Various ‎– Le Breuvage Macrobiotique

Le Breuvage ‎– LBM001
Cassette, Limited Edition, Compilation


A1 Introït Le Jour Dit/Judas
A2 Introït Whith Us
A3 L' Amer Offert Noël
A4 L' Amer Offert Get Away
A5 Z17 A Man...
A6 Z17 Manowar
B1 La Limace Love Me
B2 La Limace Child
B3 La Limace Only
B4 Melaena Pénétration Du Tube Cathodique



Type I tape. Hand-numbered limited to 300 copies. Cat.# is LBM 001.


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June 4, 2012
Side 'A' opens with "Le Jour Dit/Judas & Whith Us" by INTROÏT - electronic-spined sequence with a Rock-like body, this has degrees of Garage Goth via a BAUHAUS-like approach. "Whith Us", the second by INTROÏT again suggests PETE MURPHY, combined with an interesting synth backing & degrees of JOY DIVISION's atmosphere blended in, creating a nice, dense, light grey sound. L'AMER OFFERT bring us the next two pieces - "Noël", which opens to cacophonous, crashing noise, a chaotic maelstrom of feedback & electronic distortion. It's not dissimilar to the Japanese Pure Noise school, yet is less grating, often more interesting, reminding me a little of GODFLESH's "Pure II" sped up by about 100-200%. An interesting soundtrack to disaster. The second track by them is "Get Away", a more constructed thing built on a pounding drum pattern which suggests both tribal & Industrial influences. What I assume are bass & guitar rattle away in the background while the vocalist hisses & gasps waspy-ghost vocals over the top like a bassless Wild Cat. Z17 come next with "A Man...", an electronic hardbeat mood music, blending degrees of Goth with a sort of muffled, blunted EBM pop music - quite catchy in many ways. The second from them is "Manowar", this track altogether more up-front & noisy - a faster beat, grizzling, almost feedback noise, mut(at)ed vocals. They create a big sound using, I imagine, few members & limited equipment. They tend not to overcomplicate & come out with a sharp, beefy sound. Again, early JOY DIVISION came to mind, although I'd say their sound was very different.
Side 'B' has three tracks from LA LIMACE, the first being "Love Me". This is a medium-slow mood piece which, while having ancestry in 70's Rock & in the Goth scene, has evolved into something quite different, an almost-black mood piece which moves along gently, hiding the bubbling strength beneath. "Child" comes next, again a slowish piece built on atmospheric drum pattern, with guitar & bass creating a rumbling, fuzzing foundation of blackness. In ways it reminds me of latter-day FRONT 242 set to half speed or less, put through a variety of distortion boxes & having it's logic redefined. And "Only", which follows suit, this time creating a body almost amorphous in it's rumbling sustain & underlying grizzle, while the vocalist cries & agonizes like some Industrial / Goth ALAN VEGA. MELAENA bring us the final track - a chaos-sized noisework entitled "Pénétration Du Tube Cathodique" which forms, deforms, reforms into a variety of structures, counter-structures & destructures. It uses instruments like guitars with electronics, blending the two into a complex series of impressions, a non-beat noise-scape which manages to keep the listener interested by the sheer variety of sounds used. Ever changing this piece takes you through an Abstract & strange journey, never seeking any end, merely exploring it's world.

An interesting album of dark-ish music. Nothing actually evil here, but some interesting moments; nothing actually commercial here, but some 'growers'.

Originally reviewed for Soft Watch.