Various ‎– In Crypto

Ketuh Records ‎– KTH CD 008
CD, Compilation

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1 Gappeq Theory Of Everything
Written-By, Producer – Jirka*
2 Zebra-N Almost Lost It
Written-By, Producer – Paul Elfferich
3 The Farting Parrot Intellectual Rectum
Written-By, Producer – Ariel Sela
4 Insect Seeker Russian Sounds
Written-By, Producer – Marcelo*, Tarcisio*
5 Double REL* Viva La Wav
Written-By, Producer – Ariel Ram, Ariel Sela
6 Hefty Output GHB (Rmx)
Written-By, Producer – Dan Verbi, Tim Hanlon
7 Pondscum Output 1-2 (Rmx)
Written-By, Producer – Luke Danielewski
8 Paranoize (2) Fucking Evil Noise
Written-By, Producer – Alex Ladyzanskyi*
9 Killer Buds Everything Is A Copy
Written-By, Producer – Enzio*, Marcelo*, Tarcisio*

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Mastered @ Audialize Studio, Cascais - Portugal



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April 19, 2005
edited over 12 years ago

Ketuh Records is an equally productive as well as ambitious label… Label boss P_Mac is on a never-ending quest; scouring the world to procure the finest psy-trance to the huddled masses… And Ketuh sure has brought me many wonderful moments with their compilations of a consistent high quality… In Crypto is the 8th release and as usual the tracklist is a combination of new exciting acts + the usual suspects… Let’s take a stroll down Ketuh Straße…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Gappeq – Theory Of Everything
As tradition prescribes it, Gappeq from The Czech Republic opens this compilation… This is the fourth consecutive Ketuh compilation that Mr. Jirka opens… And why change a winning formula? As usual Gappeq crosses borders with his stuff – this is highly experimental… Full-power psychedelic trance with worldly influences from both Funland, Australia and Alderaan… Twisted, psychedelic morning trance with a cornucopia of FX… It’s very complex and perhaps even a little too complex for my tastes…

#02: Zebra-N – Almost Lost It
Zebra-N is Dutch producer Paul Elferich and this is his second time on a Ketuh compilation… I remember his tracks as often having a comic/oddball approach to psytrance… And this track is no different… The first half is very dark, haunting night-trance… ‘Darkpsy’ if you will – but wait until after the break when Elferich wants to have a little fun… Cardiac arrest beeps followed by the most manic climax… This *will* freak people out on the dance floors! Funny track!

#03: The Farting Parrot – iNTeLLecTual RecTuM
Intellectual breach – my ass! The bird breaking wind is Ariel Sela from Israel – one half of Double R.E.L…. And holy phuck – this is a crazy track indeed… Incredibly fast, it’s a no-questions-asked powerhouse of a raging night-time psytrain… Relentlessly vicious, this is like a melodic version of a Finnish crackpot tune – with Israeli melody structure and German bass… Add tons and tons of trippy FX and we’re getting close to the sound of this demented choon… Blimey! Quality stuff!

#04: Insect Seeker – Russian Sounds
“Gentlemen – welcome to fight club!” Insect Seeker is the side project of Tarcisio & Marcelo from Killer Buds – and it looks like these Brazilians are turning their focus to Russian now… Well, for this tune at least… And yes, this tune is aptly named – this is indeed vodka trance… Deep, dark and pounding with flaring, ripping acid riffs chain-sawing their way through your ears… Intense use of electro-metallic sounds and long, dark pads help create a truly evil track… Sweet!

#05: Double R.E.L. – Viva La Wav
Now Ariel Sela is joined by fellow Israeli Ariel Ram – as Double R.E.L. they’ve released a handful of tracks on Doof Records… And goddam, this is some sick, repulsive shit – and I mean that in the best possible way… This is immensely dark, haunting Halloween trance designed to scare the living shit outta friends, family, neighbours and kids… This is a Boshke tune on amphetamines… Yikes!

#06: Hefty Output – GHB Rmx
“And now for the party drug ‘causing so much concern around Australia. It’s illegal, it’s cheap and one of its nicknames gives you a clue to how dangerous it can be. It’s been called grievous bodily harm. The drug is also known as GHB…” Hefty Output is an Australian duo with members Dan Verbi & Tim Hanlon… This is their debut, and DAMN what a debut! I dunno if the Australian water supply is spiked with GHB or what’s going on, but OZ sure has produced some immensely talented artists… I’m reminded of some of one my fav’e OZ acts: Scatterbrain and Xatrik… This track is similar to their sound - not so much musically but in creativity and structure… This is a deeply original, sinister, frenzied night-time track – riddled with psychedelic elements, voice samples and the meanest koala-bassline I’ve ever heard… Pure acid noise-attack – beautifully executed! Amazing debut – amazing track!

#07: Pondscum – Output 1-2 Rmx
And here’s another debutant from down under… Luke Danielewski is his name, and he’s been drinking GHB too… As with the previous two tracks this is extremely deep and murky – haunting, depraved horror-trance… Requires some serious audio hardware to get the full spectre across… Eat your heart out Xenomorph – this is malicious, but surprisingly psychedelic! I’m all for darkpsy – but this is borderline stuff – getting almost too dark for my taste… Almost!

#08: Paranoize – Fucking Evil Noise
“Ohoy motherfucker!” Paranoize is Alex Ladyzanskyi from Israel… This aptly named track continues in the same vein as its predecessors – again its very dark, spooky dungeon-trance for the darkest hours of the night… A pounding cyclic bassline accompanied by eerie pads and twirling acid-lines… And a climax designed to make you wet yourself! I’m really struggling to find superlatives here, but this is such a fucking huge track – nightmarish, spooky and deeply hypnotizing… Definitely not for the faint hearted… Brilliant track!

#09: Killer Buds – Everything Is A Copy
“Everything is far away. Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy… When deep space exploration ramps up, it'll be the corporations that name everything: the IBM Stellar Sphere, the Microsoft Galaxy, Planet Starbucks!” Enzio, Tarcisio & Marcelo from Brazil are Ketuh regulars, and have their debut album Interfiber Skunk coming out as KTHCD009. I really like their relentless style, so naturally I’m looking forward to that album with huge expectations… This track is a tad lighter than the previous super-dark tracks – but make no mistake about it, this is still very, very psychedelic… Fast, pounding, darkish morning trance – with loads and loads of trippy elements sprinkled around to enhance your trip… Though most of the Fight Club samples have been used in psy-tracks before, they really fit this stellar track… Sweet way to end this compilation indeed!

Yikes! I’ve noticed a slow, but steady increase in the quality of the stuff Ketuh release… And with a label as productive as this, the message comes across even stronger – indeed a promising sign for the future… This without a doubt the darkest Ketuh release thus far – and especially tracks #4 through #8 are among the hardest I’ve heard in a while… Dark psy taken to the extremes!

As mentioned above, the quality level is impressive here – hats off to P_Mac for his continuous effort to find the freshest, darkest gut-hitting music on the planet… The next seven (7!) releases are already brewing in the Ketuh kitchen… Yummy! ;o)

I dig this compilation – but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to this kinda music… It’s dark – it’s very dark! But within the darkpsy genre this is essential, and I do not hesitate to recommend this to hardened fans of such labels as Ketuh (well, duh!), Parvati, Trishula, Stoneage and the likes… You will not be disappointed! Enjoy!

Favourites: 2, 3, 4, 6(!!), 8(!!), 9(!!)