Various ‎– Jagoff Uprising: A Compilation

Thac0 Records ‎– THAC0C1
Box Set, Limited Edition
2 × Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM
2 × CDr

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1st Record
A1 Xanopticon Symptom 5:45
A2 Duran Duran Duran Peter North 4:31
B1 Shatterbreak Stygian Storm Chamber 6:05
B2 Prometheus Burning Negative Insulin 4:26
2nd Record
C1 Dev/null Banal Universe 5:40
C2 Sileni Lobe Crack 4:36
D1 Syne Lapse Variate Acconditional Rythmathematics 3:55
D2 Ovulus Fastener 2:58
Fortean Crimes
CD1.1 Resurrector Broken 6:11
CD1.2 The Magus Son Of Son 3:39
CD1.3 Mechanic Willow Conflitto Di Interessi 2:08
CD1.4 Somatic Responses Robot Fight 2:24
CD1.5 Prometheus Burning Acid Rephlux 3:23
CD1.6 Sileni Lobe Crack 2:10
CD1.7 Anticracy Embarrassing Evidence 2:23
CD1.8 Xanopticon Symptom 3:30
CD1.9 Enduser Manoeuvre 2:44
CD1.10 Larvae Empire (Enduser Remix)
Remix – Enduser
CD1.11 Defazed Cortex Run 2:30
CD1.12 Curtis Chip Non-working Mouth 2:29
CD1.13 The Flashbulb Binedump 1:54
CD1.14 Xanopticon Lockjaw 4:28
CD1.15 Shatterbreak Shadowdeep Paradise 2:27
CD1.16 I:gor It's So Emptry (Noize Creator Remix)
Remix – Noize Creator
CD1.17 Aaron Spectre Mordor 3:16
CD1.18 Rotator Mutanoid Soundboy 3:01
CD1.19 Duran Duran Duran Hairmetal 2:33
CD1.20 Abelcain Danse Macabre 5:11
CD1.21 Shatterbreak Stygian Storm Chamber 3:19
CD1.22 Karl Marx Stadt Ode To The Fate Of Mankind 5:08
Here's My Card Records Show Oct.13/04 58:04
CD2a.1 Enduser Rukkus
CD2a.2 Nettle Duende (DJ Scud's In Chains Remix)
Remix – DJ Scud
CD2a.3 Current Value These Engines
CD2a.4 Epsilon No Try
CD2a.5 Drop The Lime Happy 3 CU
CD2a.6 Bogdan Raczynski Untitled
CD2a.7 Unknown Artist Untitled
CD2a.8 Doormouse Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix)
Remix – Venetian Snares
CD2a.9 Shitmat Haile Selassie Rules OK
CD2a.10 The Bug Aktion Pak
Featuring – Warrior Queen
CD2a.11 Paul Blackout Revolution
CD2a.12 Bong-Ra Kick Out The Jams
CD2a.13 Parasite Corporate States Of America
CD2a.14 Amboss Jinx
CD2a.15 Enduser There Are A Lot Of Angry People In The World
CD2a.16 Kid Kryptic Durok
CD2a.17 Parasite Inna Bong
Dross:tik Records & Smerk Present Adjust (Low Res Records) Oct.2/04 52:09
CD2b.1 Enduser Things To Do In The Queen City
CD2b.2 Shitmat Big Ben's Big Breakdown
CD2b.3 D'Kat Pink Champagne
CD2b.4 Krumble Disco Breakin'
CD2b.5 Ill Cosby Burn Out
CD2b.6 Dev/null Rave 1
CD2b.7 Unknown Artist Untitled
CD2b.8 Mutamassik Show 2 Show (DJ /rupture Remix)
Remix – DJ /rupture
CD2b.9 Electromeca Intromeca
CD2b.10 Antistatik We R Da Future
CD2b.11 Bombardier Bleed
CD2b.12 Shitmat On A Ragga Shit
CD2b.13 Current Value These Engines
CD2b.14 Krinjah Fugees Rmx
CD2b.15 DJ Anonymous (2) Ask Me
CD2b.16 I:gor Happy Mechanical Unit
Jungle-Bass Saturdays @ System Soundbar, Special Presentation By Original Sin Sept.25/04 1:01:25
CD2c.1 Naphta One Squeeze
CD2c.2 Breakage So Vain
CD2c.3 ASC Black Steel
CD2c.4 Amit Roots
CD2c.5 AK1200 Junior's Tune
CD2c.6 Process (4) Rickshaw
CD2c.7 ASC Pitch Black
CD2c.8 Wizard (7) What Lies Beneath
CD2c.9 Dom & Roland Soundwall VIP
CD2c.10 Public Enemy Miuzi Weighs A Ton
CD2c.11 Myke Keep It Burning
CD2c.12 Facs & Scythe Polyglot
CD2c.13 Skeptic Tear
CD2c.14 Blame Citadel
CD2c.15 Unknown Artist Toni Braxton's Hit The Freeway Remix
CD2c.16 Breakage Disco 45 Rmx
CD2c.17 DJ C Billy Jungle
Featuring – Shinehead
CD2c.18 Fracture & Neptune Too Doggone Funky
CD2c.19 Future Bound Liquid Groove
You Know The Score (Old Skool Set 91-93) Sept.11/04 52:49
CD2d.1 DJ Ratty Bells Of Dawn (Jumping Jack Frost Remix)
Remix – Jumping Jack Frost
CD2d.2 Unknown Artist Voodoo Ray
CD2d.3 DJ Edge Spirit
CD2d.4 Nino Future Of Latin
CD2d.5 Jack n Phil Tek Trak
CD2d.6 Baby D Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Acen In Wonderland Remix)
Remix – Acen
CD2d.7 Manix Reach Out
Vocals [Featuring] – Marie Antoinette (2)
CD2d.8 Bay B Kane Bagpipes In Effect
CD2d.9 Acen Window In The Sky (DJ DMS Remix)
Remix – DMS
CD2d.10 Hedgehog Affair Second Rush
CD2d.11 Jem 77 Never Felt This Way
CD2d.12 SL2 On A Ragga Tip
CD2d.13 The Prodigy Music Reach 1/2/3/4
CD2d.14 Bizzy B & TDK Hold Me Tight
CD2d.15 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer Fuckin' Hardcore
CD2d.16 Manix All Right With Me (Tek 9 Remix)
Remix – Tek 9
Dross:tik Records - Singles
CD2e.1 Belladonnakillz Yeah Hell Yeah 4:44
CD2e.2 Laf-O Most Breakcore Kids Don't Pray, But The Amount Of Times They Say Amen Could Put Many Catholics To Shame 2:52
CD2e.3 Sincere Trade Tesfaye 5:06
CD2e.4 Skeeter Death To Raggacore
Featuring – Michie Mee
CD2e.5 Unitus The Dry Humour Of Geography 4:45
CD2e.6 Yara (2) Singerwannabe 3:29


