Various ‎– Let's Rock

WMUC ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation, c90


A1 Unrest (2) Black Power Dynamo/Can't Sit Still
A2 Goofy Gags Promo - 1988 Goofy Gags Promo - 1988
A3 The Nation Of Ulysses Atom Bomb
A4 The Nation Of Ulysses Manipplenation
A5 Calvin Johnson Station ID, 1988
A6 Courtney Love (2) Don't Mix The Colors
A7 Courtney Love (2) Motorcycle Boy
A8 Mike Schulman Noise Annoys Promo, 1987, With Your Host, Mike Schulman
A9 Black Tambourine Cigar
A10 School Supplies Promo, 1988 School Supplies Promo, 1988
A11 Johnny Cohen's Love Machine Civil Underminer Engineer
A12 Johnny Cohen's Love Machine Animal
A13 Mark Robinson Graceland Radio Show Promo, 1988, With Your Host, Mark Robinson
A14 Unrest (2) Disco Magic/Foxey Playground
A15 Top Ten Promo, Mid 60's Top Ten Promo, Mid 60's
A16 Butch Willis & The Rocks Radio Rocks Me
A17 Butch Willis & The Rocks Drugs
B1 Helios Creed Station ID, 1990
B2 Crungehouse Syd Man
B3 Don Smith (11) Teen Scene Show Promo, 1989, With Your Host, Don Smith
B4 The Rhomboids Hubble Bubble
B5 Fats Domino Station ID, Early 60's
B6 The Ubangi's* The Hunch
B7 The Ubangi's* Linda Sue Dixon
B8 Monsters From The Surf Cheap Beer
B9 WMUC Promo, 1989 WMUC Promo, 1989
B10 The Vanguards Haunted Surfer
B11 The Vanguards Disassemble The Vanguards
B12 The Large (2) Earthquake
B13 Thee Evolution Revolution Punk Rock Song
B14 Thee Evolution Revolution This Time
B15 Henry Rollins Station ID, 1990
B16 Crank Leaving Here
B17 Crank Babylon
B18 Bonus Station ID, 1964 Bonus Station ID, 1964


Recorded live on WMUC from November 26, 1989 to February 17, 1991. Benefit for WMUC radio by DJ Don Smith.

Photocopied, black on green, foldover cover.

Approximately 150 copies made.

Film Footage of Black Tambourine recording at WMUC for this cassette is online at: