Various ‎– Massive B #14 - The Rock

Massive B ‎– #14
Cassette, Mixed


A1 Chico (2) You A Fossy Hole
A2 Ricky Rudie Got My Sean John
A3 Elephant Man What's It Not
A4 Spragga Benz Kathy
A5 Assassin Let Me Through
A6 Frisco Kid Log On
A7 Anthony B A True
A8 Hawkeye (4) U Got It
A9 Burro Banton On Da Lead
A10 Burro Banton Talk The Truth
A11 Beenie Man Can Tell Ya Man
A12 Assassin Wha Gwan
A13 Spragga Benz Cant Blame
A14 Degree* Dance Hall
A15 T.O.K. Shake You Bam Bam
A16 Frisco Kid Zion
A17 Cobra* Anything
A18 T.O.K. Bounty Killer
A19 Beenie Man I Wish
A20 Beenie Man Been So Long
A21 Ricky Rudie Zip It Up
A22 Lexxus Do As I Say
A23 Hawkeye (4) Untitled
A24 Beenie Man Nah Tell Boss
A25 Sizzla Gunshot
A26 Elephant Man Passe Passe
A27 Sizzla Batty Boy Fi Dead
A28 Capleton Hype
A29 Ricky Rudie Robbery
A30 Lexxus Bounce A Gal
A31 T.O.K. Chi Chi Man
A32 Bounty Killer Top A Top
A33 Elephant Man Anthem
A34 Junior Kelly Ghetto Region
A35 Junior Kelly Dem Wrong
A36 Warrior King Untitled
B1 Wayne Marshall & Bounty Killer Dub
B2 Bounty Killer All Out
B3 Bounty Killer Water From My Eye
B4 Bounty Killer Mystery
B5 Bounty Killer Arrow
B6 Bounty Killer I Am Who I Am
B7 Wayne Wonder Sex On Beach
B8 Wayne Marshall Earthquake
B9 Beenie Man Hang Up There
B10 Wyclef Jean Warriors Pt. 2
B11 Spragga Benz & Elephant Man Warriors
B12 Capleton Galong 50
B13 Capleton Murder Dem
B14 Sizzla Give It To Them
B15 Ricky Rudie Any Gal Me Want
B16 Major Mackerel Friend Enemy
B17 Buju Banton Untitled
B18 Bounty Killer Murder Dem
B19 Capleton Help
B20 Anthony B Crack Skull
B21 Sizzla Blaze Fire Blaze
B22 Elephant Man Bun Him Up
B23 Frisco Kid Round Here
B24 Cobra* Which One
B25 Uplifter & Capleton Babylon Get Boom Down
B26 Capleton Sell Out
B27 Buju Banton She Took My Love
B28 T.O.K. Black, Gold & Green
B29 Elephant Man Draw We Out
B30 Elephant Man N. G. God
B31 Ricky Rudie Massive B
B32 Round Head Pop Style
B33 Nicodemus Golden Medly
B34 Johnny Ringo Sticken Up
B35 Shinehead Medly



While the "Untitled" and "Dub" tracks are exclusive dubplates, the mix includes many other exclusive dubs and remixes not marked as such on the tracklist.