Innsbruck Land 1 - 6020
A Dubaware Soundsystem Luna
B1 Dubaware Soundsystem Film
B2 Dubaware Soundsystem Mano 0908
Innsbruck Land 2
A [sub] ID
B [sub] Minus Ten
Innsbruck Land 3 - ∞
A1 hp* + Pollyester Lemniskate 1 (∞)
A2 hp* + Matt Boroff Lemniskate 2 (∞)
A3 hp* + E.stonji 220 Takte 6:33
A4 hp* + Kmet* Lemniskate 3 (∞)
A5 hp* + Manfred Hofer Lemniskate 4 (∞)
A6 hp* + I-Wolf Lemniskate 5 (∞)
B1 hp* + Saam Schlamminger Lemniskate 6 (∞)
B2 hp* + Felix Kubin Lemniskate 7 (∞)
B3 hp* + Gerhard Potuznik 124 Takte 4:08
B4 hp* + Chronokmet Lemniskate 8 (∞)
B5 hp* + Tomoroh Hidari Lemniskate 9 (∞)
B6 hp* + LAHB Lemniskate 10 (∞)
Innsbruck Land 4
A1 Tracker (5) Never Sure
A2 Tracker (5) Leave Your Head (Where It Belongs)
B1 The LAhN Josh's Favorite Outro
B2 The LAhN The Continuing Story Of Smashing Heads Against The Wall
B3 The LAhN The LAhN Live
Innsbruck Land 5
A1 Raggamaffia Wir Kommen Wieder
A2 Raggamaffia Vergissmeinnicht
B1 IBK Tribe This Time
B2 IBK Tribe Aus Innsbruck
Innsbruck Land 6
A1 WO'xang Sweet Temptation
A2 WO'xang SuperVIBE
B1 Mais Uma Museumsstrasse
B2 Mais Uma Agua Schi Baby
Innsbruck Land 7
A No Horse No Rider Ramblin' Man
B1 Hey-O-Hansen Rumble
B2 Hey-O-Hansen Rumble Version
Innsbruck Land 8
A The Babyzithers Illness
B1 The Babyzithers Me And My Car
B2 The Babyzithers Security
Innsbruck Land 9
A1 Wisdom & Slime Windmühlen
A2 Wisdom & Slime Den Umständen Entsprechend
B1 Wisdom & Slime Windmühlen Instrumental
B2 Wisdom & Slime Das Kabinett Des Dr. Paulus
Innsbruck Land 10
A DJ Stefan Egger The Night Of The Cosmic Angels
B1 John E. Flash Concorde
B2 John E. Flash Peacock
Innsbruck Land 11
A Philadelphy* & Martinek Try Becca
B1 Philadelphy* & Martinek Schnell
B2 Philadelphy* & Martinek Langsam
Innsbruck Land 12
A Manu Delago & Andi Tausch Elm On A Stone
B1 Manu Delago Passing The Winter
B2 Andi Tausch Growing Stronger
Innsbruck Land 13
A DJ Enne Afraid Of Happiness
B Mohear Strange
Innsbruck Land 14
A1 Quehenberger* & Kern* Medley - Intro
A2 Quehenberger* & Kern* Medley - Rhiz
A3 Quehenberger* & Kern* Medley - GM
B Nitro Mahalia Smell Ozone Of Future Thunder
Innsbruck Land 15
A1 Sägewerk Combo* Arthur
A2 Sägewerk Combo* Disco 70
B1 Sägewerk Soundsystem Bergsteiger Dub
B2 Sägewerk Soundsystem Cocktail Jugend

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This is the boxset of all records of the "Innsbruck Land" project - a Tyrolean music compilation collected by 2006/2007.

The Boxset is limited to 50 copies.
The box was just published by Medien.Kunst.Tirol. Musicpark Records/Distribution closed during the production of this serie cause they lost a lot of money when the austrian distribution Soulseduction went bankrupt in 2007. A Lot of records of this serie got lost cause, right when produced, came into Soulseduction's bankrupt's assets and never got delivered. Innsbruck Land records got published in 3 steps, the last five didnt get distributed anymore. Basically you could only get the first 10 Innsbruck Land records in stores.