  • Artwork By – Cutups, Shatterbreak, Sileni, Telladictorian
  • DJ MixCutups (tracks: CD1.1 to CD1.22), C64* (tracks: CD2a.1 to CD2d.16)


This release is a box set comprised of 2 12" records and 2 Compact Discs. Each 12" record is orange vinyl and features original material from all of the musicians with websites on The first CD is "Fortean Crimes", an audio mix CD from DJ Cutups. The second CD contains 4 DJ mixes from DJ C64 and 6 sample tracks from Dross:tik Records, all in mp3 format.

The 4 mixes are:
Mix 1 (CD2a): DJ C64 - Here's My Card Records Show Oct.13/04
Mix 2 (CD2b): DJ C64 - Dross:tik Records & Smerk Present Adjust (Low Res Records) Oct.2/04
Mix 3 (CD2c): DJ C64 - Jungle-Bass Saturdays @ System Soundbar, Special Presentation By Original Sin Sept.25/04
Mix 4 (CD2d): DJ C64 - You Know The Score (Old Skool Set 91-93) Sept.11/04

This release also includes a 1" Thac0 Records button.

All of the art featured on the box, cover, records, and CD's was supplied by Sileni, Telladictorian, Shatterbreak, and DJ Cutups, each with websites on

Limited to 300 copies.

Track CD2d.10 is wrongly listed as: Rush Til Dawn – Second Rush