Various ‎– Just Close To You (A Five-Year Compilation Of Unique Records)



CD.1 Angil Christmas 4:07
CD.2 Electrophönvitage Rescue 3:13
CD.3 Del (4) Answering Machine Song 3:36
CD.4 Virga Wad 4:08
CD.5 King Kong Was A Cat Rats 4:47
CD.6 The John Venture Stein Waltz 4:50
CD.7 Baxendall Stretched Meridians 4:21
CD.8 Melatonine Rockprog 6:13
CD.9 A Place For Parks Our Screwball Concerto 4:51
CD.10 Danna Hilliot I’m Not a Drummer 2:42
CD.11 Half Asleep About Sand 5:19
CD.12 Lunt Slow Silence 4:26
CD.13 Imagho Someone Controls Electric Guitar #2 6:11
CD.14 La Lie De La Société 2:43
CD.15 Lemoine Désertion 3:31
CD.16 Eud 2’34’’ 3:03
CD.17 Baka! Brune 2:30
CD.18 Melonhead End In The Ocean 3:18
DVD.1 Angil Beginning Of The Fall
DVD.2 Angil A Long Way To Be Happy, Darlene Said
DVD.3 Angil Dolaytrim/Gemini
DVD.4 Broadway* 06:06:03
DVD.5 Baxendall Shining
DVD.6 Electrophönvintage Where You'Re Not
DVD.7 Electrophönvintage The Former President
DVD.8 Half Asleep ¼
DVD.9 King Kong Was A Cat Do You Mind?
DVD.10 Melatonine Noircissez
DVD.11 Melatonine Seitseman
DVD.12 The John Venture Imaginary Physical Aliments
DVD.13 Zero Degre Nos Espoirs
DVD.14 Zero Degre Les Ecrans
DVD.15 Lemoine Alligators


All tracks released under Creative Commons nc nd except tracks from KKWAC, the John Venture, Melatonine, Imagho, 0°, Baka! under copyrights control.