Various ‎– Mercury Blues 'n' Rhythm Story 1945-1955

Mercury ‎– 314 528 292-2
8 × CD, Compilation
Box Set


Midwest Blues
1-1 Four Jumps Of Jive It's Just The Blues
1-2 Albert Ammons, Sippie Wallace Bedroom Blues
1-3 Albert Ammons, Sippie Wallace Buzz Me
1-4 T-Bone Walker My Baby Left Me
1-5 T-Bone Walker Come Back To Me Baby Blues
1-6 T-Bone Walker She Is Going To Ruin Me
1-7 Dinah Washington Joy Juice
1-8 Julia Lee If It's Good
1-9 Julia Lee Show Me Missouri Blues
1-10 Julia Lee Dream Lucky Blues
1-11 Albert Ammons, Mildred Anderson Doin' The Boogie Woogie
1-12 Albert Ammons, Mildred Anderson Suitcase Blues
1-13 Myra Taylor Tell Your Best Friend Nothing
1-14 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Railroad Porter's Blues
1-15 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Gonna Send You Where I Got You From
1-16 Gene Ammons, Earl Coleman Hold That Money
1-17 Myra Taylor I'm In My Sins This Morning
1-18 Myra Taylor Booted
1-19 Dinah Washington Long John Blues
1-20 Big Bill Broonzy (I'm A) Wonderin' Man
1-21 Big Bill Broonzy I Love My Whiskey
1-22 Big Bill Broonzy You've Been Mistreating Me
1-23 Big Bill Broonzy I Stay Blue All The Time
1-24 Big Bill Broonzy Water Coast Blues
1-25 St. Louis Jimmy Oden Shame On You Baby
1-26 St. Louis Jimmy Oden I'm Not Satisfied
2-1 Sunnyland Slim Mud Kickin' Woman
2-2 Sunnyland Slim Evertime I Get To Drinkin'
2-3 Memphis Slim Train Is Comin'
2-4 Memphis Slim The Question
2-5 Ray Snead I'm A Good Rockin' Daddy
2-6 Memphis Slim Drivin' Me Mad
2-7 Memphis Slim Never Let Me Love
2-8 Memphis Slim Train Time
2-9 Memphis Slim Blue Evening
2-10 Big Bill Broonzy Get Back (Black, Brown And White)
2-11 Big Bill Broonzy Willie Mae Blues
2-12 Big Bill Broonzy I Know She Will
2-13 Big Bill Broonzy Leavin' Day
2-14 Big Bill Broonzy Southbound Train
2-15 Big Bill Broonzy Tomorrow
2-16 Big Bill Broonzy You Changed
2-17 Robert Lockwood Jr. I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole
2-18 Robert Lockwood Jr. Dust My Broom
2-19 Robert Lockwood Jr. Glory For Man
2-20 Robert Lockwood Jr. My Daily Wish
2-21 Memphis Slim No Mail Blues
2-22 Memphis Slim You're Gonna Need My Help Someday
2-23 Sunnyland Slim Ain't Nothing But A Child
2-24 Sunnyland Slim Brown Skinned Woman
2-25 Sunnyland Slim Hit The Road Again
2-26 Sunnyland Slim Gin Drinkin' Baby
2-27 Sax Mallard*, Andrew Tibbs Leap Year Blues
Southwest Blues
3-1 Jay McShann And His Orchestra, Crown Prince Waterford Garfield Avenue Boogie
3-2 Jay McShann And His Orchestra, Crown Prince Waterford Crown Prince Blues
3-3 Jay McShann And His Orchestra, Jimmy Witherspoon Shipyard Woman Blues
3-4 Walter Brown, Jay McShann And His Orchestra W.B. Blues
3-5 Walter Brown, Jay McShann And His Orchestra Sloppy Drunk
3-6 Walter Brown, Jay McShann And His Orchestra Lovin' A Beggar
3-7 Alma Mondy Miss Lollipop's Confession
3-8 Alma Mondy Love Troubles
3-9 Alma Mondy Baby Get Wise
3-10 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Byrd's Blues
3-11 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Her Mind Is Gone
3-12 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Bald Head
3-13 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Hey Now Baby
3-14 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Oh Well
3-15 George Miller (3) Boogie's The Thing
3-16 Joe Gaines She Won't Leave No More
3-17 Hosie Dwine Craven Mercury Boogie
3-18 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Hadacol Bounce
3-19 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Longhair Stomp
