Various ‎– Let's Kill Quality

Feed Me Glass Records ‎– FMG032
60 × File, MP3, Compilation, 24 kbps
9 × File, MP3, Compilation, 8 kbps
5 × File, MP3, Compilation, 16 kbps


1 Noisekillr 5 Keys
2 Ricky Tesla And The Noise Generator 10cc
3 c-c 24k Gold
4 Bezarro Basspunk Aimless Existence #1
5 The Salt Wells All Her Favorite Fruit (Camper Van Beethoven Cover)
6 Goodbye Neko All Your Waifu Wet Dreams Got Squished At 8kbps
7 Subliminal Stimuli All-Star Parries (24kbps Edit)
8 Oral VS Anal VS Murder Anumetalia
9 Flavolous Attitude Problems
10 Sascha Müller Bing Bong
11 _U_N_I_V_E_R_S_A_L_S_P_A_C_E_B_A_R_ Blast Bits
12 My Lovely Burnt Brother Blood Orgy
13 Orgonbeats Break The Core
14 Goto80 Bryssan
15 KRBT Bulletooth
16 Snetspaz Butt Bong
17 The Salt Wells Christine 3
18 Electric // Coast D1g1t0l Highway
19 Lazy Nerd 204 Demi-Mode
20 Camiroaga Conspiracy Dios Está A La Venta
21 Camiroaga Conspiracy El Fin Del Amor
22 Host Operator Embark Construct
23 Oral VS Anal VS Murder Epicly Awful!
24 BZL Mittenz Brah
25 Anteinferno Fire, Sex And The Death Of Christians
26 Grob (7) Fly Me To The Grob
27 Goreshit Fuck Off, Robert
28 No-Joy* Fuga (LQ)
29 Electric // Coast Ghetto Dreams
30 Subliminal Stimuli Garbage Day + (24kbps Edit)
31 Glafouk Gelt
32 79 Masseuses / Strange Raven Sky Give Me Androgyna
33 Tristan Burfield Glass Arcade
34 KRBT Go In
35 Stabbigail And The Beggosaurus Gravel Drop
36 Foltergeist Herzkasper
37 Rasalasad* Hexit
38 Blood Red Oscars Hey G Make Me A BLT Hold The Q
39 Itsnotok I Let Them In
40 Bootleg Hatsune Miku I Love Myself At 8kbps
41 The Salt Wells Incidental 30
42 Orgonbeats vs. Lluvia Ácida Insula In Albis
43 Foltergeist Isn't It Nice
44 Anteinferno It's Good To Be Dead (Soprano's Mix 2015}
45 Subliminal Stimuli James Is Dead (24kbps Edit)
46 DJ Power Roofing Jungle Clichés At 24kbps
47 Camiroaga Conspiracy La Playa Infernal
48 Electric // Coast Launch Sequence
49 Orgonbeats Light Carriers
50 5ebuts Lofi Kill Fascists
51 Gideon Conn Lovely Uncle Geordie
52 Oral VS Anal VS Murder Looped
53 DJ Player Two Luigi's Day Off
54 Waste Of Tape Many Dords And Only One Gord
55 Snetspaz Merry-Go-Round (Larry Wild Man Fischer Cover)
56 Lord Cernunnos Nana Habutae
57 Bezarro Basspunk Noganjatune(n015ydrums)
58 Galiyuka OST Oh No, Everything Turned 8 Kbps
59 Mean Flow Pale Light
60 Ninja McTits Raw Black Metal Shriek
61 Anteinferno Somber (Jonestown Mix))
62 Maximator Sounds From An Oiky Brain
63 Dr. NoiseM Stakker Robot
64 Gideon Conn State Of The Nation
65 TRVSHBXVT Strike #3 (Feed Me Glass VIP)
66 Pasta Mouse And The Mark Williams 'Suit You Sir' Vocal Chorus Take That Fucking Pasta Away Ya Prick!
67 Mark Tuson The End Of The Line
68 Not_Worth_Repeating This Is Waaaaaaaaank
69 Lord Cernunnos Tsubame Murota
70 GHB (2) Untitled 1
71 GHB (2) Unitled 2
72 A Cup O' Nuts Whatokyeah
73 Chromatic Dildo With Quantity
74 Pantsu Senshi Woarh This Is Slow M8


Compilation made up of low-bitrate (24kbps or under) mp3s. 252 minutes, 74 artists and 40.9 MB in total.

Track order is not specified on release. This entry is ordered alphabetically by song titles.

Track 29 is rendered as "G H E T T O Dreams".