Various ‎– Holland Hardcore

Abuse Records (2) ‎– none
6 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered, Box Set


A1 Squits C.S.G. 2:01
A2 Squits People 1:10
A3 Squits 60's Love 0:47
A4 Squits Slaughter 1:21
A5 Squits Oma's 1:20
A6 Squits Big Star 0:56
A7 Squits C.S.G. (Reprise) 2:25
A8 The Vikings (4) Neglect The Fascist Call 1:40
A9 The Vikings (4) Civil War 2:00
A10 The Vikings (4) Love Your Country 1:37
A11 The Vikings (4) I Want You 1:54
A12 The Vikings (4) State Of Emergency 1:47
A13 The Vikings (4) Tomorrow 1:45
B1 Zmiv Crime 1:22
B2 Zmiv Torture 1:36
B3 Zmiv Soon Come To You (Government Spy) 2:16
B4 Zmiv Pyschopath 1:02
B5 Zmiv Beware (Banzai, Here's Zmiv...) 1:07
B6 Zmiv Deur Oefenruimte 0:10
B7 Zmiv Total Noise 1:50
B8 Zmiv Set To Explode 1:34
B9 Zmiv Soft-Fame 0:33
B10 Zmiv Fame 1:03
B11 Stanx Oh My God 2:05
B12 Stanx De T.R.O.S. 0:59
B13 Stanx I Hate 0:57
B14 Stanx Reagan 1:32
B15 Stanx Rechts 1:05
B16 Stanx No Use 1:39
B17 Stanx Cancer 1:48
B18 Stanx Reagan 2 0:53
C1 Zweetkutten Geen Geloof 0:48
C2 Zweetkutten Grolsch 1:35
C3 Zweetkutten Kermis 0:38
C4 Zweetkutten Patat Dubbel Met 1:23
C5 Zweetkutten Atoom Geweld 0:33
C6 Zweetkutten Ome Willum 0:28
C7 Zweetkutten Zelfmoord 0:45
C8 Zweetkutten Polen Aan Me Zolen 0:50
C9 Zweetkutten Naar De Kloten 0:55
C10 Zweetkutten De Fascist 1:02
C11 Glorious Death Army Life Paradise 2:07
C12 Glorious Death Love Story 1:58
C13 Glorious Death The News 1:21
C14 Glorious Death GASP 1:42
C15 Glorious Death R.I.P. 2:07
C16 Glorious Death Money 0:50
C17 Glorious Death Jesus Christ Superstar 2:00
C18 Glorious Death Police State(ment) 0:59
D1 Lärm Our Future 0:38
D2 Lärm Nijpels Face 0:29
D3 Lärm Pigeon 0:44
D4 Lärm Disorder 0:39
D5 Lärm Ban The Bomb 0:38
D6 Lärm Too Old 0:55
D7 Lärm Revolting Youth 0:44
D8 Lärm Country Life 0:47
D9 Lärm Only Reality (Is Dead For The Childeren In The 3rd World) 0:12
D10 Lärm Passive Punx 0:23
D11 Knåx Sports 0:35
D12 Knåx Country & Western 1:05
D13 Knåx They're Asking For It 1:22
D14 Knåx Little Girls 1:04
D15 Knåx Gerontofiel 1:14
D16 Knåx Indians 1:00
D17 LàResistance Pitt Pils 0:34
D18 LàResistance Between 4 Walls And Bars 2:52
D19 LàResistance Royal Family 1:19
D20 LàResistance Scheisse 2:04
D21 LàResistance Russians 2:24
E1 Pandemonium (3) Demonstrate 1:02
E2 Pandemonium (3) Rip Off 2:30
E3 Pandemonium (3) Zuviel 1:00
E4 Pandemonium (3) Victim Of Age 1:21
E5 Pandemonium (3) Religion Krieg 1:09
E6 Pandemonium (3) T.V. Activity 1:43
E7 Pandemonium (3) Bad Dream 1:37
E8 Pandemonium (3) U.N.Real 2:36
E9 Pandemonium (3) Kill 1:42
E10 Indirekt Intro 1:12
E11 Indirekt Haagse Bluf 0:48
E12 Indirekt TROS Aktua TV 1:08
E13 Indirekt Hiroshima 1:22
E14 Indirekt V.V.D. 1:21
E15 Indirekt Religie 2:01
F1 Indirekt Klitten 0:16
F2 Indirekt E.O. 2:01
F3 Indirekt Toekomst 1:15
F4 Indirekt Liefde 2:21
F5 Indirekt Holland 1:53
F6 Funeral Oration (2) Nothing To Give 1:28
F7 Funeral Oration (2) Sinking Down 1:17
F8 Funeral Oration (2) Hell Age 1:16
F9 Funeral Oration (2) Getting Nowhere 1:08
F10 Funeral Oration (2) Call Back Your Troops 1:45
