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20 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


1-1 Scott Joplin Original Rags
1-2 Scott Joplin Maple Leaf Rag
1-3 Scott Joplin The Entertainer
1-4 Scott Joplin Fig Leaf Rag
1-5 Tom Turpin St. Louis Rag
1-6 James Scott (4) Grace And Beauty
1-7 James Scott (4) Ragtime Oriole
1-8 Joseph Lamb* American Beauty Rag
1-9 Unknown Artist The Entertainer's Rag
1-10 Unknown Artist Chinatown Rag
1-11 Frank Banta / Jack Austin Kitten On The Keys
1-12 Frank Banta Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
1-13 Eubie Blake Boll Weevil Blues
1-14 J. Russel Robinson That Da Da Strain
1-15 Lemuel Fowler Steppin' Ol' Fool
1-16 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* New Orleans (Blues) Joys
1-17 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Frog-I-More Rag
1-18 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Perfect Rag
1-19 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Original Rags
1-20 James P. Johnson* Harlem Strut
1-21 James P. Johnson* Keep Off The Grass
1-22 James P. Johnson* Carolina Shout
1-23 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Muscle Shoals Blues
2-1 Fletcher Henderson Chime Blues
2-2 Duke Ellington Black Beauty
2-3 James P. Johnson* Weeping Blues
2-4 James P. Johnson* Runnin' Wild Medley
2-5 James P. Johnson* Snowy Morning Blues
2-6 James P. Johnson* Riffs
2-7 James P. Johnson* You've Got To Be Modernistic
2-8 James P. Johnson* Jingles
2-9 James P. Johnson* Carlina Shout
2-10 Clarence Williams Wildflower Rag
2-11 Clarence Williams & James P. Johnson* How Could I Be Blue?
2-12 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Squeeze Me
2-13 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Handful Of Keys
2-14 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Ain't Misbehavin'
2-15 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Alligator Crawl
2-16 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Honeysuckle Rose
2-17 Thomas "Fats" Waller* Hock Shop Blues
2-18 Willie "The Lion" Smith Passionette
2-19 Willie "The Lion" Smith Echoes Of Spring
2-20 Willie "The Lion" Smith Concentratin'
2-21 Willie "The Lion" Smith Finger Buster
2-22 Willie "The Lion" Smith Cuttin' Out Willie
2-23 Willie "The Lion" Smith Relaxin'
Blues & Boogie
3-1 Lemuel Fowler Blues Mixture
3-2 Hersal Thomas Hersal Blues
3-3 Meade Lux Lewis* Honky Tonk Train Blues
3-4 Pinetop Smith* Pine Top's Boogie Woogie
3-5 Pinetop Smith* Jump Steady Blues
3-6 Cow Cow Davenport Cow Cow Blues
3-7 Cow Cow Davenport Chimes Blues
3-8 Cow Cow Davenport Slow Drag
3-9 Montana Taylor Detroit Rocks
3-10 Romeo Nelson Head Rag Hop
3-11 Speckled Red The Dirty Dozen
3-12 Speckled Red Wilkins Street Stomp
3-13 Wesley Wallace No. 29
3-14 Wesley Wallace Fanny Lee Blues
3-15 Henry Brown Henry Brown Blues
3-16 Henry Brown Deep Morgan Blues
3-17 Henry Brown Eastern Chimes Blues
3-18 Charles Avery Dearborn Street Breakdown
3-19 Blind Leroy Garnett Loisiana Glide
3-20 Jabo Williams Jab Blues
3-21 Jabo Williams Pratt City Blues
3-22 Cripple Clarence Lofton I Don't Know
4-1 Will Ezell Barrel House Man
4-2 Will Ezell West Coast Rag
4-3 Will Ezell Barrel House Woman
4-4 Will Ezell Heifer Dust
4-5 Jimmy Yancey Jimmy's Stuff
4-6 Jimmy Yancey Two O'clock Blues
4-7 Jimmy Yancey Janie's Joys
4-8 Jimmy Yancey Yancey Limited
4-9 Jimmy Yancey Yancey Stomp
4-10 Jimmy Yancey State Street Special
4-11 Jimmy Yancey Five O'clock Blues
4-12 Jimmy Yancey The Mellow Blues
