Various ‎– In Their Own Voices: A Century Of Recorded Poetry

Rhino Records (2) ‎– R2 72408
4 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


Volume One
1-1 Walt Whitman America
1-2 William Butler Yeats The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
1-3 William Butler Yeats The Song Of The Old Mother
1-4 Robert Frost The Road Not Taken
1-5 Robert Frost Birches
1-6 Robert Frost The Gift Outright
1-7 Gertrude Stein If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait Of Picasso
1-8 Wallace Stevens So & So Reclining On Her Couch
1-9 William Carlos Williams The Red Wheelbarrow
1-10 William Carlos Williams To Elsie
1-11 Ezra Pound Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (Excerpt)
1-12 Marianne Moore Bird-Witted
1-13 Edna St. Vincent Millay Recuerdo
1-14 Edna St. Vincent Millay Love Is Not All
1-15 E. E. Cummings Next To Of Course God America
1-16 E. E. Cummings Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town
1-17 Robert Graves To Juan At The Winter Solstice
1-18 Steven Vincent Benet The Opening Of The Battle Of Gettysburg
1-19 Langston Hughes The Negro Speaks Of Rivers
1-20 Langston Hughes Ballad Of The Gypsy
1-21 Langston Hughes Mulatto
1-22 Ogden Nash Portrait Of The Artist As A Prematurely Old Man
1-23 Robert Penn Warren Love Recognized
1-24 Stanley Kunitz King Of The River (Previously Unreleased)
1-25 Wystan Hugh Auden* In Memory Of W.B. Yeats (Part 1)
Volume Two
2-1 Theodore Roethke I Knew A Woman
2-2 Theodore Roethke Elegy For Jane
2-3 Stephen Spender Rough (My Parents Kept Me...)
2-4 Stephen Spender Thoughts During An Air Raid
2-5 May Sarton My Sisters, O My Sisters
2-6 Muriel Rukeyser In Our Time
2-7 Muriel Rukeyser Despisals
2-8 Muriel Rukeyser The Ballad Of Orange And Grape
2-9 David Ignatow The World Is So Difficult To Give Up... (Previously Unreleased)
2-10 David Ignatow This Is The Solution, To Be Happy With Slaughter... (Previously Unreleased)
2-11 David Ignatow Here I Am With Mike In Hand, Shooting Down The Rapids... (Previously Unreleased)
2-12 David Ignatow I Killed A Fly... (Previously Unreleased)
2-13 David Ignatow What About Dying?... (Previously Unreleased)
2-14 William Stafford Scars (Previously Unreleased)
2-15 William Stafford It Is (Previously Unreleased)
2-16 Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
2-17 Dylan Thomas If I Were Tickled By The Rub Of Love
2-18 John Ciardi Happiness
2-19 Robert Lowell The Old Flame
2-20 Robert Lowell Skunk Hour
2-21 Robert Lowell Epilogue
2-22 William Meredith Crossing Over (Previously Unreleased)
2-23 Lawrence Ferlinghetti See It Was Like This When...