3-20 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Been Fooling Around
3-21 Roy Byrd & His Blues Jumpers Between The Night And Day (In The Wee Wee Hours)
3-22 Alma Mondy Streetwalkin' Daddy
3-23 Alma Mondy A Job For A Jockey
3-24 Alma Mondy Still My Little Angel Child
3-25 Lee Graves Cloudy Weather Blues
3-26 Lee Graves Sixty Years And A Day
4-1 Lee Graves Papa Said Yes, Mama Said No, No, No
4-2 Lee Graves I'm From Texas
4-3 Luther "Rocky Mountain" Stoneham Sittin' Here Wonderin'
4-4 Luther "Rocky Mountain" Stoneham January 11, 1949 Blues
4-5 L.C. Williams I Don't Want No Woman
4-6 L.C. Williams Louise
4-7 L.C. Williams I Don't Like To Travel
4-8 Smokey Hogg Miss Georgia
4-9 Smokey Hogg She's Always On My Mind
4-10 Smokey Hogg Dirty Mistreater
4-11 Smokey Hogg I'm Looking For My Baby
4-12 Violet Hall (All Alone) I Sit And Cry
4-13 Violet Hall Six Foot Papa (I'm A Whole Lot Of Woman)
4-14 John Hogg (2) Got A Mean Woman
4-15 John Hogg (2) Why Did You Leave Me?
4-16 Lightnin' Hopkins Sad News From Korea
4-17 Lightnin' Hopkins Let Me Fly Your Kite
4-18 Lightnin' Hopkins Gone With The Wind
4-19 Lightnin' Hopkins She's Almost Dead
4-20 Elmore Nixon (In Love With A) Married Woman Blues
4-21 Elmore Nixon Playboy Blues
4-22 Elmore Nixon Cave Man Blues
4-23 Elmore Nixon Million Dollar Blues
4-24 Lightnin' Hopkins Ain't It A Shame
4-25 Lightnin' Hopkins Crazy 'Bout My Baby
West Coast Blues
5-1 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon Ernestine
5-2 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon Roll On Katy
5-3 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon Voodoo Woman Blues
5-4 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon I Want A Little Girl
5-5 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon Bar Fly Blues
5-6 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon Please Stop Playing Those Blues, Boy
5-7 Jay McShann, Jimmy Witherspoon All My Geets Are Gone
5-8 Jay McShann And His Orchestra, Jimmy Witherspoon Strange Woman Blues
5-9 Vivian Green* Bowlegged Boogie
5-10 Vivian Green* He's The Man (He's Tall And Cool)
5-11 Vivian Green* Red Light
5-12 Smiley Turner When A Man Has The Blues
5-13 Smiley Turner Lonely Boy Blues
5-14 Billy Valentine Beer Drinking Baby
5-15 Chuck Norris What's Good For One's Good For All
5-16 Chuck Norris Kinda Sick, Mostly Worried
5-17 Chuck Norris Hey Everybody
5-18 Austin McCoy, Frankie Ervin I'd Rather Be Like A Hermit
5-19 Austin McCoy, Frankie Ervin High School Baby
5-20 Jim Wynn West Coast Lover
5-21 Jim Wynn Dog House Blues
5-22 Meredith Howard Just Kiss Me Once (And You'll Be Back)
5-23 Ike Lloyd Worrying Blues
5-24 Ike Lloyd Boogie On The 88
5-25 Ike Lloyd I Only Want Your Love
5-26 J.D. Edwards West Coast Blues
5-27 Red Johnson Mama Does The Boogie (Washington Ave. Boogie)
6-1 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra Call Operator 210
6-2 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra Baby Baby Blues
6-3 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra Gypsy Blues
6-4 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra Sugar, Sugar
6-5 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra Last Mile
6-6 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra The Candle's Burning Low
6-7 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra The Love Bug Boogie (That's The Way It's Gonna Be)
6-8 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra Brown Skin Butterball
6-9 Johnny Otis And His Orchestra The Game Is Over
6-10 Pat Valdelar Keep Your Hand On Your Heart
6-11 Pat Valdelar Rock Me Baby
