Various ‎– Mini Dead

Ono ‎– Mini Dead
Minidisc, Limited Edition, Compilation

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1 Ben Gwilliam Magnetic Flats In Disc Major 5:00
2 Providence Fair The Same Folk 5:24
3 Alternate Ending Not Here 4:02
4 Unknown Artist Rare Music Box 1999 1:57
5 Ikey (2) Violinheart 4:29
6 Ronny And The Tin Foil Hat Brigade Half Man Half Sprout 1:10
7 Ronny And The Tin Foil Hat Brigade Charlie C 3:40
8 Matt Wand Md Track 7:32
9 Glossolalia Here Is Where We Wrote Our Names 1:01
10 Glossolalia On The Door. A Man Is Four Late Nights, 0:53
11 Glossolalia Or Moments Congealed. All Of Our Mothers 1:08
12 Glossolalia Are Stars, Impaled Above The Market, Magical 1:03
13 Glossolalia As Names, Simple As Opening A Door. 1:02
14 Lost Black Dog The Crater And The Cloud 2:59
15 Lost Black Dog Answers To No 1 2:00
16 Black Toothed Grin Morosemortes 1:31
17 Black Toothed Grin View Of A DEAD Pig Ted Hughes 1:21
18 Black Toothed Grin Doo Be Dah 0:09
19 Ximon Tayaki Opr06QN3 4:13
20 Various Worm Nibbling On My Cables; In The Dark Corners Of My Room
DJ Mix – Keswicklemon
21 Various Yellow Thunderstorms Are Caused By Rabbits; My Room Is My Brain
DJ Mix – Keswicklemon
22 Various Why Do You Want Me To Be Someone Else; When I'm Trying To Be Me
DJ Mix – Keswicklemon


This release is limited edition of 50 copies and will only be available on Minidisc.
The first 15 copies of this release come with a pre-constructed collage insert, each one completely unique. The 35 copies following will include parts to construct your own collage (glue and scissors not included)