Various ‎– Jingles Volume Six

Bruton Music ‎– BRB 6
Vinyl, LP


A1 Trevor Bastow Scenic Route
A2 Trevor Bastow Spotlight
A3 Trevor Bastow Spotlight
A4 Trevor Bastow Disco Data
A5 Trevor Bastow Disco Data
A6 Trevor Bastow Rundown
A7 Trevor Bastow Happy Hearts
A8 Trevor Bastow Full Frontal Funk
A9 Trevor Bastow Full Frontal Funk
A10 David Gold (5) Let's Go
A11 Trevor Bastow Good Fun
A12 Trevor Bastow Shades
A13 Trevor Bastow Pogo
A14 Steve Gray Up In The Clouds
A15 Francis Monkman The Achievements Of Man
A16 Francis Monkman Perpetual Motion
A17 Francis Monkman Current Affairs
A18 Francis Monkman Super Structure
A19 Francis Monkman Readout
A20 Francis Monkman Trouble Spots
A21 Francis Monkman I Robot
A22 Francis Monkman Futurama
A23 Francis Monkman New Technology
A24 Francis Monkman Music In Motion
B1 David Gold (5) Let's Get Busy
B2 David Gold (5) Let's Go Find Out
B3 David Gold (5) Let's Get Success
B4 David Gold (5) Let's Go Fast
B5 Trevor Bastow Motion 1
B6 Trevor Bastow Motion 2
B7 Trevor Bastow Motion 3
B8 Trevor Bastow Motion 4
B9 Trevor Bastow Motion 5
B10 Trevor Bastow Motion 6
B11 Trevor Bastow Motion 8
B12 Nick Ingman Waterfront
B13 Nick Ingman Convoy
B14 Nick Ingman Giants Causeway
B15 Nick Ingman Winning
B16 Nick Ingman Power Plus Plenty
B17 Nick Ingman Nationwide
B18 David Snell (2) Poste Haste
B19 David Snell (2) Horse And Trap
B20 Trevor Bastow Pagan Mysteries
B21 David Lindup Move It
B22 David Lindup Jazz Fugue
B23 David Lindup Headin' West
B24 Neil Richardson Christmas Tidings