Various ‎– La Voz De Los Sin Voz

Aztlán ‎– ACD - 001
30 × File, WAV, Compilation


1 Dave G.* Glope 8:04
2 Twitch DM* DeMetaSynthesis 3:36
3 Methaclone 5LaV3d 5:04
4 ElectroBerlin MenschMaschine 3:50
5 Chkdsk Alkif Prod. Tunnel System 4:27
6 Vince Noog Isa 6:58
7 Fusión Etno Trance Indios Verdaderos Somos 8:27
8 Damien Etienne Vocalises 8:15
9 Disorder (16) Absoluto 4:13
10 g13ck De Qué Tenemos Que Pedir Perdón? 7:05
11 A# звезда 4:59
12 María Sc. Planet 6:34
13 Aliensextoy Cuz U 4:17
14 KVM Someday I´ll Love You (A Sad Way Rmx) 5:31
15 g13ck + R2 Odisea 5:39
16 Aliensextoy Vive Siempre 6:04
17 Chkdsk Alkif Prod. SU(2)xU(1) 4:42
18 ElectroBerlin 365Tage 5:20
19 Fusión Etno Trance Palabra Verdadera 9:45
20 Jeremiah Shaw Aztlán Atmosphere 5:25
21 Dave G.* Vision Of The Future 7:27
22 3 Copal Mara´akame 7:56
23 KVM + Zod It´s Sunshine In Your Mind 6:46
24 Twitch DM* Down To A T 4:22
25 Disorder (16) Distorsiones 4:51
26 Halley Seidel Agharta & Shamballah 7:36
27 Vince Noog Last Night 8:04
28 Methaclone D3c0D3 4:31
29 Damien Etienne Carnaval 6:09
30 g13ck Guardianes De La Historia 5:16

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January 9, 2013

Words by Dann 'g13ck' Vela contains into the CD and download file:

The Voice of the Voiceless, a letter to the world.

This album is protected by copyright of Aztlán and each of the members. The revenue generated will be entirely donated to the community of women in Chiapas resistance. These women and their children suffer marginalization, poverty, humiliation and a series of atrocities that the world should know that with your support, these atrocities and abuses can end. With your support we can hear The Voice Of The Voiceless!

Here we are united under a single cry, under the same thought. A cry that the world must hear, from the mountains of Chiapas.
This cry will not do it alone, that is with the help and collaboration of people around the world, artists who are part of the crew of Aztlán, and the people who support buying and listening to our music, buying our handicrafts.

This is for the women and children of poor and indigenous communities of Chiapas!
For the true word!
There are nine circles of hell in Dante. Nine prisons which confine indigenous children in Mexico: hunger, ignorance, disease, labor, abuse, poverty, fear, neglect and death ...


These are the three keys of the three chains.

-Justice in the right to a decent work and well paid.
-Liberty on the right to organize independently of the powerful and their spokesmen.
-Democracy in the right to demand that the government we obey us in the mandate.

We want this: three right, three fights, three suns. One morning: Of the new Mexico.

Colabal = Gracias! Thanks! Obrigado! Danke! ありがとうございました! Grazie! Remercie!

The Voice of the Voiceless, Aztlán Independent © 2012.
For Life!