4-13 Jimmy Yancey 35th And Dearborn
4-14 Jimmy Yancey How Long Blues
4-15 Jimmy Yancey Salute To Pinetop
4-16 Jimmy Yancey Yancey Special
4-17 Pete Johnson Let 'Em Jump
4-18 Pete Johnson Boogie Woogie
4-19 Pete Johnson Basement Boogie
4-20 Pete Johnson Dive Bomber
4-21 Pete Johnson Zero Hour
4-22 Pete Johnson Swingin' The Boogie
Boogie Woogie
5-1 Meade Lux Lewis* Yancey Special
5-2 Meade Lux Lewis* Honky Tonk Train Blues
5-3 Meade Lux Lewis* / Albert Ammons / Pete Johnson Boogie Woogie Prayer Part 1 & 2
5-4 Meade Lux Lewis* / Albert Ammons Twos And Fews
5-5 Meade Lux Lewis* Bass On Top
5-6 Meade Lux Lewis* Tell Your Story
5-7 Meade Lux Lewis* Rising Tide Blues
5-8 Meade Lux Lewis* Lux's Boogie
5-9 Meade Lux Lewis* Chicago Flyer
5-10 Albert Ammons Shout For Joy
5-11 Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Stomp
5-12 Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Blues
5-13 Albert Ammons Albert's Special Boogie
5-14 Albert Ammons The Boogie Rocks
5-15 Albert, Meade, Pete And Their Three Pianos Cafe Society Rag
5-16 Pete Johnson / Albert Ammons Boogie Woogie Jump
5-17 Pete Johnson / Albert Ammons Sixth Avenue Express
5-18 Ralph Sutton (2) Boogie Joys
5-19 Bob Zurke / Bob Crosby Little Rock Getaway
5-20 Bob Zurke / Bob Crosby Yancey Special
5-21 Bob Zurke / Bob Crosby Honky Tonk Train Blues
5-22 Bob Zurke & His Orchestra* Cow Cow Blues
6-1 Richard M. Jones Jazzin' Babies' Blues
6-2 Jimmy Blythe Chicago Stomps
6-3 Jimmy Blythe Armour Ave. Struggle
6-4 Jimmy Blythe Mr. Freddie Blues
6-5 Clarence Jones (5) Swanee Blues
6-6 Alex Hill* / Albert Wynn Parkway Stomp
6-7 Alex Hill* Stompin' 'Em Down
6-8 Alex Hill* Tack Head Blues
6-9 Alex Hill And His Orchestra Toogaloo Shout
6-10 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* King Porter
6-11 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Shreveport Stomp
6-12 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Grandpa's Spells
6-13 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* The Pearls
6-14 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Wolverine Blues
6-15 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* Pep
6-16 Ferd (Jelly Roll) Morton* The Naked Dance
6-17 Earl Hines / Louis Armstrong Weather Bird
6-18 Earl Hines Blues In Thirds (Caution Blues)
6-19 Earl Hines Panther Rag
6-20 Earl Hines A Monday Date
6-21 Earl Hines I Ain't Got Nobody
6-22 Earl Hines Fifty-Seven Varieties
6-23 Earl Hines Glad Rag Doll
New York
7-1 Frank Melrose Jelly Roll Stomp
7-2 Joe Sullivan / Eddie's Hot Shots I'm Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee
7-3 Joe Sullivan / Red Nichols China Boy
7-4 Joe Sullivan Gin Mill Blues
7-5 Joe Sullivan Little Rock Getaway
7-6 Joe Sullivan Just Strolling
7-7 Joe Sullivan Minor Mood
7-8 Joe Sullivan Summertime
7-9 Jess Stacy In The Dark (Flashes)
7-10 Jess Stacy Barrelhouse
7-11 Jess Stacy The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
7-12 Jess Stacy / Eddie Condon Carnegie Drag
7-13 Dave Bowman / Bud Freeman 47th And State
7-14 Art Hodes A Selection From The Gutter
7-15 Art Hodes Bed Rock Blues
7-16 Art Hodes Trio Eccentric
7-17 George Zack Black And Blue
7-18 George Zack Lazy River
7-19 Tram*, Bix* & Lang* For No Reason At All In C
7-20 Bix Beiderbecke In A Mist (Bixology)
7-21 Ralph Sutton (2) Candlelights
7-22 Rube Bloom Soliloquy
7-23 Arthur Schutt / Red Nichols Delirium
7-24 Arthur Schutt Lover, Come Back To Me
8-1 Teddy Wilson Somebody Loves Me
