Various ‎– Luther Blissett - The Open Pop Star

Wot 4 Records ‎– WOT4CD99009

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01 Recycle & Radio Blissett (RCF 97.9) Phychick A.T.A.C.
02 TEZ My Work Is Dangerous
03 Merzbow + Ladybird Floating Eloy + You Lift Me Up
04 Klasse Kriminale Mind Invaders (Ponente Mix By Skycon)
Remix – Skycon
05 Jacques Camatte & Christa McAuliffe & Manga The Wo/Man Gemeinwesen...
06 Manga A Insurreição Eròtica
07 Oracle90 I'm Everyone
08 Skew (2) Lasciate Che I Bimbi
09 Stewart Home & Pete Horobin Monty Cantsin
10 M.I.R. Project I Got The Noism
11 Deadburger Antigrammatica
12 tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE Whoop Up @ The Funny Farm
13 Surya & In-Audito Archivio Il Disco Volante Di Mario Schifano
14 Le Forbici Di Manitù Totem
15 PVC (4) Nuovi Alfabeti (Marjuana, Bit & Chip 909 Remix By Orchestra Postfordista)
Remix – Orchestra Postfordista
16 TEZ The Microslave's Brokenbeat
17 Mad Pat from ØØNØwhere Cybernet Overload
18 Furia Elettrica Q, The Original Soundtrack Pt.5
19 Koncealed Konceit The Open Pop Star
20 Utter Bliss Séppukù


"At the beginning, the matter was not to be 'I' or 'myself' anymore, to become a 'whoever' singularity, and then turn to a multitude of 'whoever' singularities that would choose this impersonal mane, 'Luther Blissett'. When Luther would say 'I' or 'myself', s/he was actuallt telling us about his/her *numberless* selves. Now that Luther says 'I am not me anymore', s/he's referring to the fact that all those selves are no longer... Themselves. You may keep calling them 'Luther Blissett', but they are no longer the same Blissett as they were, and if they turn around when you call them, that's just because your voice is music." (A sentence uttered by Luther Blissett at a celebration party organized by fans - Rome, 1999).

"Time is an invention of those who don't know how to love" - Jacques Camatte.

Detected and sequenced by A.P.R. - Associazione Psicogeografica Romana & Aliens In Roma.

No copyright for situations whose activity is explicitly oriented to take relations, pleasures, loves, wealth, ideas and styles out of the ideological rule of capital.

The above mentioned informations are written on the CD digipack. The CD comes with a 32 pages booklet titled "Quaderni Rossi" di Luther Blissett.

Track nr. 3 is actually made of two different tracks:

1. Merzbow - Floating Eloy
2. Ladybird - You Lift Me Up

When played in STEREO mode, you'll hear both tracks playing together, while if you adjust your balance/pan, you can listen to the Merzbow track on the LEFT channel while the Ladybird one will play on the RIGHT channel.