Various ‎– Into Battle

X-Mix ‎– XBAT1
Vinyl, 12"


A1 Play At High Volume
A2 What - Beat (Beat)
A3 Dogs Speech
A4 Bow Wow Yippi Yo
A5 Gunshot
A6 Make Them Clap2 Loop
A7 James Brown Clap Stomp
A8 James B Welcome Club
A9 James B Hit Me
A10 Ain't We Funky?
A11 Yo Homeboy
A12 Yo Check This Out
A13 So Why Has It Gotta Be
A14 Funky
A15 Hit It
A16 Here The Drummer G
A17 900 Number Beat (Beat)
A18 Turn The Goddam Noise Off
A19 Sweep Tone
A20 Punk Mther Fcker
A21 Somebody Say Yea
A22 Make Them Clap Loop
A23 Claps
A24 Shane Loop
A25 Aahh Ya
A26 Aahh Ha Ha
A27 Lets Jiz
A28 Peter Piper Beat (Beat)
A29 Sine 1 (Tone)
A30 Stab Slide 1
A31 Endless Loop (Beat)
B1 Journey Into Sound
B2 Fat Beat (Beat)
B3 Oh Yea?
B4 Just Kick A Little Something
B5 Make Some Noise (Beat)
B6 Nasty Tone (Tone)
B7 Dip Dip Everybody
B8 Horn Run 1
B9 Ladies Get Funky
B10 Ain't To Proud To B Loop
B11 Cash Register
B12 Devestate Your Ear
B13 Buzz
B14 Radio Fresh
B15 I Wanna Rock Ya
B16 Marvin Sexual Loop
B17 Bleeding Ears Tone (Tone)
B18 Understand
B19 1,2,3,4
B20 Uno 1,2,3,4
B21 Boing
B22 Short Tone
B23 Oh Harmonize
B24 Horn Hit 1
B25 Can't Stop The Shine
B26 Cool
B27 Human Beat Loop-No Loop
B28 Beat Box Woman Short
B29 Boyah
B30 Deat Box Woman
B31 Ghetto Acca
B32 Jam On Acca
B33 Oh Rea Popples
B34 Spanish Stuff
B35 Girl Scream Watch Out
B36 Drum Fill 1
B37 Drum Fill 2
B38 Drum Fill 3
B39 Hit Seq 1
B40 Hit Seq 2
B41 Hit Seq 3
B42 Horn Seq 1
B43 Horn Seq 2
B44 Horn Seq 3
B45 Hit Short 1
B46 Hit Short 2
B47 Hit Short 3
B48 Hit Short 4
B49 Hit Short 5
B50 Hit Short 6
B51 Hit Longer
B52 Horn Note
B53 Sound Effect 2
B54 Sound Effect 3
B55 Sound Effect 4
B56 Horn Fall
B57 Stab 1
B58 Stab 2
B59 Horn Lick
B60 Oh Ahh Cool
B61 Oh Yea Guys
B62 Exxtasy
B63 Ba Ding Loops -NL
B64 Come Baby Check
B65 Ooohhh
B66 Squeak Loop -NL
B67 Its Time
B68 Just Feel It
B69 Move Your Feet
B70 On The Mix
B71 Tone End 1
B72 T-T-T-Tone
B73 Tone End
B74 Applause
B75 Applause 2
B76 Endlesse Loop