8-2 Teddy Wilson / Benny Goodman Trio After You've Gone
8-3 Teddy Wilson Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
8-4 Benny Goodman Quartet* Handful Of Keys
8-5 Teddy Wilson Tiger Rag
8-6 Teddy Wilson China Boy
8-7 Teddy Wilson Trio Fine And Dandy
8-8 Teddy Wilson / Benny Goodman Quartet* Avalon
8-9 Earl Hines Rosetta
8-10 Earl Hines And His Orchestra Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues
8-11 Earl Hines Child Of A Disordered Brain
8-12 Earl Hines / Sidney Bechet Trio* Blues In Thirds
8-13 Earl Hines My Melancholy Baby
8-14 Earl Hines Trio* Honeysuckle Rose
8-15 Earl Hines Trio* Fine And Dandy
8-16 Art Tatum Tiger Rag
8-17 Art Tatum Sophisticated Lady
8-18 Art Tatum (I Would Do) Anything For You
8-19 Art Tatum Humoresque
8-20 Art Tatum Get Happy
8-21 Art Tatum Trio I Got Rhythm
8-22 Art Tatum The Man I Love
8-23 Art Tatum Makin' Whopee
8-24 Art Tatum / Benny Carter / Louis Bellson Blues In B-flat
9-1 Fats Waller And His Buddies The Minor Drag
9-2 Fats Waller And His Rhythm* Dinah
9-3 Fats Waller And His Rhythm* 12th Street Rag
9-4 Fats Waller And His Rhythm* Sweet Fue
9-5 Fats Waller And His Rhythm* Truckin'
9-6 Fats Waller And His Rhythm* Fractious Fingering
9-7 A Jam Session At Victor's (RCA All Stars)* Honeysuckle Rose
9-8 Fats Waller London Suite-Bond Street
9-9 Fats Waller And His Rhythm* Ain't Misbehavin'
9-10 Pee Wee*, Zutty* And James P.* Everybody Loves My Baby
9-11 Jimmy Johnson And His Orchestra Old Fashioned Love
9-12 James P. Johnson* If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
9-13 Willie (The Lion) Smith And His Cubs* Harlem Joys
9-14 Willie (The Lion) Smith*, Joe Bushkin The Lion And The Lamb
9-15 Jess Stacy / Benny Goodman And His Orchestra Sing, Sing, Sing
9-16 Jess Stacy Ramblin'
9-17 Jess Stacy Complainin'
9-18 Jess Stacy (I Got A Woman Crazy For Me) She's Funny That Way
9-19 Jess Stacy Ec-Stacy
9-20 Billy Kyle Finishing Up A Date
9-21 Billy Kyle And Louis Armstrong All-Stars* St. Louis Blues
10-1 Duke Ellington / Jimmy Blanton Pitter Panther Patter
10-2 Duke Ellington Solitude
10-3 Duke Ellington & Billy Strayhorn Tonk
10-4 Sammy Price Boogin' With Big Sid
10-5 Sammy Price And His Bluesicians* Paris Lament
10-6 King Cole Trio* Honeysuckle Rose
10-7 Lester Young / King Cole Trio* Indiana
10-8 King Cole Trio* It's Only A Paper Moon
10-9 King Cole Trio* What Is This Thing Called Love?
10-10 King Cole Trio* / Lester Young / Buddy Rich Back To The Land
10-11 Jimmy Jones Trio Easy To Love
10-12 Jimmy Jones Trio Just Squeeze Me
10-13 Sir Charles Thompson / Coleman Hawkins Stuffy
10-14 Sir Charles Thompson Swingtime In The Rockies
10-15 Eddie Heywood Begin The Beguine
10-16 Mel Powell And His Orchestra The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
10-17 Mel Powell And His Orchestra Blue Skies
10-18 Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra China Stomp (Chinatown)
10-19 Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra Piano Stomp (Shine)
10-20 Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men Salute To Fats
10-21 Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men Basie English
10-22 Johnny Guarnieri Trio Gliss Me Again
10-23 Joe Bushkin / Muggsy Spanier Relaxin' At The Touro
10-24 Joe Bushkin / Eddie Condon Stars Fell On Alabama
Kansas City
11-1 Count Basie The Dirty Dozens
11-2 Count Basie Boogie Woogie
11-3 Count Basie Oh! Red
11-4 Count Basie Dupree Blues
11-5 Count Basie Red Wagon
11-6 Count Basie And His All American Rhythm* Way Back Blues
