Various ‎– Lowercase-Sound 2002

Bremsstrahlung ‎– blung 002
2 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Box Set


1-01 The Beige Channel Implosion
1-02 Tucker Dulin One Minute
1-03 Gal Zhu Shui
1-04 Josh Russell Bp70/32
1-05 Bob L. Sturm 100:200111 Torrey Pines Outer Buoy
1-06 Dale Lloyd Fleeting Recollections Of The Snow Plain
1-07 Matt Shoemaker Charm
1-08 Yannick Dauby In Dolem
1-09 Electric Company M
1-10 Reynols Blank Tapes Mogal
1-11 Joseph Siemion Discorse
1-12 Animist Orchestra 4/7/01
1-13 Radu Malfatti Selbander
1-14 Jason Lescalleet The Destructive Effects Of Group Dynamics
1-15 David Gross Untitled
1-16 Undr Quartet Your Name Was Written In Green
1-17 John Hudak Radio Past
– –
2-01 Otaku Yakuza The Space Of A Second
2-02 Francisco López Untitled #118
2-03 Rsundin* _Siesmol
2-04 Akira Rabelais Disjectimembrapoetaeeatelich
2-05 Stephan Mathieu Flake
2-06 Immedia -(2)
2-07 Dan Abrams Feature
2-08 Peter Van Hoesen Objectseq
2-09 Michael Schumacher* Still
2-10 Carl Stone Tefu
2-11 Tetsu Inoue Compact
2-12 Taylor Deupree Inharmil
2-13 Kim Cascone Edge Boundry #1
2-14 Toshimaru Nakamura Nimb #20
2-15 Jonas Lindgren Groundwater
2-16 Civyiu Kkliu Ludmilla Faulk


Limited to 1000 copies.

The discs are not marked as 1 & 2 or A & B, but by a single dot for Disc 1 and two lines for Disc 2. The discs come in a preciously designed box with 16 inlaying transparent papers, which serve as the booklet.


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August 6, 2016
When I got my box years ago, it came with two copies of each disc. I've always assumed naturally that this was an error. Can someone else confirm this, or that they received two discs rather than four?