Various ‎– Launch Music Conference 2009 Compilation

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2 × CD, Compilation


1-1 Virginia Coalition Home This Year
1-2 Lunic Love Me
1-3 The States Be Good Tonight
1-4 Planeside Dead & Gone
1-5 Taylor Carson Lucky Tonight
1-6 Matt Ryan (8) The Sounds
1-7 Adam Taylor (13) Painting Leprosy
1-8 Jealousy Curve El Matador
1-9 Slimfit Easy To Talk To
1-10 Hugo Dear Walker
1-11 Mean Tambourines War
1-12 Safari So Good A Pirates Life For Me
1-13 The Armed Forces (2) Anarchy For Dummies
1-14 The Spanish Channel Upside Downer
1-15 Paradise Movement Shake It Off
1-16 Angelo M. Never Be The Same
1-17 The Sleeping World Land Of Goshen
1-18 Orange Sky (4) Is There Anybody There?
1-19 Sugarcoat (2) Everything I Said
1-20 Ripe Mass Inferno
2-1 Texas In July Hook, Line And Sinner
2-2 An Early Ending Angels
2-3 This Or The Apocalypse Monuments
2-4 Circus Circus* First We Feast, Then We Felony
2-5 Victorian Halls Neon Skies Light My Nerves Up
2-6 Sadaharu This Is Less A Protest Of What Is, Than A Celebration Of What's To Come
2-7 Dead 50's Hands
2-8 The Rebel Dead Three Sheets To The Wind
2-9 Quarterlife Crisis Drink Away
2-10 About Me, About You The One
2-11 A Farewell Rescue Blades Don't Need Reloading
2-12 Of Fate And Chance* When She Needed Arms
2-13 We Were Skeletons Exposure To Heavy Metal Causes Whatever
2-14 Handguns Vamos!
2-15 Ace Augustine Rally Point Anywhere But Here
2-16 Ventriloquist (3) Party Pt. 1
2-17 Vanessa Falls They Stand On Our Shoulders
2-18 Nu World Disorder Get Up
2-19 Embrace The Beauty This Window Will Swallow Us Whole
2-20 My Heart To Fear Rise Up My Fallen Soldier