11-7 Count Basie St. Louis Blues
11-8 Mary Lou Williams Night Life
11-9 Mary Lou Williams Overhand (New Froggy Bottom)
11-10 Mary Lou Williams Clean Pickin'
11-11 Mary Lou Williams Mary's Special
11-12 Mary Lou Williams The Rocks
11-13 Mary Lou Williams And Her Kansas City Seven Baby Dear
11-14 Pete Johnson Roll 'Em
11-15 Pete Johnson And His Boogie Woogie Boys* Cherry Red
11-16 Pete Johnson Kaycee On My Mind
11-17 Pete Johnson's Band 627 Stomp
11-18 Pete Johnson / "Big" Joe Turner* Rebecca
11-19 Jay McShann Vine Street Boogie
11-20 Jay McShann Hold 'Em Hootie
11-21 Jay McShann So You Won't Jump
11-22 Jay McShann Hootie Boogie
11-23 Joe Turner* / Sam Price* Nobody In Mind
11-24 Sam Price And His Texas Bluesicians* Teed Up
Be Bop
12-1 Bud Powell Trio* I'll Remember April
12-2 Bud Powell Trio* Bud's Bubble
12-3 Bud Powell Trio* Strictly Confidential
12-4 Bud Powell's Modernists Bouncing With Bud
12-5 Bud Powell's Modernists Dance Of The Infidels
12-6 Bud Powell Trio* Ornithology
12-7 Bud Powell Trio* Get Happy
12-8 Bud Powell Trio* Un Poco Loco
12-9 Bud Powell Trio* Glass Enclosure
12-10 Dodo Marmarosa, Charlie Barnet The Moose
12-11 Dodo Marmarosa Trio Dodo's Blues
12-12 Dodo Marmarosa Trio Bopmatism
12-13 Dodo Marmarosa Trio Dodo's Dance
12-14 Al Haig, Wardell Gray Quartet Twisted
12-15 Al Haig, Stan Getz Quartet Indian Summer
12-16 Al Haig Trio Opus Caprice
12-17 Duke Jordan, The Charlie Parker Quintet Dexterity
12-18 Duke Jordan, The Charlie Parker Quintet Dewey Square
12-19 Duke Jordan, The Charlie Parker Quintet Scrapple From The Apple
12-20 George Wallington Trio Fairyland
12-21 George Wallington Trio I'll Remember April
12-22 Thelonious Monk Trio Well You Needn't
12-23 Thelonious Monk Quartet* Epistrophy
12-24 John Lewis (2), The Charlie Parker All-Stars Parker's Mood
12-25 John Lewis (2), J. J. Johnson Be-Boppers* Afternoon In Paris
Modern Jazz
13-1 Lennie Tristano Trio Out On A Limb
13-2 Lennie Tristano Trio Interlude
13-3 Lennie Tristano Trio Coolin' Off With Ulanov
13-4 The Metronome All-Stars* Victory Ball
13-5 Lennie Tristano Quintet Subconscious Lee
13-6 Lennie Tristano Sextette* Crosscurrent
13-7 Lennie Tristano Sextette* Marionette
13-8 Lennie Tristano Sextette* Disgression
13-9 Lennie Tristano Requiem
13-10 John Lewis (2), Miles Davis Nonet* Rouge
13-11 John Lewis (2), Zoot Sims Quartet Dancing In The Dark
13-12 John Lewis (2), The Milt Jackson Quartet D & E
13-13 John Lewis (2), The Milt Jackson Quartet Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
13-14 John Lewis (2), The Modern Jazz Quartet All The Things You Are
13-15 John Lewis (2), The Modern Jazz Quartet Vendome
13-16 John Lewis (2), The Modern Jazz Quartet Django
13-17 John Lewis (2), The Modern Jazz Quartet La Ronde Suite Part 1-4
13-18 John Lewis (2), The Modern Jazz Quartet Concorde
13-19 Claude Williamson, Barney Kessel Quintet On A Slow Boat To China
12-20 Barney Kessel Quintet, Art Pepper Quintet Cinnamon
13-21 Barney Kessel Quintet, Art Pepper Quintet Straight Life
14-1 Hampton Hawes, Art Pepper Surf Ride
14-2 Hampton Hawes, Art Pepper Holiday Flight
14-3 Hampton Hawes, Shorty Rogers And His Giants Diablo's Dance
14-4 Hampton Hawes, Barney Kessel Quintet You Stepped Out Of My Dream
14-5 The Dave Brubeck Trio Indiana
14-6 The Dave Brubeck Trio Body And Soul
14-7 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Stardust
14-8 The Dave Brubeck Quartet The Way You Look Tonight
14-9 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Le Souk
