Various ‎– It's Finking Time (60's Punk Vs. Dancing Junk)

Beware ‎– Fink 1
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


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January 25, 2015

The Beware crew really pulled themselves together on this one after the muffled soundclash style employed on their Wavy Gravy comps.
This one is split into two distinct themes - 60s punk vs dancing junk.
There's a whole load of riches on the punk side including Ty Wagner's ode to suicidal loneliness, done to a bouncin' Bo Diddley beat.
The Romancers - She Took My Oldsmobile - was any finer song title ever coined anywhere, anytime? I don't think so.
Anyway - there's a ton of good stuff on side 1. I doubt there's anything exclusive but it's all good.

Side 2 hits the ground running with a massive pile-up of insane dancin' nuggets. This was the first time I ever heard Peanut Duck. It's now nearly 30 years later - and I STILL have this record in my playing-out box! This one really makes people smile.
Gamma Goochee (mispelled on this album) must be a Mad Mike Metrovich mouldy oldie. In fact - they probably all are on side 2.
Fantastic stuff. One of those records to go 'waaaugh?!?' to and feel your backbone slip as you attempt the watusi or whatever the hell dance you're supposed to be doing.

At the very end of this great record you get a weird slow, spoken word one. Contemplate your sins (and possible punishment) as you mull over all the bad things you've done down the years. If Jesus Came To Your House is just incredible. A slow ponderous backing with a very serious dude pouring religious scorn on the un-christian life you've chosen.

I miss the Beware guys. Make some more records!