6-12 Ray Johnson Boogie The Blues
6-13 Ray Johnson House Of Blues
6-14 Ray Johnson I'll Never Let You Go
6-15 Ray Johnson Smilin' Blues
6-16 Herbert Moore Something's Wrong
6-17 Herbert Moore Five Long Letters
6-18 Mel Walker Unlucky Man
6-19 Mel Walker My Baby
6-20 Mel Walker Another Sad Night
6-21 Mel Walker Feelin' Mighty Lonesome
6-22 Mel Walker I Have Decided
6-23 Joe Liggins They Were Doing The Mambo
6-24 Joe Liggins Honeydrippin' Daddy
6-25 Joe Liggins Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
6-26 Rollee McGill In My Neighborhood
6-27 Rollee McGill Rhythm Rockin' Blues
East Coast Blues
7-1 Bill Samuels Jockey Blues
7-2 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Cherry Red
7-3 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Somebody's Gotta Go
7-4 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Too Many Women Blues
7-5 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Just A Dream (On My Mind)
7-6 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson I Like To Be Home Blues
7-7 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Cleanhead Blues
7-8 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson When A Woman Loves Her Juice
7-9 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Kidney Stew Blues
7-10 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson King For A Day Blues
7-11 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Old Maid Boogie
7-12 Helen Humes Jet Propelled Papa
7-13 The Trenier Twins Hey, Sister Lucy!
7-14 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson When I Get Drunk
7-15 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Oil Man Blues
7-16 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Ever-Ready Blues
7-17 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Have You Ever Missed Your Baby?
7-18 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Some Women Do
7-19 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Alimony Blues
7-20 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson I Took The Front Door In (I Took The Backdoor Out)
7-21 Dinah Washington Record Ban Blues
7-22 Dinah Washington Good Daddy Blues
7-23 Dinah Washington Baby Get Lost
7-24 Dinah Washington Fine Fine Daddy
7-25 Dinah Washington Please Send Me Someone To Love
7-26 Junior Tamplin Under The Viaduct (In Atlanta GA)
7-27 Junior Tamplin Love Is A Sin
8-1 Joyce Jackson Lonely Blues
8-2 Joyce Jackson Body Rocking Daddy
8-3 Joyce Jackson Lovin' Blues
8-4 Dinah Washington New Blowtop Blues
8-5 Joe Houston Worry, Worry, Worry
8-6 Paul Bascomb Mumbles Blues
8-7 Ella Johnson, Buddy Johnson Hittin' On Me
8-8 John Peek, Zilla Mayes Don't Give My Good Love Away
8-9 John Peek, Zilla Mayes Thank You
8-10 John Peek, Zilla Mayes The Other Side
8-11 Ella Johnson, Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra I'm Just Your Fool Buddy Johnson
8-12 Ricky Harper, Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra Shut Your Big Mouth (Girl)
8-13 Stomp Gordon Sloppy Daddy Blues
8-14 Stomp Gordon Juicy Lucy
8-15 Stomp Gordon What's Her Whimsey, Dr. Kinsey
8-16 Stomp Gordon Walk Around The Corner
8-17 Dinah Washington Short John
8-18 Screamin' Jay Hawkins This Is All
8-19 Screamin' Jay Hawkins What That Is
8-20 Screamin' Jay Hawkins (She Put The) Wamee (On Me)
8-21 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Well I Tried
8-22 Screamin' Jay Hawkins Talk About Me
8-23 Titus Turner Sweet And Slow
8-24 Titus Turner Big John
8-25 Titus Turner All Around The World
8-26 Arthur Prysock Woke Up This Morning