation compilation. My favorite tracks from this time are "Pushed Too Far", The Deal", "Friends Like You" from their first EP or "My Life" from the Together compilation. A lot of people act as if they don't like their music. Nonetheless their Revelation stuff is mandatory!

Unity: From their fresh 85 EP which has been released on the label that has helped to define the straight edge sound like almost none other with releases from Uniform Choice and Youth of Today.

Inside Out: Nice one from '89, you know the deal.

Void: Brutal Hardcore from Washington D.C. that has put out as an infamous split 12" on Dischord Records as early as 1982. This is my favorite track. Enough has been written about their music, just get it! Although most reviewers will tell you the opposite: The Faith side is one of my absolte Hardcore favorites! Probably not as unique, but absolutely tight and as powerful. Check out "Face To Face", "It's Time", "What's Wrong With Me" or "What's Wrong With Me". It's a shame the Faith does not get the credits they deserve!

Violent Children: Fast hardcore from 1984. Nothing special that I would have been able to discover. Just the soundtrack you would love to chuck wood to.

Battery: Solid early '90s stuff. L&F band from the US.

Project X: A good record ends with a big bang. So does this CD. One of the finest examples of that good old fascistcore. Haha, you have to love it alone for its sheer dull track titles like "Dancefloor Justice". Well, I'm out... I right now feel like trampling down the BBQ of my fat ass neighbor and scraping the mustard remains from my combat boots later.