Various ‎– Minirock (Hoe Langer Hoe Korter)

TIGRO ‎– 004
Cassette, Compilation, Unofficial Release


A1 Belgian Asociality Non Non Rien Va Changer 1:00
A2 Drs. P Olijf 1:00
A3 The Pogues Worms 0:59
A4 S.O.D.* What's That Noise 0:57
A5 Pajama Slave Dancers Jesus Skates 0:57
A6 Frank Zappa What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body 0:57
A7 The Damned Stab Your Back 0:56
A8 It Dockumer Lokaeltsje Rôlje Skûtsje Rôlje 0:56
A9 Captain Beefheart Flavor Bud Living 0:55
A10 Patrick Fitzgerald Your Hero 0:54
A11 Napalm Death Polluted Minds 0:54
A12 Nina Hagen Band Fisch Im Wasser 0:53
A13 It Dockumer Lokaeltsje Skriemers 0:53
A14 Dead Kennedys A Child And His Lawnmower 0:52
A15 Beatles* Wild Honey Pie 0:52
A16 Paul McCartney Ram On 0:52
A17 Van Dyke Parks Sweet Trinidad 0:52
A18 Meat Puppets Melons Rising (Just A Reminder...) 0:51
A19 Meat Puppets Litterbox 0:51
A20 Leadbelly Bring Me Lil' Water Silvy 0:50
A21 S.O.D.* No Turning Back 0:48
A22 Napalm Death M.A.D. 0:48
A23 Tändstickorshocks Kill For Peace 0:48
A24 John Lennon My Mummy's Dead 0:48
A25 Beatles* Dig It 0:47
A26 Bram Vermeulen Klein Liedje 0:47
A27 Extreme Noise Terror False Profit 0:46
A28 Wire The Commercial 0:46
A29 Alice Cooper Streetfight 0:46
A30 The Incredible New Liverpool Scene* Love Is 0:46
A31 Descendents Kids 0:43
A32 The Afrika Korps Wild Mouse 0:42
A33 Revo (3) Blah Blah Blah 0:41
A34 Suzannes Organisation 0:41
A35 S.O.D.* Chromatic Death 0:40
A36 Swell Maps My Lil' Shoppes 'Round The Corner 0:39
B1 Napalm Death Life? 0:39
B2 Revo (3) Fuck The School 0:39
B3 Patrick Fitzgerald Nothing To Do 0:39
B4 Wire Straight Lines 0:38
B5 Hard-Ons Yuppies Suck 0:38
B6 Napalm Death Pseudo Youth 0:38
B7 Ciccone Youth Tuff Titty Rap 0:38
B8 Dead Kennedys Hyperactive Child 0:37
B9 Undertones* I Don't Wanna See You Again 0:37
B10 Eric Idle & Neil Innes Accountancy Shanty 0:37
B11 Faust Me Lack Space... 0:36
B12 Ten Years After Classical Thing 0:36
B13 Beatles* Maggie Mae 0:36
B14 Undertones* She Can Only Say No 0:36
B15 Steve Vai Next Stop Earth 0:35
B16 Bonzo Dog Band* Kama Sutra 0:35
B17 The Cunt Stu Spasm* Me & A Great Big Leatherman 0:35
B18 Eric Idle & Neil Innes Testing 0:35
B19 Neil Innes Short Blues 0:33
B20 Butthole Surfers Weber 0:33
B21 The Impossibles (4) The Hallelouie Chorus (Louie Louie) 0:33
B22 Yes Five Per Cent For Nothing 0:33
B23 The Afrika Korps Death To Disko! 0:33
B24 Surf Punks Locals Only 0:32
B25 Teenage Jesus And The Jerks Red Alert 0:32
B26 Black Flag Spray Paint 0:31
B27 Napalm Death Point Of No Return 0:31
B28 Big Black Bombastic Intro 0:30
B29 Electro Hippies Chickens 0:30
B30 Hard-Ons Fuck Society 0:29
B31 Napalm Death Negative Approach 0:28
B32 Wire Field Day For The Sundays 0:26
B33 Mr. John Dowie* Mew Wave 0:26
B34 Napalm Death Deceiver 0:25
B35 Revo (3) Geloof In God 0:25
B36 S.O.D.* Fuck The Middle East 0:24
B37 Tändstickorshocks Religion Pt. 1 0:23
B38 Beatles* Her Majesty 0:22
B39 Herman Brood Speedo 0:21
B40 Dead Kennedys Short Songs 0:20
B41 Hard-Ons Figaro 0:20
B42 Napalm Death Parasites 0:19
B43 Stark Raving Mad No Reason 0:19
B44 Napalm Death The Kill 0:18
B45 Throbbing Gristle United 0:16
B46 Descendents I Like Food 0:15
B47 Napalm Death Common Enemy 0:13
B48 Intense Degree Intense Degree 0:13
B49 Batmobile All Shook Up 0:13
B50 Descendents Wiener Schnitzel 0:11
B51 Ton van der Meer Korte Rock 0:11
B52 Belgian Asociality Kort Nummerke 0:10
B53 Todd Rundgren How About A Little Fanfare? 0:06
B54 Interiors* 1234 Zap 0:05
B55 S.O.D.* Hey Gordy! 0:05
B56 S.O.D.* The Ballad Of Jimi Hendrix 0:04
B57 S.O.D.* Anti-Procrastination Song 0:03
B58 John Lennon Nutopian International Anthem (Silent Track) 0:03
B59 Descendents No All 0:02
B60 S.O.D.* Diamonds & Rust (Extended Version) 0:02
B61 Jesus Couldn't Drum This Is Fun 0:015
B62 Napalm Death You Suffer 0:01
B63 Descendents All 0:01
B64 Electro Hippies Mega Armageddon 0:005
B65 Sly & The Family Stone There's A Riot Goin' On 0:00



Samenstelling: Paul Groenendijk, Jimmy Tigges, Rotterdam januari 1989 met dank aan: Marty Hartog, Hein Lobach, Arjen Molenkamp, Piet Rook