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Compilation of previously released and unreleased material, by Pot Lista.
Track 1 taken from "Sibir", Rapanelli Label 2010.
Track 2 taken from "Danas", Uzrok Label 2010.
Track 3 recorded live at MM Centar, Zagreb, 2010-12-04.
Track 4 from release "Uživo iz Kopra 1986.", reissued on Guranje S Litice and Dirty Old Label 2010.
Track 5 from release "My Personal Holiday", Moonlee Records 2010.
Track 6 from release "Reset 1", Self-released 2010.
Track 7 from release "Can I Play With Your Memories?", Periskop/Gramofon Label 2010.
Track 8 from release ".avi", Geenger Records 2010.
Track 9 from release "Kuje I Laseri", Sinestet Label 2010.
Track 10 from release "Društvo Brkatih Mladića", Self-released 2010.
Track 11 from release "Reborn"; Self-released 2010.
Track 12 from release "Threesome", SuperSizeShe Label 2010.
Track 13 from release "Mašinko", Self-released 2010.
Track 14 from release "Wonderful Feeling Of Emptiness", Dancing Bear 2010.
Track 15 from release "Song For You", Silos Label 2010.
Track 16 from release "Sweet Path Of Gold", Ammonite Label 2010.
Track 17 from release "Život je raj", Moonlee Records 2010.
Track 18 is previously unreleased, exclusively for Kompot.