Various ‎– Music For Teeth: An Eight Way Split

23 Productions ‎– 23CS2400120
4 × Cassette, Limited Edition


Loop Ret@rd / Craig Microcassette System 60:00
A1 Loop Ret@rd* Slagfunkadlic
A2 Loop Ret@rd* Romance
A3 Loop Ret@rd* Hiuopk
A4 Loop Ret@rd* Disappeare Now
A5 Loop Ret@rd* Broken Bone Nose
A6 Loop Ret@rd* Intension
A7 Loop Ret@rd* Chachater
A8 Loop Ret@rd* Tape Disabled
A9 Loop Ret@rd* Phantasmographic Carocell
A10 Loop Ret@rd* Lung Out
B1 Craig Microcassette System Untitled
B2 Craig Microcassette System Untitled
B3 Craig Microcassette System Untitled
Metrocide / Super Jack 60:00
C1 Metrocide Melt
C2 Metrocide All My Teeth
C3 Metrocide Squabbling
C4 Metrocide Noisegate Children
D1 Suoer Jack (2) Live At 2310 On 8-8-03
Analog Weapon / Rightarmsevered 60:00
E1 Analog Weapon My Neighbor's Byrning Skull
F1 Rightarmsevered* 6.25 pt.1
F2 Rightarmsevered* 8.15@Glass Nickel
F3 Rightarmsevered* 6.25 pt.2
F4 Rightarmsevered* 8.21@Stage Door
F5 Rightarmsevered* 6.25 pt.3
F6 Rightarmsevered* 8.8@2310
F7 Rightarmsevered* 6.25 pt.4
F8 Rightarmsevered* 8.9@The Pipe
F9 Rightarmsevered* 6.25 pt.5
Mumber Toes / Mansfield Deathtrap Rerecordings 60:00
G1 Mumber Toes Ixnay On The Rumsetbay
H1 Mansfield Deathtrap Rerecordings Burn Banana


A 4x 60 min cassette compilation of Madison Underground noise and experimentation. Each artist gets their own 30 min side.
Package comprises 4 cassette cases & a jewel case tray glued together to form a box.
Each cassette has track titles printed on handmade J cards with coloured artwork.

Limited edition of 23 copies.