14-10 The Dave Brubeck Quartet Take Five
14-11 Dave Brubeck Group Blue Rondo A La Turk
14-12 Russ Freeman, Art Pepper Quartet Chilli Pepper
14-13 Russ Freeman, Art Pepper Quartet Everything Happens To Me
14-14 Russ Freeman, Art Pepper Quartet Tickle Toe
14-15 Russ Freeman, Chet Baker Quartet Russ Job
14-16 Russ Freeman, Chet Baker Quartet Lullaby Of The Leaves
14-17 The Pete Jolly Trio I've Got You Under My Skin
West Coast
15-1 The Horace Silver Trio Opus De Funk
15-2 The Horace Silver Trio Buhaina
15-3 Horace Silver, Miles Davis All Star Sextet* Walkin'
15-4 The Horace Silver Quintet Doodlin'
15-5 Horace Silver, Nat Adderley Quintet Blues For Bohemia
15-6 Wynton Kelly, The J.J. Johnson Quintet Too Marvelous For Words
15-7 Wynton Kelly, Art Farmer Quartet Gone With The Wind
15-8 Richie Powell, Clifford Brown, Max Roach George's Dilemma
15-9 Richie Powell, Clifford Brown, Max Roach Sandu
15-10 Thelonious Monk Quintet* Straight No Chaser
15-11 Thelonious Monk Sextet Hornin' In
15-12 Thelonious Monk Trio Bemsha Swing
15-13 Thelonious Monk Trio Blue Monk
15-14 Ray Bryant, Miles Davis Sextet* Bitty Ditty
Hard Bop
16-1 Erroll Garner Trio Trio
16-2 Erroll Garner Trio The Way You Look Tonight
16-3 Erroll Garner Indiana
16-4 Erroll Garner Trio Misty
16-5 Erroll Garner Trio They Can't Take Away From Me
16-6 The Oscar Peterson Quartet Stompin' At The Savoy
16-7 The Oscar Peterson Trio Tenderly
16-8 The Oscar Peterson Trio I Can't Give You Anything But Love
16-9 Mary Lou Williams Quartet Perdido
16-10 Hank Jones Trio Odd Number
16-11 Hank Jones, The Cannonball Adderley Quintet A Little Taste
16-12 The George Shearing Quintet September In The Rain
16-13 The George Shearing Quintet East Of The Sun
16-14 The George Shearing Quintet Conception
16-15 The George Shearing Quintet Lullaby Of Birdland
16-16 Billy Taylor, Coleman Hawkins Cheek To Cheek
16-17 Kenny Drew, Buddy DeFranco Quartet When Your Lover Has Gone
17-1 Horace Silver Quintet* Creepin' In
17-2 Horace Silver Quintet* The Preacher
17-3 Horace Silver Quintet* Senor Blues
17-4 Bobby Timmons, Chet Baker & Crew Lucius Lu
17-5 Cedar Walton, Eddie Harris Quartet St. Thomas
17-6 Gene Harris, Ray Brown Trio Night Train
17-7 Ramsey Lewis Quintet Blues For The Night
17-8 Junior Mance Trio Blue Monk
17-9 Les McCann And His Magic Band Compared To What
Fusion / Introspection / Free
18-1 Bill Evans I Got It Bad, And That Ain't Good
18-2 Bill Evans Waltz For Debbie
18-3 Bill Evans My Romance
18-4 Bill Evans Trio* Easy Living
18-5 Bill Evans Trio* Speak Low
18-6 Ahmad Jamal Waltz For Debbie
18-7 Ahmad Jamal Autumn In New York
18-8 Chick Corea Fiesta Piano Solo
18-9 McCoy Tyner Giant Steps
18-10 McCoy Tyner Rhythm-a-Ning
18-11 McCoy Tyner Trio Senor Carlos
18-12 Cecil Taylor Trio This Nearly Was Mine
18-13 Cecil Taylor Trio Port Of Call
Jazz Rock
19-1 Cedar Walton, Eddie Harris Quartet Freedom Jazz Dance
19-2 Dave Brubeck Group Tritonis
19-3 Dave Brubeck Group Benjamin Christopher David Brubeck
19-4 Danilo Perez, Roy Haynes I Hear A Rhapsody
19-5 Danilo Perez, Roy Haynes Bright Mississippi
19-6 Chick Corea Yes My Dear
19-7 Chick Corea Better Match
20-1 Monty Alexander Ellington Medley
20-2 Kenny Barron I'm Confessin'
20-3 Kenny Barron, Mulgrew Miller Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
20-4 Marcus Roberts Blues In The Evening Time
20-5 Randy Weston Medley


20 CD-SET including Booklet

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