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VariousLast Call: Vancouver Independent Music 1977-1988

Zulu Records – ZULU 5-2
2 x CD, Compilation


1-1The FuriesWhat Do You Want Me To Be
Bass, Backing VocalsMalcolm Hasman
DrumsJim Walker (4)
EngineerEdward John
ProducerThe Furies
Vocals, GuitarChris Arnett
Written-ByC. Arnett*
1-2The Skulls (2)Fucked Up Baby
BassWimpy Roy
GuitarSimon Werner
Producer, EngineerRobin Spungin
Written-ByJ. Keithley*
1-3D.O.A. (2)Disco Sucks
Bass, Backing VocalsRandy Rampage
Drums, Backing VocalsChuck Biscuits
EngineerEdward John
ProducerD.O.A. (2)
Vocals, GuitarJoe (Shithead) Keithley*
Written-ByJ. Keithley*
1-4The Stiffs (3)Fuck You
Bass, Backing VocalsGerry Useless
DrumsZippy Pinhead
EngineerDonn Terris
GuitarMike Graham
ProducerThe Stiffs (3)
VocalsSid Houniet
Written-ByG. Hannah*
1-5The Generators (2)I Wanna Be A Girl
Bass, KeyboardsMichael Clark*
DrumsBrock Smith (2)
EngineerDick Drake
GuitarGary Bourgeois
ProducerThe Generators (2)
VocalsRandy Pandora
Written-ByMichael Clark*
1-6The DishragsI Don't Love You
Bass, Backing VocalsDale Powers (4)
Drums, Backing VocalsScout*
ProducerThe Dishrags
Vocals, GuitarJade Blade
Written-ByB. Kent*, J. Blade*
1-7Active DogNothing Holding You
GuitarTerry Bowes
KeyboardsGord Nicholl
Lead GuitarBuck Cherry (3)
ProducerActive Dog
VocalsBill Shirt
Written-ByB. Scherk*, G. Nicholl*
1-8Biz (2)I Don't Give A Shit
DrumsZippy Pinhead
GuitarBrad Kent
ProducerBiz (2)
Vocals, BassIan Tiles
Written-ByJ. Keithley*
1-9The Shades (3)New Clientele
BassMike Raycevik
KeyboardsReed Eurchuk*
ProducerThe Shades (3)
Vocals, GuitarChris Arnett
Written-ByC. Arnett*
1-10The Pointed SticksReal Thing
BassTony Bardach
Executive-ProducerTed Thomas
GuitarBill Napier-Hemy
KeyboardsGord Nicholl
ProducerBob Rock
VocalsNick Jones (7)
Written-ByNick Jones (7), S. Macklam*
1-11Private SchoolScience Fiction
Bass, VocalsTony Faulk
DrumsWalter Makaroff
EngineerChris Cutress
GuitarDave Gregg
ProducerPrivate School
SaxophoneJaime Clay
VocalsRon Nelson
Written-ByJ. Clay*
1-12The SubhumansSlave To My Dick
Bass, Backing VocalsGerry Useless
DrumsJim Imagawa*
EngineerBob Rock
GuitarMike Graham
ProducerBob Rock, The Subhumans
VocalsWimpy Roy
Written-ByG. Hannah*
1-13Young CanadiansHawaii
Bass, Backing VocalsJim Bescott
EngineerBob Rock
Vocals, GuitarArt Bergmann
Written-ByA. Bergmann*
1-14Female HandsDivided By Three
BassAlbert Goret
EngineerBob Rock
GuitarDoug Cass
ProducerBob Rock, Ted Thomas
VocalsAllen Moy
Written-ByA. Moy*, D. Cass*
1-15U-J3RK5*Eisenhower And The Hippies
Backing VocalsDavid Wisdom
DrumsKitty Byrne
EngineerRon Obvious
OrganJeff Wall
ProducerAndy Graffiti, U-J3RK5*
ViolinDanice MacLeod
Vocals, SynthesizerFrank Ramirez
1-16The Modernettes*Barbra
Bass, Backing VocalsMary Jo Kopechne*
DrumsJohn McAdams
EngineerBob Rock
ProducerBob Rock, Ted Thomas
Vocals, GuitarBuck Cherry (3)
Written ByJ. Armstrong
1-17InsexOff The Deep End
BassPhil Addington*
DrumsSimon Addington
EngineerCarlton Lee (2)
KeyboardsPaul Addington
VocalsCarlin Shewman
