Various ‎– Microfusion White Sound, Childrens’ Music

Cook ‎– 40417
Vinyl, LP, Stereo, Mono




Bizzare combination of Marimba, Percussion, Meditation and White Noise. Sub-Titled as “a new analgesic white sound to help in control of Tension, Headaches, Insomnia, Appetite, Smoking; a natural relaxant.”

The left track is unmodulated white noise, “tailored electronically to the exact and known characteristic of the auditory pathways”, hence ‘white sound.’ The right track is a mono version of two previous Cook albums. The intent of the white sound combined with lightly discernible music is to induce a state of “analgesia” in the listener.

This album is intended to be listened to with either earphones or standard stereo speakers. If stereo speakers are used, the listener is encouraged to alter the wiring on the speakers to transform the left-right balance knob on the amplifier into a blending device between white sound and music. The listener needs to set the levels so that the music is listened “through the curtain of the white sound.” The resulting ambient sound is designed to be played at soft to normal levels.

“Childrens’ Music” [sic] is one of a series of White Sound albums including “Pop. Piano Combo”, “Symphonic”, “Cocktail Combo”, and “Guitar (special)”.
This album contains excerpt tracks from “Speed the Parting Guest” (Cook 1041) and “Marimba Band” (Cook 10867), minus the first tracks from those albums.