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Left/The Hang
Video1 Everclear Wonderful (Live)
Video1.1 Everclear Interview: Learning How To Smile
Interviewee – Art*, Craig*, Greg*
Video1.2 Everclear Interview: Nostalgia
Interviewee – Art*, Craig*, Greg*
Video1.3 Everclear Interview: Fan Base
Interviewee – Art*, Craig*, Greg*
Video1.4 Everclear Interview: Lessons Learned
Interviewee – Art*, Craig*, Greg*
Left/Street Sounds
Video2 Common Time Travelin (Live)
Video2.1 Common Interview: The Meaning
Video2.2 Common Interview: The Influential 'Quest'
Video2.3 Common Interview: Let Your Mind Go
Video2.4 Common Interview: Ever Changing
Video2.5 Common Interview: Gone Big Apple
Video2.6 Common Interview: A Song For Assata
Center/360° Lounge
Video3 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Higher (Live)
Video3.1 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Interview: Music These Days
Interviewee – Andrew*, Robert*
Video3.2 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Interview: Being With The Band
Interviewee – Andrew*, Robert*
Video3.3 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Interview: Whippersnappers
Interviewee – Andrew*, Robert*
Video3.4 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Interview: Seeing Clearly
Interviewee – Andrew*, Robert*
Video3.5 Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Interview: Happines Is ...
Interviewee – Andrew*, Robert*
Video4 Dogstar Cornerstore (Live)
Video4.1 Dogstar Interview: Happy Ending
Interviewee – Bret*, Keanu*, Rob*
Video4.2 Dogstar Interview: Ultimatum
Interviewee – Bret*, Keanu*, Rob*
Video4.3 Dogstar Interview: Nothing We Can Do
Interviewee – Bret*, Keanu*, Rob*
Video4.4 Dogstar Interview: Freak Factor
Interviewee – Bret*, Keanu*, Rob*
Video4.5 Dogstar Interview: Tour Story
Interviewee – Bret*, Keanu*, Rob*
Video5 Llama Farmers Get The Keys And Go (Live)
Video5.1 Llama Farmers Interview: What's In A Name
Interviewee – Bernie*, Jenni*, Will*
Video5.2 Llama Farmers Interview: Getting Along
Interviewee – Bernie*, Jenni*, Will*
Video5.3 Llama Farmers Interview: The Best Ever
Interviewee – Bernie*, Jenni*, Will*
Video5.4 Llama Farmers Interview: Live Or Memorex
Interviewee – Bernie*, Jenni*, Will*
Right/HotHouse/All Access
Video6 Lil' Zane Money Stretch (Live)
Video6.1 Lil' Zane Interview: Talking Money
Video6.2 Lil' Zane Interview: Motivated
Video6.3 Lil' Zane Interview: Hotlanta
Video6.4 Lil' Zane Interview: Big Break
Video6.5 Lil' Zane Interview: Zane's World
Video6.6 Lil' Zane Interview: Mad Words
Right/The Blue Room
Video7 David Gray Babylon (Acoustic) (Live)
Right/The Blue Room/The Lot
Video8 Charlatans UK* Impossible (Live)
Center/360° Lounge/The Flavor
Video9 The Bevis Frond Stone Train Driver (Live)
Video9.1 The Bevis Frond Interview: The Psychedelic Era
Interviewee – Nick Saloman
Video9.2 The Bevis Frond Interview: The 60's
Interviewee – Nick Saloman
Video9.3 The Bevis Frond Interview: Country Joe
Interviewee – Nick Saloman
Right/La Esquina
Video10 Sergent Garcia Acabar Mal
Left/The Vault
Audio1 Terry Riley Poppy Nogood
Audio2 Steve Reich Pendulum Music
Audio3 Brian Eno Unfamiliar Wind
Center/Vibreaker/Vibe 1 (Rock)
Audio4 Matchbox Twenty Bent / Angry / Black & White People
Audio5 Deftones Change / Street Carp / Knife Party
Audio6 Eleven (4) All Falls Away / What Can I Do / Beautiful Self
Audio7 Pitchshifter Condescension / Wafer Thin / Hidden Agenda
Audio8 New Wet Kojak Do Things / Punxnotdead / This Is The USA
Center/Vibreaker/Vibe 2 (Rap/R&B)
Audio9 Lucy Pearl Can't Stand Your Mother / Dance Tonight / Hollywood
Audio10 En Vogue Riddle / Latin Soul / Those Dogs
Audio11 Joe I Wanna Know / Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix Edit) / Black Hawk
Audio12 Slum Village Players / Climax (Girl Sh-t) / Go Ladies
Audio13 DJ Quik Pitch In On A Party / U Ain't Fresh! / Do I Love Her?
Center/Vibreaker/Vibe 3 (Rock)
Audio14 Belle & Sebastian The Model / Woman's Realm / Don't Leave The Light On Baby
Audio15 Tahiti 80 I.S.A.A.C. / Made First (Never Forget) / Heartbeat
Audio16 The Catherine Wheel* Sparks Are Gonna Fly / Gasoline / What We Want To Believe
Audio17 Looper On The Flipside / Mondo '77 / These Things
Audio18 Llama Farmers Get The Keys And Go / Jessica / Yellow
Center/Vibreaker/Vibe 4 (Blues/Jazz)
Audio19 Roy Hargrove Moment To Moment / Natural Wonders / How Insensitive
Audio20 North Mississippi Allstars Shake 'Em On Down / Goin' Down South / All Night Long
Audio21 Ronnie Earl Roy Haynes / Airto / Elvin Suite
Audio22 Charlie Watts/Jim Keltner Project Churchin' / Blues For Shawn / Lunch At R&M's
Audio23 Matthew Shipp Quartet Gesture / Progression / Prelude To A Kiss
Center/Vibreaker/Vibe 5 (Rock)
Audio24 Neil Young Good To See You / Buffalo Springfield Again / Razor Love
Audio25 The Jayhawks Smile / I'm Gonna Make You Love Me / What Led Me To This Town
Audio26 Billy Bragg & Wilco All You Fascists / My Flying Saucer / Secret Of The Sea
Audio27 K.D. Lang The Consequences Of Falling / Summerfling / Extraordinary Thing
Audio28 Jill Sobule Rainy Day Parade / Heroes / Guy Who Doesn't Get It


This CD-ROM contains a video magazine. QuickTime 4.0+ is required for playback. QuickTime 4.1 is included. The tracks are located by clicking different places (identified here by Index Tracks) on the display.

Tracks Video1, Video4, Video6, Video7, Video8 and Video9 are live studio performances that were created for this release.
Track Video2 is from a live concert performance in New York.
Track Video3 is from a live concert performance in Detroit, Michigan.
Track Video5 is from a live concert performance in Austin, Texas.
Track Video10 is a clip from a music video, about 1 minute in length.

The Audio Tracks are short samples, approximately 25-30 seconds in length for each title.

Other features include album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, movie previews and interactive games/playable demos.