Various ‎– Horror, Action Thriller Themes! Vol One

CDr, Compilation, Unofficial Release


1 Cannibal Holocaust (Theme One)
2 Peeping Tom
3 Leon (High Noon)
4 La Notte Dei Diannati
5 Seven Blood Stained Orchids
6 Black Sunday
7 Mad Dog Murderer
8 Fantom Kiler (Theme One)
9 When Eight Bells Toll
10 Kriminal
11 Zombie Creeping Flesh
12 Satanik
13 Bloody Pit Of Horror
14 Milano Odia
15 Fantom Kiler (Theme Two)
16 Baron Blood
17 Baba Yaga
18 Cannibal Holocaust (Main Theme)
19 Photos Of Joy
20 Killer Snowmen
21 The Burning
22 Fantom Kiler (Theme Three)
23 A Scream In The Streets
24 The Boss
25 Nightmares In A Damaged Brain
26 Faceless
27 Cannibal Holocaust (Theme Three)
28 Who Saw Her Die?
29 Tutti I Colori Del Buio
30 Milano Trema
31 Invaders From Mars


This release was sold as a legitimate CD soundtrack compilation. It is in fact an unofficial CDr release.

There is no Release year listed on this release at all. It was first distributed in the UK in 1998.

There are no composer or publishing credits on this release. Composers who have not been credited on this release include Ennio Morricone, Riz Ortolani, Bruno Nicolai, Goblin, Stelvio Cipriani and Eric Serra.

Track 2 is NOT from the film "Peeping Tom" (1960). It is a slowed-down piece of music of unknown origin, sourced from what appears to be a poor-quality cassette.
Track 3's title is a re-titling of the film "Leon: The Professional" (1994)
Track 4's title is the original Italian language title of the film "Night Of The Damned" (1971)
Tracks 8, 15 and 22 are from the direct-to-video film "Fantom Kiler" (1998). All the credits in this film, including the composer credit, are fake.
Track 11's title is the UK version re-titling of the film "Hell Of The Living Dead" (1980)
Track 19's title is a re-titling of the film "Delirium" (1987)
Track 20's title is a re-titling of the film "Jack Frost" (1997)
Track 23 is erroneously listed on IMDB as a crime film. It is in fact an X-rated film.
Track 25 is the UK version re-titling of the film "Nightmare" (1981)
Track 31 is the theme taken from "Invaders From Mars" (1986), and not from the 1953 original film.

With the exception of Track 2, and the three tracks from "Fantom Kiler", all of the tracks on this release appear to have been sourced from poor-quality/unofficial VHS release versions of these films. None of the original soundtrack masters have been used, and subsequently the sound quality of this release is poor.