Various ‎– King-Size China 2 = 情绪中国2

情绪中国 ‎– none
2 × CD, Compilation


“情绪中国”是由来自TOOKOO乐队的twins兄弟发起的一个独立运动,在这里你可以任意的品尝全中国最新,最酷以及最彪悍的声音!跨越朋克,情绪核,独立流行,金属核,车库,硬核,民谣等不同风格!始于2006年秋天,已有超过十五个城市的三十多只乐队,直接或间接的参与进来,记住!“情绪中国”目前是非商业性的组织!我们称之为BAND & BROTHERS!
  “King-Size China” is an independent revolution started by the twin brothers from tookoo band. You can definitely taste the newest, the coolest and the most powerful sound ever, right here right now! We included, but not limited to, different genres such as punk, emo, screamo, hardcore, indie-pop, metalcore, garage, and folk. Since the fall of 2006, over thirty bands from fifteen different cities continuously joined our team. Please keep this in mind; “King-Size China” is a non-profit making organization! It’s what we called, BAND & BROTHERS!
  “King-Size China II” Artistes Line-up
  ★ 香蕉猴子 Banana Monkey(上海Shanghai)
  ★ 糖果怪兽 Candy Monster(沈阳 Shenyang)
  ★ 车头灯 Car Head Light(广州 Guangzhou)
  ★ CO2(广州 Guangzhou)
  ★ 大话梅 Dai Wah Mui(广州 Guangzhou)
  ★ Flip Side(武汉 Wuhan)
  ★ From Next in(北京 Beijing)
  ★ 荔枝王 King Ly Chee(香港 Hongkong)
  ★ 青年的最后选择 Last change of the youth (北京 Beijing)
  ★ Los En Found (香港 Hongkong)
  ★ 小磊-钉子酷 Nail Cool(天津 Tianjin)
  ★ No parking(西安 Xi’an)
  ★ 面条杀手 Noodle Killer(哈尔滨 Haerbin)
  ★ 可塑橡皮 Plastic Rubber(北京 Beijing)
  ★ 精神糖果 Psycho Candy(长沙 Changsha)
  ★ 脉冲Pulse(西安 Xi’an)
  ★ 秋红 Qiu Hong(香港 Hongkong)
  ★ 癫狂收音机 Raving Radio(北京 Beijing)
  ★ 反应堆 Reactor(株洲 Zhuzhou)
  ★ The Lovesong(香港 Hongkong)
  ★ The Reason(北京 Beijing)
  ★ 大四喜 The-Say-Hey(珠海 Zhuhai)
  ★ 童党 TongDang(成都 Chengdu)
  ★ Tookoo(北京 Beijing)