Various ‎– Manchester North Of England - A Story Of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 - 1993



Cranked Up Really High
Buzzcocks Breakdown (Demo) 2:10
Slaughter & The Dogs* Cranked Up Really High 2:52
The Nosebleeds Ain't Bin To No Music School 2:56
The Drones Just Want To Be Myself (LP Version) 2:45
John Cooper Clarke Psycle Sluts Pts. 1 & 2 5:47
Jilted John Going Steady 3:50
John The Postman Louie Louie (Edit) 3:29
Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Heads Down, No Nonsense, Mindless Boogie 2:42
Magazine The Light Pours Out Of Me 4:38
Spherical Objects The Kill 3:29
Steve Miro Up And About 2:40
V2 (5) Man In The Box 4:14
The Distractions Maybe It's Love 3:04
Grow-Up Stay Awake 1:09
The Frantic Elevators Voice In The Dark 2:01
Joy Division She's Lost Control 3:52
Chris Sievey Baiser 2:30
The Smirks To You 3:08
Salford Jets Manchester Boys 3:07
48 Chairs Snap It Around 3:35
Foreign-Press* Downpour 3:59
She Cracked Warren Row 3:26
X-O-Dus English Black Boys (Edit) 4:45
Harlem Spirit Dem A Sus (In The Moss) 3:39
Big Noise In The Jungle
The Fall Rowche Rumble 4:02
Fast Cars The Kids Just Wanna Dance 3:29
The Mothmen Does It Matter Irene? 4:14
Any Trouble Yesterday's Love 2:50
The Tiller Boys Big Noise In The Jungle 5:55
The Manchester Mekon* No Forgetting 2:56
Manicured Noise Faith 3:30
Smack (9) Edward Fox 4:08
Bet Lynch's Legs Some Like It Hot 4:30
Durutti Column* Lips That Would Kiss 3:47
Blue Orchids The Flood 4:19
The Freshies I'm In Love With The Girl On The Manchester Virgin Megastore Checkout Desk 2:50
The Hamsters (2) Cloud Of Flies 4:03
Suns Of Arqa Acid Tabla Dub 3:01
A Certain Ratio The Fox 3:05
Crispy Ambulance Deaf 3:58
Ludus My Cherry Is In Sherry 2:40
The Diagram Bros* Bricks 2:44
Eric Random Subliminal 4:41
Bee Vamp Valium Girls 4:35
The Chameleons In Shreds 4:08
Love At The Hacienda
New Order Temptation (7" Version) 5:24
Syncopation (3) Marking Time 3:49
Dislocation Dance Rosemary 2:48
Carmel (2) Sugar Daddy 3:09
Swamp Children You've Got Me Beat 4:56
Gods Gift (2) Discipline 4:26
Nico (3) & The Invisible Girls Procession 4:50
52nd Street Cool As Ice (U.S. 7" Edit) 4:01
The Passage Sharp Tongue 3:04
Biting Tongues Aair Care 5:00
Jane (4) Of All - Leaves Were Falling 1:22
Tools You Can Trust Working And Shopping 3:20
Quando Quango Love Tempo (Benelux Edit) 3:35
Inca Babies Grunt Cadillac Hotel 2:38
Marcel King Reach For Love 5:28
Section 25 Looking From A Hilltop 4:33
Life (3) Tell Me 3:11
Stockholm Monsters All At Once 2:56
The Membranes Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder 4:12
A Witness Kitchen Sink Drama 4:17
Graham Fellows Love At The Hacienda 2:35
Garage Full Of Flowers
James Chain Mail 3:26
Miaow Belle Vue 4:10
Easterhouse Whistling In The Dark 3:42
The Bodines Scar Tissue 3:39
Big Flame Why Popstars Can't Dance 1:59
The Weeds (4) China Doll 2:36
Yargo Get High 5:21
Twang (2) Sharp 3:18
Edward Barton Me And My Mini 2:31
Big Ed & His Rocking Rattlesnakes* D'You Think I Look Like Elvis Presley? 3:06
Inspiral Carpets Garage Full Of Flowers (Flexi Version) 3:45
The Danny Boys Days Of The Week 3:11
Thirst (6) Let Go 3:27
The Man From Delmonte Drive Drive Drive (Twnty Two And Still In Love With You) 2:30
The Monkey Run Falling Upstairs 4:18
Metro Trinity* Spend My Whole Life Loving You 3:44
Mirrors Over Kiev Take Me Down 3:14
The Paperboys This Is How I Feel 3:46
The Great Leap Forward A Peck On The Cheek À La Politiqué 3:23
TOT Kill All The Boys 3:31
Meat Mouth Meat Mouth Is Murder 4:40
T-Coy Cariño 5:16
24 Hour Party People
Happy Mondays 24 Hour Party People 4:39
