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Bonus Audio Tracks
CD-1 Doves New York (Live)
CD-2 Ours Medication (Live)
Video-1 blink-182 The Rock Show (Live)
Video-1.1 blink-182 Interview: Decisions, Decisions
Interviewee – Mark*, Tom*, Travis*
Video-1.2 blink-182 Interview: Label Control
Interviewee – Mark*, Tom*, Travis*
Video-1.3 blink-182 Interview: Money Changes
Interviewee – Mark*, Tom*, Travis*
Video-1.4 blink-182 Interview: Best Things
Interviewee – Mark*, Tom*, Travis*
Video-1.5 blink-182 Interview: Road Fun
Interviewee – Mark*, Tom*, Travis*
Video-2 Doves New York (Live)
Video-2.1 Doves Interview: Sub Sub & Doves
Interviewee – Andy*, Jez*, Jimi*
Video-2.2 Doves Interview: Brit Rock & Success
Interviewee – Andy*, Jez*, Jimi*
Video-2.3 Doves Interview: My Heros
Interviewee – Andy*, Jez*, Jimi*
Video-2.4 Doves Interview: Old To The New
Interviewee – Andy*, Jez*, Jimi*
Video-3 Placebo Special K (Live)
Video-3.1 Placebo Interview: Growth Factor
Interviewee – Brian*, Stefan*, Steve*
Video-3.2 Placebo Interview: Images
Interviewee – Brian*, Stefan*, Steve*
Video-3.3 Placebo Interview: David Bowie
Interviewee – Brian*, Stefan*, Steve*
Video-3.4 Placebo Interview: Kindred Spirits
Interviewee – Brian*, Stefan*, Steve*
Video-4 Michelle Branch Everywhere (Acoustic) (Live)
Video-4.1 Michelle Branch Interview: Age Matters
Video-4.2 Michelle Branch Interview: Everywhere
Video-4.3 Michelle Branch Interview: Classic Material
Video-4.4 Michelle Branch Interview: Signed Vs Indie
Video-4.5 Michelle Branch Interview: First Time
Video-5 Ours Medication (Live)
Video-5.1 Ours Interview: The Early Days
Interviewee – Jimmy Gnecco
Video-5.2 Ours Interview: The Hiatus
Interviewee – Jimmy Gnecco
Video-5.3 Ours Interview: Musical Progression
Interviewee – Jimmy Gnecco
Video-5.4 Ours Interview: Striving To Maintain
Interviewee – Jimmy Gnecco
Right/Vibreaker / Warped /Target Jukebox
Audio-1 Mariah Carey Loverboy
Audio-2 P.O.D. Alive
Audio-3 Nelly Furtado Turn Off The Light
Audio-4 Maxwell Lifetime
Audio-5 Juvenile (2) Set It Off
Audio-6 Alien Ant Farm Smooth Criminal
Audio-7 Live Simple Creed
Audio-8 Macy Gray Sweet Baby
Audio-9 Slipknot Left Behind
Audio-10 Nickelback How You Remind Me
Audio-11 Usher U Remind Me
Audio-12 Linkin Park Crawling


This CD-ROM contains a video magazine. QuickTime 4.0+ is required for playback. (QuickTime 5.02 is included.) The tracks are located by clicking different places (identified here by Index Tracks) on the display.

Tracks CD-1 & CD-2 are full length audio tracks of the same performance as Tracks Video-2 and Video-5. They are the only tracks on this release that can be played in a CD player.

Track Video-1 is from a live concert performance.
Tracks Video-2, Video-4 and Video-5 are live studio performances that were created for this release.
Track Video-3 is a live performance from Los Angeles.

Tracks Audio-1 to Audio-12 are short samples, approximately 25-30 seconds in length for each title.

Other features include a movie preview, interactive games/playable demos and weblinks.