Various ‎– Mindfuckers + Mates You've Had Hardcore You've Had Speedcore You've Had Metalcore Now The Mindfuckers Present Mediocore

Ripe Tape ‎– none
Cassette, Compilation


A1 Mindfuckers Chaos One
A2 Mindfuckers Danger Man
A3 Mindfuckers Going To The Trees
A4 Mindfuckers Woly Blert
A5 Mindfuckers Grab Your Partners
A6 Mindfuckers Tutti Fruiti
A7 Mindfuckers 50 %
A8 Mindfuckers Slam Dance
A9 Mindfuckers Hall Of The M+ King
A10 Mindfuckers What's It Like ?
A11 Mindfuckers I'm A Duck
A12 Mindfuckers Gringo Din
A13 Mindfuckers Louie Louie
A14 Mindfuckers Millions Of Pills
A15 Mindfuckers Grab Your Partners
A16 Mindfuckers I'm A Duck
B1 Political Destruction Untitled
B2 Political Destruction Untitled
B3 Political Destruction Untitled
B4 Political Destruction Untitled
B5 Survivors Ot The Plague Untitled
B6 Survivors Ot The Plague Untitled
B7 Survivors Ot The Plague Untitled
B8 Survivors Ot The Plague Untitled
B9 Survivors Ot The Plague Untitled
B10 Mindfuckers Untitled
B11 Mindfuckers Untitled
B12 Mindfuckers Untitled
B13 Mindfuckers Untitled
B14 Mindfuckers Untitled
B15 Mindfuckers Untitled
B16 Mindfuckers Untitled


A1 o A12 : Recorded 1987.
A13 to A16 : Recorded 1985.
B16 is cut on this original tape.

No recording info + tracklist provided for B side.
Some lyrics are printed inside cover.
Handmade labels.