Various ‎– Madrid

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01 Andrew Duke Eleven 0:11
02 Andrew FS Untitled (Madrid) 1:21
03 B Owen Wb1.50 (From Live) 1:30
04 Carl Kruger Silent City 2:06
05 Jcastro Lazov De Madrid 5:31
06 Cjitter - 1:28
07 Earthart 40 25N 3 41W 5:26
08 Heribert Friedl Tears Of Madrid 4:03
09 IMPOSTURA CRS Flux 5:51
10 John Saylor (2) MadRidMix 3:10
11 Justino Ruidobello Entrañastasis 4:59
12 Kim Cellular Birds1 4:06
13 Loadbang Konvu Tatis 6:18
14 Marco Messina Il Terrorista Lui Guarda 3:36
15 Michael North No Morning 4:49
16 Michael Nisi API 3:40
17 Omnid Cafe Con Leche 4:27
18 Owen Green Rationalized Violence 5:08
19 Paul Yates WMD 1:13
20 Plochingen Madrid Data 4:14
21 Pyo. Attack - Shock - Destruction 5:17
22 R Rowlands U Buge 4:02
23 Sh Ya But Morn 4:10
24 Sumoto.iki Cheminement Vers L'Horreur 5:17
25 Talkshowhost Madrinth 4:25
26 Thanos Chrysakis Tranquil Rain Upon SurFaces 6:34


An act of terrorism took place in Madrid on March 11st (2003) that devastated the world... A country still healing from the bloodshed and destruction of Franco's fascist regime was hit again with more violence...

While it is still not clear who exactly is responsible for the bombings that occurred in Madrid it is clear that the systems we have in place which affords wealth and power to the few - over the many - no longer work and are the cause of many of our current problems and impede the development true democracies...

During the Spanish Civil War many artists and intellectuals helped the Spanish by fighting against the Nationalist factions... It is no surprise that artists from around the world always seem ready and willing to come to the aid of the Spanish people when they experience tragedy... It is time once again to show the Spanish people that we care by expressing our thoughts and feelings about this recent travesty...