Various ‎– Immense Decay

Spontaneous Stuff ‎– SS-001
Cassette, Compilation, C90


A1 Dead Silence Energy Wasted
A2 Dead Silence Dance, Dance, Dance!
A3 Dead Silence Mad Scientists Ball
A4 Dead Silence Tug-O-War
A5 Group Of Individuals Fashion Fools
A6 Amateur Gynecologists Erection
A7 Amateur Gynecologists Leave Me Alone
A8 Amateur Gynecologists E.R.A. Go Away
A9 Amateur Gynecologists Mentally Retarded
A10 Cycle Sine LSD
A11 Cycle Sine No Problem
A12 Cycle Sine Misunderstandings
A13 Cancerous Growth (2) Kill Rock'n'Roll
A14 Cancerous Growth (2) Greed
A15 Cancerous Growth (2) Youth Of When
A16 Ozzfish Experience* Sexy Dress
A17 Ozzfish Experience* Scarred Guitar
A18 Ozzfish Experience* I Found Heaven
A19 Intense Degree Last Call
A20 Intense Degree Never Conform
A21 Intense Degree Take No Chances
A22 Intense Degree Pollution
B1 Number Nine (8) Pushed Too Far
B2 Number Nine (8) Dragged Down
B3 Number Nine (8) Cop Out
B4 Political Justice? Not America
B5 Political Justice? SNOOST
B6 Political Justice? Land Of Treason
B7 The Exposed (2) I Want To Be A Dog
B8 The Exposed (2) Billy Was A Geek
B9 Initial Reaction Copkiller
B10 Initial Reaction Morals At 17
B11 Screeching Weasel Wavin Gerbs
B12 Screeching Weasel I Saw The Devil
B13 Screeching Weasel Kmart Blues
B14 Denied Remarks So Wrong About You
B15 Denied Remarks Housewife
B16 Denied Remarks Puppet On A String
B17 Crib Death (2) Dumpster Babies
B18 Crib Death (2) Abort'em For Post Mortem
B19 Crib Death (2) Farm Fag
B20 Hates Last Hymn
B21 Hates So What If Your Mother Kicks Me In The Nuts?
B22 Ism (2) John Hinckley Jr.
B23 Ism (2) I Think I Love You
B24 Ism (2) Proud To Be Guilty