Various ‎– Horrific Liquescent Aftermath

Life Fluid Productions ‎– LF-003
Cassette, Album, Compilation, Numbered


A1 Aborted Sea Of Cartilage
A2 Miscreation Blood Dimmed Sight
A3 Goreopsy Intenational Disfiguration
A4 Gethebong Waiting For Death
A5 Inhume Dead Man Walking
A6 Intestinal Disgorge Corrosion Of Green Anal Walls
A7 Necrophagist Advanced Corpse Tumor
A8 Bastard Saints Sick Man's Sperm Crawls On Holy Virgin's Tear-Stained Face
A9 Fadihat Alam Gelap
A10 Wormed Pulse In Rhombus Forms
A11 Inhumate Clock
A12 Cenotaph (3) Verbalized Opinions About Intervaginal Umbilical Corded Fetus In Uterus
A13 M.S.I. (2) Bong Gunge
A14 Sadists Sekarat
A15 Atavism Blood Irritations/Outro
B1 Brodequin Soothsayer
B2 Human Mincer Grotesque Visceral Extraction
B3 Omnium Gatherum (2) 'A'
B4 Death Vomit (2) Atrocious Behaviour
B5 Dichotic Spilling
B6 Noism Excessively Self-Conscious
B7 Scrambled Defuncts Ripped With Hooks
B8 Intense Hammer Rage Homesick Abortion
B9 Alienation Mental Abnormal Idea Get Off Myself
B10 Machetazo Pudrete Como Un Cerdo
B11 Deviated Symphony Human Behaviour
B12 Deep Red (7) In Cold Blood
B13 Excarnated Torso Fucker
B14 Bile (6) Boiling Flesh
B15 Slough Born In A Nightmare
B16 Nefas (2) Entwine My Soul
B17 Excruciate (2) Dead


Hand numbered out of 1000