2-24 Lawrence Ferlinghetti Underwear
2-25 Charles Bukowski The Secret Of My Endurance
2-26 Howard Nemerov Thanksgrieving (Previously Unreleased)
2-27 Mona Vanduyn Sonnet For Minimalists (Previously Unreleased)
2-28 Richard Wilbur Shame
2-29 Richard Wilbur Apology
2-30 Richard Wilbur Love Calls Us To The Things Of This World
2-31 Jack Kerouac American Haikus (Excerpt)
2-32 Lisel Mueller Monet Refuses The Operation (Previously Unreleased)
2-33 Allen Ginsberg America
2-34 John Ashbery Song
2-35 Galway Kinnell After Making Love We Hear Footsteps (Previously Unreleased)
2-36 Galway Kinnell Last Gods (Previously Unreleased)
Volume Three
3-1 W.S. Merwin* The River Bees
3-2 James "Big Jim" Wright A Blessing
3-3 Anne Sexton The Truth The Dead Know
3-4 Anne Sexton All My Pretty Ones
3-5 Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman
3-6 Richard Howard (7) Even In Paris (Previously Unreleased, Excerpt)
3-7 Adrienne Rich Diving Into The Wreck
3-8 Derek Walcott Omeros (Previously Unreleased, Excerpt)
3-9 Gary Snyder The Song Of The Taste
3-10 Gary Snyder How Poetry Comes To Me
3-11 Gary Snyder Why I Take Good Care Of My MacIntosh Computer
3-12 Sylvia Plath Daddy
3-13 Sylvia Plath Ariel
3-14 David Ray (6) The Greatest Poem In The World (Previously Unreleased)
3-15 John Updike An Oddly Lovely Day Alone
3-16 Dan Jaffe Learning About Easter And Passover
3-17 Amiri Baraka Bang, Bang Outishly (Previously Unreleased)
3-18 Amiri Baraka Rhythim Blues
3-19 Amiri Baraka Shazam Doowah (Previously Unreleased)
3-20 Leonard Cohen The Story Of Issa
3-21 Audre Lorde Dahomey (Previously Unreleased)
3-22 Marge Piercy Putting The Good Things Away (Previously Unreleased)
3-23 Marge Piercy Right To Life (Previously Unreleased)
3-24 Mark Strand Keeping Things Whole
3-25 Mark Strand The Way It Is
3-26 Mark Strand The Poem
3-27 Paul Zimmer (3) Zimmer Imagines Heaven (Previously Unreleased)
3-28 Lucille Clifton Yes Lord, He Was Born... (Previously Unreleased)
3-29 Lucille Clifton Cruelty (Previously Unreleased)
Volume Four
4-1 Diane Wakoski I Have Had To Learn To Live With My Face (Previously Unreleased)
4-2 Michael S Harper* Dear John, Dear Coltrane (Previously Unreleased)
4-3 Charles Simic We Were So Poor... (Previously Unreleased)
4-4 Charles Simic I Was Stolen By The Gypsies... (Previously Unreleased)
4-5 Charles Simic Everybody Knows The Story... (Previously Unreleased)
4-6 Al Young (2) Lester Leaps In (Previously Unreleased)
4-7 Al Young (2) For Poets (Previously Unreleased)
4-8 Al Young (2) A Dance For Militant Diletantes (Previously Unreleased)
4-9 Joseph Brodsky Odysseus To Telemachus
4-10 Erica Jong Ode Yo My Shoes
4-11 Joseph Bruchac Prayer (Previously Unreleased)
4-12 Joseph Bruchac Translator's Son (Previously Unreleased)
4-13 Sharon Olds Wonder (Previously Unreleased)
4-14 James Tate (2) The Lost Pilot (Previously Unreleased)
4-15 Tess Gallagher One Kiss (Previously Unreleased)
4-16 James Ragan The Tent People Of Beverly Hills (Previously Unreleased)
4-17 Anne Waldman Uh Oh Plutonium
4-18 Adrian Louis The Fine Printing On The Label Of A Bottle Of Non-Alcohol Beer (Previously Unreleased)
4-19 Adrian Louis The Sweat Lodge (Previously Unreleased)
4-20 Juan Felipe Herrera Logan Heights & The World (Previously Unreleased)
4-21 Carolyn Forche The Colonel
4-22 Edward Hirsch Wild Gratitude (Previously Unreleased)
4-23 Joy Harjo Justice For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash (Previously Unreleased)
4-24 Carmen Tafolla Tia Sophia (Previously Unreleased)
4-25 Jimmy Santiago Baca This Is Number 26 (Previously Unreleased)
4-26 Jimmy Santiago Baca I Am Offering You This Poem (Previously Unreleased)
4-27 Rita Dove Parsley (Previously Unreleased)
4-28 Luci Tapahonso Raisin Eyes
4-29 Donald Revell The Children's Undercroft (Previously Unreleased)
4-30 Dr. Luis Rodriguez* The Concrete River (Previously Unreleased)
4-31 Dr. Luis Rodriguez* Tia Chucha (Previously Unreleased)
4-32 Li-Young Lee My Father, In Heaven, Is Reading Out Loud (Previously Unreleased)