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BSN Censo
BSN Kaos
BSN Cerdocratizate
BSN Aniquilado
BSN Ecologia Humana
HP HC* Corruptores
HP HC* Vacio
HP HC* Despierta
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Crimen Impune Lavado De Cerebro
Crimen Impune Sistema Intoxicado
Crimen Impune Crimen Impune
Crimen Impune Verdad Criminal
Diskordia (3) Miradas Falsas
Diskordia (3) Nada
Ataque De Sonido Ataque De Sonido
Ataque De Sonido Monotonia
Ataque De Sonido Tecnologia
Ataque De Sonido Instinto Salvaje
Dexkoncierto Imagenes Fragmentadas
Dexkoncierto No Quiero Ser Un Soldado
Dexkoncierto Consecuencia Nuclear
Dexkoncierto Estomagos Vacios
Dexkoncierto Sintoma De La Ultima Decada
Dexkoncierto Violencia Y Muerte
RDT* Impunidad
RDT* Tao
RDT* Una Razon Para Cambiar ?
Diskordia (3) Diskordia
Diskordia (3) Guerra Inmunda

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March 31, 2019
edited over 2 years ago
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Scandinavians may have their compendium of tremendous bloody stories associated with music in the "Lords of chaos", these episodes of almost incest murders among friends and lovers from Black metal music, bullying and murdering homosexuals and school boys or burning viking churches which still grants so much to talk in the corridors of gossip and yellow journalism, and trembling on the pacified European population. Many bands names cemented a partial reputation in these endeavors and we can name them with the fingers of our hands while we tell each of their stories.

But, let me tell you about an album that doesn't have to do with unleashing neurotic violence upon the sheep or to distress the civilized mind of the European soul. Or to simply use criminality as exploitation.

Here, in this shady, buried and forgotten punk compilation lies the debacle and debauchery from a decadent society, the music made by a group of people that would make the character from the "Clockwork orange" look like a little child in tantrum and our fellow Scandinavian black metallers apprentices in their aggressive demonstrations, naive and petite frustrated burgueoise.

Most of the people ever involved in these bands are dead long ago, killed in brutal gang battles, executed by death squads, died in filthy streets smoking crack or simply failed in their task as paid assassins for the extinct Medellín cartel.

But back then, at the same time the clock was counting the days for the black metal to exhude its virulence these people did it too in similar terms in the other corner of the world.
Only difference it was punk, and not metal. But somehow they share many things in common, which makes it interesting.

Each band presents a distinctive raw sound with a rather harsh quality due to the elemental production employed, the music sounds almost concert like although it is not, usually recorded in just one take.
The sound is chaotic, raw and filthy, lyrics comes as shots of alcoholic and cocaine intoxication, and the compressed quality of the vinyl grants each song with almost no steps in between this bewildering feeling of relentless perdition and suicidal rage.

These people were not just punks. They were living something beyond "punk", but punk may reflect perfectly the context of their ethics, language and culture, they were creatures of a real swamp, and while still floating over they were able to scream and shout manifesting their own inferno while at the same time making it outside.

Dexkoncierto (the more articulated band along with BSN) participated in another compilation with similar condition, the famous "Rodrigo D no futuro" soundtrack which somehow may show visually for the unaware the way of life and death from these people. People who born with a Kamikaze mindset, with a powerful inner will of destruction and hate and decidedly sure they weren't about to last much. They surely didn't.

But this is their testimony.