Various ‎– Music For Plants

PerfectIfOn ‎– 85926/2
2 × CD, Mixed

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1-01 Mice Parade Guitars For Plants 4:40
1-02 Tetsu Inoue & seed( ) Untitled (Panspermia) 5:26
1-03 No-Neck Blues Band Sekura Melody 3:43
1-04 Languis Photosynthesis 5:38
1-05 HiM Moss Garden 4:08
1-06 Syntony Ceremony (To Grow By) 1:05
1-07 Deakin and Geologist Seeing Twinkles 3:45
1-08 Ariel Pink Passing The Petal 2 U 2:43
1-09 Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom Field Effect 4 2:25
1-10 Sunburned Hand of the Man Somaville Lumber 4:46
1-11 Ara Peterson White Window 3:36
1-12 Hiroshi Sunairi & Hideyuki Mari Piano By The Sea 1:09
1-13 Fugu Pianolyre 1:40
1-14 Tony Goddess Bees 2:52
1-15 Zs Red On Still 3:29
1-16 Anthony Burdin Prodigious Manipulator 4:04
1-17 Wiese* & Koh* Guys From Paradise
Electronics – John Wiese, Tim Koh
1-18 This Invitation A Silent Tropic 3:08
1-19 Kenta Nagai Flower Ghost 1:58
1-20 Liam Gillick Untitled Music For Plants 3:27
1-21 Kites Miracle Of Thought 1:08
2-01 Jutta Koether, Alan Licht & Tom Verlaine Plant Jam 5:13
2-02 Black Dice Greenhouse Tune 2:30
2-03 Arto Lindsay Plant Mix 2:15
2-04 DJ Olive Coffee, Oxygen & Gas 3:06
2-05 Phil Manley Green Theme 2:17
2-06 David Grubbs Leopard Island 3:10
2-07 Electrophilia, Jutta Koether & Steven Parrino Vibration 0:54
2-08 Carter Thornton Zashikwarashi 6:56
2-09 LoVid Pineapple 1:50
2-10 Flanged Confection Chlorophoric Optimal Antics 2:44
2-11 Christian Marclay Green Breath 3:04
2-12 Tom Barnes, Chris Corsano, Sean Meehan, Barry Weisblat & Michael Evans (2) Plant Music 13:20
2-13 Rusty Santos Feel Radio Signals (Botanical Mix) 3:07
2-14 Roland Alley Saya Mau Minum Air (I Want to Drink Water) 4:57
2-15 Dearraindrop Cannabis Cloudfloat 2:18


Music for Plants, ©2005 PerfectIfOn.
Some tracks were recorded live in the greenhouse at the Andrew Kreps Gallery, NY in 2002.
The front cover image is Wolfgang Tilman's "Icestorm" 2001, courtesy the artist and Andrea Rosen Gallery, NY.
The inside traycard image is Christian Holstad's "Learning to Think Kindly (Pink Baby's Breath #2)", 2003, Collage on Paper, courtesy the artist and Daniel Reich Gallery, New York.
The insert includes an image of "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial Storybook", published by G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1982, still from "The Secret Life of Plants", Paramount Pictures, 1977, and an Image of research equipment reading a plant's bio-signals (source unknown) and documentation from Dorothy Retallack's research featured in "The Sound of Music and Plants", published in 1973 by DeVorss & Co. (photographer unknown).


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July 13, 2007
edited over 11 years ago

This is one of the strangest releases I own. The producers themselves seemed to have gone through some efforts to remain low profile. PerfectIfOn after 2 years still has yet to release something else, and a lot of the artists listed do not have a proper album to their discography, much less something outside this compilation. I think this suggests a wide use of pseudonyms.

Nevertheless, the tracks on this compilation all stack up well. All the tracks are simple and pensive, incorporating beautiful analog noodlings or acoustics, and they're all edited together with very good timing. It makes for a good listening experience, and, considering the title, puts your head in a "plant space." In the end, this is a great compilation for it's concept, mystique, and good execution.