Various ‎– Kessel: Je Ne Regrette Rien



A1 ab.out Untitled
A2 Granate Möller Untitled
A3 The High Society Untitled
A4 Hysterese Untitled
A5 The Maladroits Untitled
A6 Youth Avoiders Untitled
A7 Dementia (21) Untitled
A8 Nakam Untitled
A9 Guillotine (13) Untitled
A10 Komplott Untitled
A11 Shiny Brown Untitled
A12 Sickmark Untitled
A13 Svffer Untitled
A14 Fejlfix Untitled
A15 Alert! Alert! (2) Untitled
A16 Chorygen Untitled
A17 Society Prison Complex Untitled
A18 Hysterics (4) Untitled
A19 Kick It! Untitled
A20 Short Days Untitled
A21 Svin (2) Untitled
A22 Torsö* Untitled
A23 Voodoo Zombies Untitled
A24 Catholic Guilt (4) Untitled
A25 Neat Mentals Untitled
B1 Agent Attitude (2) Untitled
B2 Bronco Libre Untitled
B3 Metalian Untitled
B4 Metalian Untitled
B5 Krösus (2) Untitled
B6 Another Five Minutes Untitled
B7 Erfurt70 Untitled
B8 Jungbluth Untitled
B9 Hakan (6) Untitled
B10 Nasty Pack Untitled
B11 Karina Kvist Untitled
B12 The Seeker Untitled
B13 Bad Mojos Untitled
B14 Bad Mojos Untitled
B15 Kick It! Untitled
B16 Short Days Untitled
B17 The Boring Untitled
B18 Absolutist Untitled
B19 Fatal Brutal Untitled
B20 The Bloodtypes Untitled

Companies, etc.



Special Edition for the 40th Anniversary of Kessel.

All tracks live @ Kessel, Offenburg (DE)
Tracks A1, A2 recorded 9.11.2012
Tracks A3, A4 recorded 10.11.2012
Tracks A5, A6 recorded 29.9.2013
Tracks A7, A8 recorded 1.1.2014
Tracks A9-A13 recorded 11.1.2014
Track A14 recorded 12.4.2014
Tracks A15, A16 recorded 3.5.2014
Track A17 recorded 9.5.2014
Track A18 recorded 19.5.2014
Tracks A19, A20 recorded 20.6.2014
Tracks A21, A22 recorded 9.7.2014
Tracks A23, A24 recorded 11.9.2014
Track A25 recorded 16.4.2016
Tracks B1-B4 recorded 20.10.2014
Tracks B5-B8 recorded 6.5.2016
Track B9 recorded 3.6.2016
Track B10 recorded 16.6.2016
Tracks B11, B12 recorded 18.7.2016
Track B12 recorded 18.7.2016
Tracks B13, B16 recorded 22.7.2016
Tracks B17, B18 recorded 16.9.2016
Tracks B19, B20 recorded 17.1.2017