Various ‎– Katastrophe No. 10 On Tape !!

Schrei Records ‎– Z
Cassette, Compilation, Sampler, C90

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1) Steff GBH
A1 Steff - GBH Untitled
2) Avanti Diletanti
A2 Avanti Diletanti* Untitled
3) Classification Of Vegetables
A3 Classification Of Vegetables Untitled
4) Panko Musik
A4 Panko Musik Untitled
5) Sequence Comp.
A5 Edgar Windhund Bande Untitled
A6 Panko Musik Untitled
6) Cassetten Combinat
A7 Kultureller Einfluß* Untitled
A8 Synthetische Mischgewebe* Untitled
A9 Die Zwei Untitled
A10 Thomas Scholz Untitled (Studio)
A11 Thomas Scholz Untitled (Live)
7) 30 Min. Sax-Musik / Gnufamilie
A12 30 Min. Sax-Musik / Gnufamilie Untitled
8) Some Sweet Missile
A13 Some Sweet Missile Untitled
9) Enno Velthuys
A14 Enno Velthuys Untitled
10) Neue Wohnkultur
A15 Neue Wohnkultur Untitled
11) Ex-Arare Musica
A16 Ex-Arare Musica Untitled
12) Abfuhr Des Verdrängten Comp.
A17 Der Cronische Lothar Untitled
A18 Frustrierte Konsumenten Untitled
A19 Dreidimensional Untitled
13) Stratis
A20 Stratis Untitled
14) ICH/Peter Lieske
A21 Ich Untitled
Featuring – Peter Lieske
15) J.A.R.
A22 J.A.R. Untitled
16) Demain
A23 Demain Untitled
17) Diskret Und Charmant Comp.
A24 Schwarz Weiß* Untitled
A25 Hessen Ganz Groß* Untitled
18) Die Mogelmänner
A26 Die Mogelmänner Untitled
19) Short-Term Memory
A27 Short-Term Memory Untitled
20) Johannistänzer Comp.
A28 Seine Excellenz* Untitled
A29 Agonie Und Wahnsinn Untitled
Featuring – Prokov*
21) The Nite The Pub Caught Fire Comp.
A30 White Furry Animals Untitled
B1 Social Disease Untitled
22) Abandon
B2 Abandon (4) Untitled
23) Rudolphs Rache
B3 Rudolphs Rache* Untitled
B4 Rudolphs Rache* Untitled
24) Resonable Strollers
B5 Resonable Strollers Untitled
25) ExtremMist 83 - International Comp.
B6 Portion Control Untitled
B7 Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor Untitled
25) Knusperkeks
B8 Knusperkeks Untitled (Some Tracks)
27) Nexda
B9 Nexda Untitled (Some Tracks)
28) Leidende Angestellte
B10 Leidende Angestellte Untitled
29) Area Condizionata - The Voice / La Voce
B11 Unknown Artist Untitled
B12 Unknown Artist Untitled
30) Volltreffer Records
B13 Die Achse Untitled
B14 Offensive Herbst 87 (OH 87)* Untitled
B15 Kastrierte Philosophen Untitled
B16 Die Regierung Untitled
B17 A.V. Blox Untitled
31) Lustlos Bewusstlos
B18 Lustlos Bewusstlos Untitled
B19 Lustlos Bewusstlos Untitled
32) Mottek
B20 Mottek Untitled
33) Die Jive Kappelle
B21 Die Jive Kappelle* Untitled
34) Überhaupt
B22 Überhaupt Untitled
B23 Überhaupt Untitled
35) Die Knallschoten
B24 Die Knallschoten Untitled (Live)
B25 Die Knallschoten Untitled (Live)
B26 Die Knallschoten Untitled (Studio)
36) Dead Kennedys
B27 Dead Kennedys Untitled (Live)
37) Alien Sex Fiend
B28 Alien Sex Fiend Untitled (Live)
38) Unikum U1 - Berlin Comp.
B29 Soif De La Vie Untitled
B30 Gibbon (2) Untitled
B31 Die Mimmis* Untitled
B32 Max Goldt Untitled
B33 Alu Untitled


  • Compiled By, Edited ByGraf H.*
  • Performer [Treatment No.4]Barbara*
  • Voice, Performer [Treatments]Graf H.*


Features screams, clocks and other noises from the BBC album Sound Effects: Death & Horror (credited on the sleeve of this tape as "a sound effect record").
Also features sounds from the movie "E.T.", recorded in a cinema.

This tape was distributed for free (by sending a blank tape and return postage). All tapes that are sampled here were reviewed in the tape review fanzine "Die Katastrophe" (issue No. 10). This is like the audio version of said fanzine with artist info inbetween the clips.
None of the tracks is played in full. No track titles are provided.