1-18AKA (6)634 Dog
BassAlex Varty
DrumsWarren Ash
EngineerDick Drake
Executive-ProducerKeith Porteous
Piano, Steel DrumsAndy Graffiti
ProducerAKA (6), Andy Graffiti
Vocals, SaxophoneDense Milt*
Written-ByA. Varty*, D. Mills*, W. Ash*, W. Hunter*
1-19Secret V'sWaiting For The Drugs To Take Hold
Bass, Backing VocalsRay Tremblay
DrumsKen Jones (4)
EngineerAndrew Butler (3)
Guitar, Backing Vocals, OrganNaomi Moriyama
ProducerJim Bescott, Secret V's
Vocals, GuitarBruce A
Written-ByB. Archibald*
1-20Tim RaySeen A Fight
BassMarty Higgs
DrumsRon Cargil
EngineerRon Obvious
ProducerRon Obvious, Tim Ray
Vocals, GuitarTim Ray
Written-ByT. Ray*
1-21CorsageShame I Feel
BassRon Allan
EngineerRon Obvious
GuitarBill Napier-Hemy
ProducerCorsage, Ron Obvious
SaxophoneJohn Ferreira
VocalsPhil Smith (12)
Written-ByB. Napier-Hemy*, P. Smith*
1-22Popular Front (2)Synchronized Swimming
EngineerRon Obvious
GuitarDoug Cass
Guitar, Backing VocalsKeith Porteous
KeyboardsFred Hamilton (4)
ProducerPopular Front (2)
VocalsAllen Moy
Written-ByA. Moy*, F. Hamilton*, K. Porteous*
BassBrad Merritt
DrumsIan Franey
EngineerGeorge Schmidt
ProducerMark H. Smith
Vocals, GuitarNeil Osborne
Written-ByB. Merritt*, I. Franey*, N. Osborne*
1-24Scissors (7)Mystery Movie
Bass, Backing VocalsRay Fulber
DrumsJohn Cody
EngineerRon Obvious
Engineer [Assistant]Mike Fraser
Organ, Backing VocalsJan Henriksen (2)
Vocals, GuitarBill Barker
Written-ByB. Barker*
1-25Los PopularosCan't Come Back
BassTony Bardach
DrumsZippy Pinhead
EngineerTracy Marks
Guitar, Backing VocalsArt Bergmann
KeyboardsGord Nicholl
ProducerLos Popularos
VocalsBill Shirt
Written-ByA. Bergmann*, B. Scherk*, G. Nicholl*
1-26Moral LepersMusic Is Your Body
BassRachel Melas
DrumsConny Nowe
EngineerCecil English
Vocals, CongasMarian Lydbrooke
1-27The Enigmas*Teenage Barnacle
Bass, Backing VocalsBrian Olinek
DrumsRandy Bowman
EngineerMike Chords
Guitar, Backing VocalsMike Davies (11)
ProducerBill Barker
RemixBill Barker
VocalsPaul McKenzie
1-28The ActionautsParty Dog
Backing VocalsNick Jones (7)
EngineerRon Obvious
GuitarTony Balony
KeyboardsSam Salmon (2)
VocalsGus Vassos
Written-ByG. Vassos*, T. Walker*
2-1Family PlotThe Crush
2-2NomeansnoSelf Pity
BassRob Wright
DrumsJohn Wright
Producer, EngineerNomeansno
Vocals, GuitarAndy Kerr (2)
Written-ByA. Kerr*, J. Wright*, R. Wright*
2-3The Work Party (2)Work Song
BassBryan James
DrumsConny Nowe
EngineerDavid Ogilvie*
GuitarPax Robertson
Guitar, Backing VocalsAlvin Collis (2)
ProducerPax Robertson
Vocals, GuitarAnnie Moss
Written-ByA. Collis*, A. Moss*, C. Nowe*, P. Robertson*
2-4Bolero LavaInevitable
Bass, Backing VocalsLaurel Thackray
Drums, Backing VocalsBarbara Bernath
EngineerRon Obvious
KeyboardsLorraine Tetrault
ProducerKeith Porteous
VocalsVanessa Richards
Written-ByB. Bernath*, L. Tetrault*, V. Richards*
2-5I, BraineaterEdge
DrumsAndy Graffiti
Vocals, GuitarJim Cummins
Written-ByJ. Cummins*
2-6Go Four 3Just Another Day
Backing VocalsJay Homechuk
BassGord Badanic
DrumsIan Noble
Engineer [Assistant]Tilde Fiorda
GuitarSteve Quinn*