F11 Funeral Oration (2) Kill Kill 1:19
F12 Funeral Oration (2) Walls 1:52
F13 Funeral Oration (2) Going Further 1:10
F14 Funeral Oration (2) Poison 1:10
F15 Funeral Oration (2) No Right To Know 1:39
F16 Funeral Oration (2) Demented 1:02
G1 C.K.N.* Holland 1:19
G2 C.K.N.* C.I.A. 1:21
G3 C.K.N.* Muurpunx 1:43
G4 C.K.N.* Fascist 1:13
G5 C.K.N.* Lintjes Regen 1:56
G6 C.K.N.* Love Song 1:12
G7 C.K.N.* Rotten System 1:30
G8 C.K.N.* Creatieve Kippesoep 1:28
G9 C.K.N.* Sex Met Een Kip 0:53
G10 Sesamzaad What You Want 0:52
G11 Sesamzaad U.S. Soldier 2:18
G12 Sesamzaad Vanessa 1:15
G13 Sesamzaad Who's Crazy 1:06
G14 Sesamzaad Nederland Machtstaat 0:59
G15 Sesamzaad Don't Do That 1:53
G16 Sesamzaad Vredesraketten 1:11
H1 Bloedbad Hopeless Future 1:40
H2 Bloedbad High Society Orders 1:38
H3 Bloedbad It's War Again 1:35
H4 Bloedbad De Droom 2:13
H5 The Asperity's Rejects 1:01
H6 The Asperity's Hypocritical Government 1:30
H7 The Asperity's Waarom ?????????????????????? 1:39
H8 The Asperity's Bad Brain 1:25
H9 The Asperity's They Can Kill Me 1:16
H10 The Asperity's Laat Je Niet Pakken 1:14
H11 The Asperity's I Hate Football 1:29
H12 The Asperity's Human Power 1:30
H13 The Asperity's Disco (Speciale Korte Scratch Mix) 1:15
I1 Gepøpel Two Days After
I2 Gepøpel The Eagle Has Landed
I3 Gepøpel Time Clock
I4 Gepøpel Ze Komen Ook Bij Jou
I5 Gepøpel Borstvoeding
I6 Gepøpel Normality
I7 Gepøpel Ahriman
I8 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) Yankees & Commies
I9 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) War Is Eveywhere
I10 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) Destroy Fashion
I11 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) Nazi-Skins
I12 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) Blehr
I13 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) Skolplikt Skammaplikt
I14 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) C.P. (Version 1)
I15 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) Commercial Welfare
I16 Puinhoop (G.Z.U) C.P. (Version 2)
I17 A. Relaxt Scheiss Punx
I18 A. Relaxt Wozu?
J1 Laitz It's All Bullshit
J2 Laitz Aids Team
J3 Laitz Zwakken Pakken (Regerings Beleid)
J4 Laitz Punks
J5 Laitz R.A.F.
J6 Laitz Blind For Reality
J7 Laitz 10 Seconds
J8 M.O.G.* Take It
J9 M.O.G.* Starve To Death
J10 M.O.G.* Desperate
J11 M.O.G.* Holocaust
J12 M.O.G.* White Fun
J13 Chlorix Jehova's
J14 Chlorix I Don't Need Work
J15 Chlorix Our Voices Has...
K1 Echte Boter G.V.D. Love Me Tender
K2 Echte Boter G.V.D. Pindakaas
K3 Echte Boter G.V.D. Bussum
K4 Echte Boter G.V.D. Dallas
K5 Oigasm Disco's
K6 Oigasm The Crowd
K7 Oigasm The Politician's Campaign
K8 Oigasm Victims Of A Bad Revieuw
K9 Oigasm Moderne Ouders
K10 A. Relaxt Scheiss Punx
K11 A. Relaxt Wozu?


Silk-screen cover boxset delivered in a pizza box containing:

Holland Hardcore ‎(2xLP, Album, Comp, Ltd, RE) (ABR-002)
Holland Hardcore 2nd Attack ‎(2xLP, Comp, Ltd, RE) (ABR-003)
Holland Hardcore 3 - The Invasion ‎(LP, Album, Comp, RE + LP, S/Sided, Album, Comp, RE) (ABR-004)

clear vinyl. Boxset limited to 45 copies.