Various ‎– Music From The New York Stage 1890-1920: Vol 1 1890-1908

Pearl ‎– GEMM CDS 9050-2
3 × CD, Compilation


1-1 Richard Jose Nearer, My God, To Thee
1-2 Old Homestead Double Quartet The Old Oaken Bucket
1-3 De Wolf Hopper You Can Always Explain Things Away
1-4 Edward M. Favor The Commodore Song
1-5 Jessie Bartlett Davis O Promise Me
1-6 Eugene Cowles The Armorer's Song
1-7 Chauncey Olcott Molly O
1-8 Edward M. Favor The King's Song
1-9 Chauncey Olcott My Beautiful Irish Maid
1-10 Thomas Q. Seabrooke Who Is Egen?
1-11 May Irwin The Bully
1-12 Maurice Farkoa Laughing Song
1-13 James T. Powers Chin Chin Chinaman
1-14 Joseph O'Mara Ochone! When I Used To Be Young
1-15 Chauncey Olcott Sweet Inniscarra
1-16 W.H. MacDonald & Jessie Bartlett Davis Don Jose Of Sevilla
1-17 Henry Clay Barnabee, George Frothingham & Helena Fredricks Dreaming, Dreaming, Verse 1
1-18 Henry Clay Barnabee, George Frothingham & Helena Fredricks Dreaming, Dreaming, Verse 2
1-19 Henry Clay Barnabee, George Frothingham & Helena Fredricks Dreaming, Dreaming, Verse 3
1-20 Edna May They All Follow Me
1-21 Edna May The Purity Brigade
1-22 Edna May The Frog Song
1-23 Weber And Fields Contract Scene
1-24 Thomas Q. Seabrooke O'Hoolihan Held The Fuse
1-25 Ethel Jackson The Soldiers In The Park, Verses 3 & 4
1-26 Ethel Jackson The Soldiers In The Park, Verses 5 & 6
1-27 Weber And Fields Hypnotic Scene
1-28 Chorus Of Schoolgirls Opening Chorus Of Schoolgirls
1-29 Alice Nielsen Always Do As People Say
1-30 Chorus Of Schoolgirls Finale To Second Act
1-31 Eugene Cowles Gypsy Love
1-32 May Irwin When You Ain't Got No Money, You Needn't Come Around
2-1 Chauncey Olcott My Wild Irish Rose (A Romance Of Athlone)
2-2 Thomas Q. Seabrooke Only A Hundred Girls In The World For Me (The Rounders)
2-3 Weber And Fields Drinking Scene (Whirl-I-Gig)
2-4 Max & Gus Rogers How To Play Golf In Central Park (The Rogers Brothers In Central Park)
2-5 Florodora Girls Tell Me, Pretty Maiden (Floradora)
2-6 Thomas Q. Seabrooke The Maiden With The Dreamy Eyes
2-7 William H. Thompson The Toreador's Song (The Toreador)
2-8 Bert Williams The Phrenologist Coon (Sons Of Ham)
2-9 Bert Williams All Going Out And Nothing Coming In (Sons Of Ham)
2-10 Bert Williams, George Walker (8) My Little Zulu Babe (Sons Of Ham)
2-11 Katie Barry I Want To Be A Lidy
2-12 Louise Gunning It Seems Like Yesterday
2-13 Marie Cahill Under The Bamboo Tree
2-14 Lillian Russell Come Down, Ma Evenin' Star
2-15 Al H. Wilson The Winding Of The Yarn
2-16 Al H. Wilson Whispering Breezes
2-17 William H. Thompson Suwanee River
2-18 William H. Thompson Katie, My Southern Rose
2-19 William H. Thompson My Own United States
2-20 Madge Crichton Men
2-21 Madge Crichton Something Sweet About Me
2-22 G.P. Huntley The Golf Scene
2-23 Madge Crichton My Gal Sal
2-24 George Carroll (3) Girls, Girls
2-25 George Michael Cohan Hey There! May There!
2-26 George Michael Cohan I Want To Hear A Yankee Doodle Tune
2-27 Emma Carus The Medal And The Maid: In Zanzibar
2-28 Grace Cameron Since Dolly Dimple Made A Hit
3-1 Raymond Hitchcock Ain't It Funny What A Difference Just A Few Hours Make?
3-2 Raymond Hitchcock In The Days Of Old
3-3 Stella Mayhew Fifty-Seven Ways To Catch A Man
3-4 Ernestine Schumann-Heink Sweet Thoughts Of Home
3-5 George Michael Cohan I'm Mighty Glad I'm Living
3-6 George Michael Cohan Life's A Funny Proposition After All
3-7 Al H. Wilson In Tyrol
3-8 Raymond Hitchcock And The World Goes On
3-9 Harry Tally Good-Bye Sweet Old Manhattan Isle
3-10 Harry Tally On An Automobile Honeymoon
3-11 Harry Tally Sweethearts In Every Town
3-12 Stella Mayhew I'm A Woman Of Importance
3-13 Ethel Levey I Was Born In Virginia
3-14 Bert Williams Nobody
3-15 Bert Williams Let It Alone
3-16 Bert Williams Here It Comes Again
3-17 Bert Williams & George Walker (8) Pretty Desdemone
3-18 May Irwin Mat-Ri-Mony
3-19 May Irwin Moses Andrew Jackson, Goodbye
3-20 Henry Leoni I Love You, Ma Cherie
3-21 Ralph H. Herz Very Well, Then
3-22 Raymond Hitchcock So What's The Use?
3-23 Joseph Hortiz Sing Me A Song Fritz
3-24 Joseph Hortiz That Wasn't All