Various ‎– Meruya Invasion Vol.3

2 × Cassette
Punk, Oi


A1 Total Error (2) Kita Semua Sama
A2 Total Error (2) Sick Of Situation
A3 Jollity Joy Tomi Gals
A4 Jollity Joy United All
A5 Sick Of You Berkumpul Bersama
A6 Sick Of You Pasukan 12mg
A7 Erotic Rats Chaos 98
A8 Erotic Rats Greeting From Meruya
B1 Disform Disorderly Raw Punk
B2 Disform Violent Society
B3 Error Crew Generasi Baru
B4 Error Crew Rock And Roll Akhir Pekan
B5 Firey Jak Pleasure
B6 Firey Jak We Rule OK
B7 Out Of Control (11) The Sky Is Everlasting
B8 Out Of Control (11) God Fuck America
C1 The Civil Disorder* Hentikan Ocehan Lo
C2 The Civil Disorder* Kursi Demokrasi
C3 West Combat Brotherhood Of Chaos
C4 West Combat No Rules
C5 Teenagers (3) Never Lose Hope
C6 Teenagers (3) Lies
C7 Red Suspender Find Out
C8 Red Suspender Spirit To Unite
D1 Krass Krass Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
D2 Krass Krass One Way And No Rules
D3 The Realino Peluru Kendali Diri
D4 The Realino Main Bola
D5 The Sabotage Down And Dirty
D6 The Sabotage Police Attack
D7 Unrest (8) Power Circle
D8 Unrest (8) Dependent Third World
D9 Anti Squad The Honour And The Pride