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This 3-hour multimedia presentation is a distillation of three magical days that created a meme in history.

"On the 60th anniversary of the discovery of LSD, Mindstates 2003 honours the mystical chemist Albert Hoffmann. This DVD is inspired by the unconditional love for all life. It is dedicated to Leela Mangiafico-Greensberg."

Recorded in Berkley, California by Liquid Crystal Vision.

-Live edit, editing, post production, encoding, script, visiual effects, sound selection, audio mix and idea by Torsten Klimmer (Omananda).
-Editorial consultant in the interview section by Sanja Falk.

-Speakers: Susan Blackmore, Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Mark Pesce, R.U. Sirius, Ralph Metzner, Martin Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Sheldon Norberg, Fred Tomaselli, Myron J. Stolaroff, Wrye Sententia, Ramachandram, Nicholas Sand and Robert Venosa.

-Speakers in the interview section: Dr. Pat, Stanislav Grof, Sandra Karpetas, Jean Millay, Jan Levi, Martina Hoffmann, Jeffe De Los Ongos, Mark Pesce, Carolyn Garcia (Mountain Girl) and Luke Brown.

-MDMA specialists: Ann Shulgin and Alexander "Sasha" Shulgin.

-Blotter art presentation: Mark McCloud (complete blotter art history)

-Camera: Access Video Productions, Liquid Crystal Vision, Clear Light Video and Conception Productions.

-3D animation: Tantric Demon, Doctor Spook, Arcane and Omananda.
Also includes 3D animation of Alex Grey's Chapel Of Sacred Mirrors.

© Liquid Crystal Vision 2004

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Barcode: 8 29757 60839 6