ProducerGo Four 3, Ron Obvious
VocalsRoxanne Heichert
Written-ByG. Badanic*, R. Heichert*, S. Quinn*
2-7Animal SlavesLearning To Live
BassRachel Melas
Drums, PercussionRoss Hales
PercussionGreg Reely
Producer, EngineerGreg Reely
Vocals, KeyboardsElizabeth Fischer
Written-ByE. Fischer*, R. Melas*, R. Hales*
2-8Brilliant OrangeHappy Man
Bass, Backing VocalsDavid Glenn (4)
DrumsMarcel Belley
Guitar, Backing VocalsMark Findler
ProducerBrilliant Orange
Vocals, GuitarGraham Brown (2)
Written-ByG. Brown*
2-9Slow (2)Have Not Been The Same
Backing VocalsJoey Meyer*
BassStephen Hamm
EngineerHoward Fitzgerald
ProducerGrant McDonagh, Slow (2)
VocalsTom Anselmi*
2-10Shanghai DogAmerican Desert
BassRon Allan
EngineerGary Tole
GuitarMike Graham
ProducerDavid Lloyd
Vocals, GuitarDoug Andrew
Written-ByB. Taylor*, D. Andrew*, M. Graham*, R. Allan*
2-11No FunBe Like Us
PerformerNo Fun
ProducerDavid M*
Producer [Assistant]Paul Leahy
Written-ByDavid M*
2-12Cannon Heath DownBone Of Contention
Executive-ProducerCameron Brown (4), Jeff Hay-Roe
GuitarJeff Hay-Roe
ProducerCannon Heath Down
Vocals, GuitarJonathan Brotherton
Written-ByJ. Brotherton*
2-13Lost DurangosEvil Town
BassMatt Rickson
ProducerRuss Tolman
Recorded ByDon Ramos
Recorded By, EngineerBill Buckinham*
VocalsKelly Brock
Written-ByG. Potter*
2-14Herald NixDirty Ol' Town
BassLee Oliphant
DrumsIan Tiles
EngineerTony Millikin
Executive-ProducerRodger Brant
Piano, Backing VocalsMichael Van Eyes
ProducerMichael Van Eyes
Vocals, GuitarHerald Nix
Written-ByHerald Nix
2-15PoisonedTo Tell The Truth
Backing VocalsSusan Richter*
BassRay Fulber
EngineerDon Ramos
Engineer [Assistant]Dan Dudra*, Steve Cikes
KeyboardsGord Nicholl
Mixed ByBob Rock
Mixed By [Assisted By]Mike Fraser
ProducerPaul Hyde, Poisoned
Vocals, GuitarArt Bergmann
Written-ByA. Bergmann*
2-16Bob's Your UncleTalk To The Birds
Bass, Backing VocalsBernie Radelfinger
DrumsMark McGovern
EngineerDan Dudra*, Steve Waines
Guitar, Backing VocalsJames Junger
Harmonica, Backing VocalsPeter Lizotte
VocalsSook-Yin Lee
2-17Rhythm MissionKing Blood
DrumsRoss Hales
EngineerGlen Reely
Guitar, KeyboardsScott Harding (2)
VocalsDennis Mills (2)
Written-ByD. Mills*, R. Hales*, S. Harding*, W. Hunter*
2-18The Scramblers (2)Solitary Man
BassRon Allan
DrumsRandy Bowman
EngineerRob Porter
ProducerRon Allan
SaxophoneJohn Ferreira
Vocals, HarmonicaHoward Rix
Written-ByH. Rix*, J. Williams*, R. Bowman*, R. Allan*
2-19Oversoul Seven1 + 1 Is 3
BassLen Morgan
DrumsDarrell Shibley
EngineerMike Landolt
Vocals, GuitarAdam Gejdos
Written-ByA. Gajdos*, D. Shibley*, L. Morgan*
2-20The Hip TypeDarker Than This
Bass, Backing VocalsErica Leiren
GuitarPat Findler
Producer, EngineerDennet Woodland
VocalsTracy Brooks (2)
Written-ByP. Findler*, T. Brooks*

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  • Matrix / Runout (CD1): ZULU 1T DISC MFG., INC. (A) W.O.# 20753T-1
  • Matrix / Runout (CD2): ZULU 2T DISC MFG., INC. (A) W.O.# 20753T-2
  • Rights Society: MAPL

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