Ambitious Beggars Man In A Suit 3:17
Bradford Skin Storm 3:15
Laugh Time To Lose It (John Peel Radio Session Version) 3:13
Too Much Texas Hurry On Down (When Will I See You Again) 2:43
Fallover 24 Pessimistic Man 3:30
The Waltones The Deepest 4:12
Raintree County Nice Time At The Disco 4:46
Johnny Dangerously (3) Subway Life 2:26
Jean Go Solo In Salford The Sun Doesn't Shine 2:43
The Desert Wolves Passion In The Afternoon 3:37
Morrissey The Last Of The Famous International Playboys 3:38
King Of The Slums Fanciable Headcase 4:58
The Sun And The Moon C'Est La Vie 4:34
The Reegs Chorus Of The Lost 5:24
Barry Adamson The Man With The Golden Arm 4:05
The Jazz Defektors Ooh! This Feeling 4:20
Chapter And The Verse All This And Heaven Too (Radio Edit) 4:42
A Guy Called Gerald Voodoo Ray 4:27
Us Born In The North 5:15
What The World Is Waiting For
The Stone Roses What The World Is Waiting For 3:53
What? Noise Vein 4:35
Dub Sex Swerve 2:59
The Train Set Hold On 3:21
The Jerks (9) Waterskin 3:56
The Mock Turtles And Then She Smiles 3:17
Revenge 7 Reasons (Demo) 3:59
Electronic Getting Away With It 4:17
MC Buzz B How Sleep The Brave (Jazz Mix Vocal Edit) 5:53
MC Tunes Vs 808 State The Only Rhyme That Bites 4:31
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Big (Edit) 4:07
Northside (2) Shall We Take A Trip 4:23
The Rainkings Get Ready 2:35
Paris Angels Perfume 4:12
The High Box Set Go 4:03
The Cygnet Ring 18 Daze 3:23
Asia Fields Dazed 4:08
Ruthless Rap Assassins And It Wasn't A Dream 3:01
Krispy 3 Coming Through Clear 4:34
Kiss AMC Featuring Ruthless Rap Assassins Let Off (7" Mix) 3:37
Sons Of The Stage
The Charlatans Sproston Green 5:13
Swirl (2) Giant Sea 4:22
World Of Twist Sons Of The Stage 5:10
Hypnotone Dream Beam (7" Edit) 4:06
808 State Cubik (Original Mix) 3:22
Sub Sub Space Face 6:47
The Adventure Babies Camper Van 4:45
The Days (6) Fly 3:15
Kill Laura Murder 1:51
Wonky Alice Caterpillars 5:03
Robinson (7) Soup 3:19
Lionrock Lionrock 5:12
The Chemical Brothers Song To The Siren 4:32
Intastella Feat. Shaun Ryder Can You Fly Like You Mean It (Gungadin) 4:20
Puressence Offshore 3:25
Bandit Queen Dirt And Soul 3:25
Molly Half Head Barny 3:18
Oasis (2) Columbia (Demo) 5:28


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March 3, 2019
referencing Manchester North Of England - A Story Of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 - 1993, 7xCD + Box, Comp, Dlx, CRCDBOX38
Manchester North Of England: A Story Of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977-1993 Part 1


August 20, 2018
referencing Manchester North Of England - A Story Of Independent Music Greater Manchester 1977 - 1993, 7xCD + Box, Comp, Dlx, CRCDBOX38
Questionable song selections on many of the bands. Not going to make everyone happy I’m sure, but ACR “the Fox” is not one to remember them by considering the back catalog. Would have been nice to have the Frantic Elevators original “holding back the years” curio before they morphed into simply red. Oversight to leave off The Railway Children? Odd since they were featured with an unreleased track on the cassette version before in 1988? Missing the Smiths is also odd but Moz is here on a solo track along with Marr in Electronic. Surprised label could not get a license deal for this. Oh well. Some obscure inclusions makes this box set intriguing but also incomplete with glaring omissions from the noted above especially when Joy division / new order / electronic / revenge all are featured from their family. Surprised the Other Two did not make it complete from the Jd/no offshoots...