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4 × Flexi-disc, 7", Book

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A J.K. Randall Lyric Variations 6-10
Arthur Roberts Sonatina For CDC-3600
B1 1) 1st Mov: Scherzo
B2 2) 2nd Mov: Micro-Intervals
B3 3) 3rd Mov: Rondo
B4 Arthur Roberts Title Music To Link: One Movement
C Lejaren Hiller Cosahedron
Conductor – G. Allen O'Connor*Ensemble – The University Of Illinois Chamber Players*
D Herbert Brün Infraudibles
E1 Max Mathews Rhythm Developments
E2 Max Mathews The British Gredadiers - Johnny Comes Marching Home
F1 Max Mathews International Lullaby
F2 John Pierce* Eight-Tone Canon
Imperfection In Computer Music
G1 Gerald Strang Inharmonic Partials
G2 Gerald Strang Vibrato
G3 Gerald Strang Pitch Fluctuation
G4 Gerald Strang Score 5, Orch. 15
G5 Gerald Strang Score X, Orch. 13
Synthetic And Real Tones
H1 James Beauchamp Flute
H2 James Beauchamp Oboe
H3 James Beauchamp Cornet
H4 Arthur Roberts Rocket

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The hardback book "Music By Computers" includes 4 individually sleeved flexible discs all held in a large paper pocket on the inside of the back cover.

Text before foreword reads:
"To Rowena Swanson
Whoever is fearful and afraid, let him return and depart. Judg. 8: 7.3"

Composition dates: A: 1966 / B1-4: 1965-6 / C: 1967 / D: 1968 / E1-F1: 1966

A was generated at the Princeton University Computer Center by means of an IBM 7094 Digital computer running under the control of MUSIC 4B computer program. The resulting digital tape was converted at Bell Laboratories.
B1-B2 utilized a CDC-3600 computer for computation of waveform samples and a ASI-210 computer digital/analog facility for converting this information into sound signals.
C is the 2nd movement of "Algorithm I" for nine instruments and one two-channel tape. Recorded May 1967. Composed by means of MUSICOMP written for the IBM 7094 computer. The tape part realized with the Illiac II computer digital/analog facility using a special sound generator program written by Gary Grossman.
D was generated by A FORTRAN program written for the IBM 7094 and was used as inpuet via digital magnetic tape to the sound generator program written by Gary Grossman for the Illiac II computer.
E1-2 were produced by means of a Digital Equipment Corporation Graphic 1 System used for conversion of graphical inputs into MUSIC IV score card data, and IBM 7094 computer used to execute the MUSIC IV program which computes the waveform samples, and a Packard Bell 250 computer digital/analog installation which provides for conversion to analog signals.
F1-2 were realized on the Bell Laboratories digital/analog facility.
G1-5 were realized with U.C.L.A. IBM 7094 digital/analog conversion facility making use of the MUSIC IV program.
H1 produced by the CSX-1 computer, H2 produced by CDC 1604 computer, H3 produced by an IBM 7094 computer. H4 produced by the Illiac II computer.

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  • Other (Library Of Congress Catalog Card Number): 69-19244
  • Other (SBN): 471 91030 9


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April 22, 2017
The descriptions of the contents of the tracks H1, H2, H3, and H4 are somewhat in error. In truth, all four utilized the same four computers in tandem. I.e., All four computers were required to produce each group of sounds.